Roblox Arsenal Codes & Skins List (November 2020)

We provide the latest and up-to-date Roblox Arsenal Codes list that can be redeemed for a new skin, voices, and free cosmetics items for your Avatar. It is an open battlefield ground game and you need some powerful weapons for a final kill to win.

Active Roblox Arsenal Codes List

Here’s the list of the currently available Arsenal codes we have right now. Make sure to use these codes as soon as possible before they get expired. And visit this post often because we update this post when new codes will available in the future.

  • ANNA Skin – ANNA
  • EPRIKA Announcer Voice – EPRIKA
  • Bandites Announcer Voice – Bandites
  • Eprika Announcer Voice – EPRIKA
  • Free Money – BLOXY
  • Flamingo Announcer Voice – FLAMINGO
  • John Announcer Voice – JOHN
  • Koneko Announcer Voice – KITTEN
  • PetrifyTV Announcer Voice – PET
  • Phoenix Skin – CBROX
  • Poke Skin – POKE
  • Get 1200 bucks – POG

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Expired Codes

Codes, which are not in working state now…

  • TheBloxies

Arsenal Skin Codes List

Here is the list of some working Arsenal Skins codes that are available for now…

  • Anna Skin: ANNA
  • Jackeryz Skin: F00LISH
  • Phoenix Skin: CBROX
  • Poke Skin: POKE

How To Redeem Codes In Arsenal?

If you want to redeem Arsenal codes then follows the given instructions down below…

  1. Firstly, look for blue Twitter icon button when you open the game.
  2. Now click on that button and a window will open that says “Enter Your Code here”
  3. After this you have to enter your code and hit the redeem button.
  4. Finally, you have successfully redeemed your code.

Where You Can Find Arsenal Promo Codes?

You can easily find these codes on the @RolveStuff official Twitter account. Where their content creators release news codes from time to time and you have to only keep an eye out on them.

About Roblox Arsenal Game!

The Roblox Arsenal is an open battlefield game where each kill or assist will give you a new weapon. In this game, you have to reach the golden knife for a final kill to Win. The game is developed by ROLVe Community formed in 2013, which making games on ROBLOX.

This is the end of Roblox Arsenal codes and its Skin list. For more codes please follow us regularly on this page.

Arsenal Halloween Update

Arsenal Halloween Update

Introducing Hackula!

A new gamemode that adds random temporary status effects to all players such as: Slow Motion, Mystery Weapons, Infinite Ammo, Extra Bucks, Double Damage & more!
At the end of each Hackula round, team up with friends and foes to defeat Hackula, but watch out! You may get bitten!

Twenty eight new characters

Agetha, Alchemist Plauge Doctor, Beckoned Pirate, Day of the Dead: Skullbetro & Skullrita, Fallen Veteran, Frank, Gaslight Detective, Ghastelle, Ghost of Developing, Gnome, Grug, Hackula, Hazmat, Marionette, Molten Slasher, Mummy, Phanitina, Pumpking, Reaper, RottingRouser, Skullmander, Tetra, Vahn, Witch, Zombella, Zombert

Twelve new weapons

Primary weapons: Acid Spitter, Dispenser, Soul Pistol, & TP Launcher
Melees: Balloon Sword, Candleabra, Electronic Stake, Fire Poker, Garlic Kebab, Handy Candy, Pumpkin Bucket, & Pumpkin Staff

Five new emotes

Brew, Crazy Chainsaw, Headtrick, Startle, & Witches’ Broom

Three new maps

  1. Chaoticrypt
  2. Hackula’s Castl
  3. Monastery to the map pool

Unusual Case

Twelve new unusuals: Angel, Bat Colony, Corrupted Angel, Evil Inside You, Horned Soul, Infected Darkness, One of Many Faces, Rave In The Grave (comes in Green, Orange & Purple), Stormy, & Strange Eye of Man

Available for a limited amount of time.

Misc Update

Six new kill effects: BatMorph, Chains, Coffin, Dramatic Death, Spooked, & Sweetsplosion

Ten new weapon skins: Bones, Candied, Candies, Candles, Cartoony Ghost, Hallowed Crystals, Police Tape, Pumpkins, Skulls, & Webs