Roblox 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Winners List 2021

Once you started the “Metaverse Journey” with your ship, you will arrive at the “World Of Adopt Me” with the Bloxy award. Where Uncle J-Party will announce all Bloxy awards winners but he is also looking for a shining glowing object, which is an “Imagination Core”. It was stolen by a duck and while during his “Core” search he will also announce the winner’s name. After when he reached near a pond he saw that the duck grabbed the piece of “core” in beak. Then he try to catch her by giving a piece of “Pizza” and take back the “Core” piece.

All Bloxy Awards Winners List 2021 By J-Party Uncle

All Bloxy Awards Winners List By J-Party Uncle
Winners List By J-Party Uncle

Here is the complete list of all 8th Annual Bloxy Awards 2021 winners. There are total 14 Bloxy Awards just take a look…

  1. XBOX Game of the year
  2. Mobile game of the year
  3. Game of the year
  4. Best creator of the year
  5. The new game of the year
  6. Best game trailer of the year
  7. Best Roblox Showcase Game Award
  8. Best Roblox Educational Game Award
  9. Most Immersive Experience Game Award
  10. Best Game Technology Award
  11. Sleeper Hit Best Game Award
  12. Best Live Event Bloxy Award
  13. Roblox Best Video of the Year
  14. Best Video Content Creator

XBOX Game Of The Year

The Nominees are…

  1. Phantom Forces
  2. Piggy
  3. Car Crushers 2
  4. Driving Simulator

The winner is: Phantom Forces

Mobile Game Of The Year

  1. Piggy
  2. Big Paintball
  3. Adopt Me
  4. Supper Golf

The winner is: Super Golf

Game Of The Year By Royal Blood

  1. Adopt Me
  2. World // Zero
  3. Piggy
  4. Royale High

The Bloxy Awards game of the year winner is: PIGGY

Best Creator Of The Year

  2. Big Games
  3. Splitting Point Studios
  4. Nosniy Games

Bloxy Awards Creator of the year winner is: MINITOON

New Game Award Of The Year

  1. BrookhavenI
  2. slands
  3. Outlaster
  4. Piggy

The Winner is: Roblox Brookhaven

Best Game Trailer Award

  1. Parenthood
  2. Tank Warfare
  3. The Wild West
  4. Tower Defense Simulator

The Winner is: Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

Best Roblox Showcase Game Award

  1. After Life
  2. Graanhaven, Rotterdam
  3. Lost Street
  4. Totoro

The Winner is: Graanhaven-Rotterdam by Supersnel11

Most Roblox Educational Game Award

  1. Chess
  2. Lua Learning
  3. Space Sailors
  4. Word Bomb

The Winner is: Lua Learning

Most Immersive Experience Winner Of The Year

  1. Bad Business
  2. Dawn of Aurora
  3. Dragon Adventures
  4. World // Zero

The winner is: Roblox World Zero, they had also win 2019 Bloxy Award for the best use of tech.

Best Game Technology Award

  1. Dragon Adventures
  2. Mermaid Life
  3. Super Golf!
  4. Tank Warfare

The Winner is: Tank Warfare

Sleeper Hit Best Game Award

  1. MegaMech
  2. Outlaster
  3. Super Doomspire
  4. The Wild West

The Winner is: Roblox Super Doomspire

Best Live Event Bloxy Award

  1. Adopt Me! – Fossil Isle Excavation
  2. Arsenal – Halloween Event
  3. Jailbreak
  4. RB Battles

The Winner is: Roblox RB Battles

Roblox Best Video of the Year

  1. ElTrollino
  2. FGTeeV
  3. L0GinHDi
  4. LankyBox

The Winner is: FGTeeV won this award for Psycho Pig Music Video.

Best Roblox Video Content Creator

These are best video content creator nominees of the 2020…

  1. GamingWithKev
  2. ItsFunneh
  3. KreekCraft
  4. Lyna

The Winner is: KreekCraft, he is a YouTube content creator and create reaction as well as Roblox game-play videos on his channel.

So that’s all for this year, we will meet next year in 2022 with new nominees and content creator winning list.

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