Roblox Anime Mania Game Guide

The Roblox Anime Mania is a fighting simulation game created by Anime Legend Studios on 01/23/2021 and inspired by Ani-Blox Legends and All-Star Tower Defense. In this game, players equip 3 different characters in order to make a team. After making a team, the player can play the game by starting a room and either invite his/her friends or play alone.

The main concept of this game is to obtain more characters by winning the arena fights and character upgrades. Fight against various waves of enemies, the more waves you survived more the chances to earn gems, gold, and new characters.

Here in this article, we will discuss all game points that help you to understand Anime Mania deeply.

How-To Play The Game?

How To Play Roblox Anime Mania Game
How To Play Roblox Anime Mania
  1. Start the game and then look for the “Team” section on the left side of the screen. Where you will see three empty boxes, fill them with your character by clicking on “Make Team Button” to make your team.
  2. After this, click on the “Play” button to start the game where you will see one yellow and Red button named “Maruto” and “Reaper”. Click on “Maruto” to enter the “Leaf Village Gate” and “Reaper” lets you play in “Hollow Raid” mode. These are game maps or modes, we don’t know exactly.
  3. Now create your room where you can play with your friends with your “Room Code” or leave it blank for all online users. You can also join other player’s “Rooms” and a “private Room” by entering the private room code.

Roblox Anime Mania PC Controls

  • Left Click: Basic Attack
  • Right Click: Heavy Attack
  • 1,2,3,4- Character Skills
  • Jump + Left Click: Up Combo
  • Left Click In air: Air finish or simply use a move.

How-To Get An Anime Mania Game Character?

The characters are the most important part of the game. These help you to fight against the wave of enemies and each character has its own skills and powers. There are many characters in the game but they all are locked, you need to spend some of the gems for rolling on a new character. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to roll a character in Anime Mania game…

How To Get A Anime Mania Game Character
Anime Mania Game Character Window
  1. Firstly, click on the “Roll” button that will open a character window with four characters, and they all will be remaining for 57 minutes. After that characters will be changed.
  2. Now click on the “Roll” button that will cost you 100 gems for a single roll. You can also spend 950 gems for a 10x roll.
  3. After that, an animation window will open where a player breaks the door, and a new character will appear.

All Best Anime Mania Characters Tier List

Basically, there are six types of characters in the game…

  1. Legendary
  2. Uncommon
  3. Common
  4. Rare
  5. Mythical
  6. Fodder – The Fodder (Feed) characters are used as feed to another character for upgradation.
MarutoCommonKunai Throw, Shadow Clone Jutsu, Maruto Combo, and Reshingun
TanjiCommonFlying shot, Aerial kick, Punting celebration, and skill title
TrashuraCommonGround Smash, Medical Jutsu, Strong Punch, and Reshingun
DekuUncommonFinger Pistol, Detroit Crash, Drive Smash, and Skill Title
Teen SakakiUncommonChidoru, Senbon Shurikens, Fireball Jutsu, and Chidori Nagashi
EchigoCommon Spiral Slash, Rise, Suga, and Reshingun
Bantai EchigoUncommonSpiral Slash, Crossing Suga, Suga, and Enhance
SakakiCommonMulti Kunai Throw, Fireball Jutsu, Chidoru, Skill Title
Gladiator SwordsmanFodderSpiral Slash, Crossing Suga, Suga, and Enhance

However, this isn’t a complete list of all game characters because they are currently locked for us. As we play the game further, more game characters will be unlocked so stay tuned with this article for new characters.

How-To Feed A Character?

  • To feed a character in the Anime Mania game, you need to first select the character that you want to upgrade.
  • In my case, I choose my “Bantai Echigo” game character. For this click on the “view” button to select your character.
  • Now click on the “Feed” button and search for the character that you want to sacrifices for Upgradation. While you can choose multiple characters for the scarification.
  • After that, hit the “Feed” button and a pop-up window will appear that says “Are you sure, you would like to feed the selected characters for (2.5EXP)? Now click on the green “Yes” button to feed the character.
  • To reach level 2 each character need 5 EXP. For more information please watch out given video.

What Are Gems & Gold?

The Gems and Gold are the main game currency of Anime Mania. By using them you can buy game assets and do some character upgrades.

  • Gems – Gems are used to roll the new game character, for example, in order to roll a character, you need 100 gems each time.
  • Gold – Gold helps you to evolve or upgrade your character to its maximum strength. Where one thing to be noted that you have to first level-up your character up-to 40th level.
GemsCost (R$)
100 Gems85 Robux
250 Gems190 Robux
500 Gems360 Robux
1000 Gems700 Robux

Now you know what are gems and gold but you don’t know how to get them free without spending any Robux money. There are two ways to get gems in “Anime Mania” one is Robux and the other is game codes. The game developer provides some game codes when they release a new game update. While you can also sell the game character for some gold and gems.

How-To Redeem Anime Mania Codes?

The code redemption process in the Anime Mania game is a very easy task. Just open the game and look out for the “Codes” button on the left side of the screen. After this, a code redemption window will be open where you can put your game code and press the submit button to get free gems and gold.

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