Roblox Bakon Game Codes 2021

Want some free codes for Roblox Bakon game to get free knives and Bacoin then you’re at the right place. You’ll get different knives and their skins that you can use to knock out other players. With the help of bacoins, you can purchase different cosmetics and skins for your Bakon character.

New Event – An event is on going in Bakon game in which you can win many rewards like hoodies, trousers and many more. All the VIP servers are set to free, so everyone should get a fair chance to earn the rewards. Check it out.

Active Bakon Codes List

Take a look at all new working codes for the Bakon game that you can redeem for free rewards. Bookmark this post for upcoming codes for the game in the future. Here is the list…

  • Winter2020 – Reward < Get free Sweet Winter 2020 Knife using this code [New Code]
  • BlackFriday2020 – Reward < Get free Bacoin using this code
  • 5k3tch – Reward < Get a Sketch Knife in Roblox Bakon using this code
  • Cleetus – Reward < Get a Flamingo Knife using this code
  • StinkyRoman – Reward < Get Roman Knife using this code
  • ThanksKev – Reward < Get Kev Knife in Roblox Bakon using this code

To redeem this code, you have to open the game first. Look at the top most menu for a twitter code icon. It is a small icon on the left side of the screen. Click on it and enter the code in this box. Press the redeem button to claim the reward as mentioned above.

Expired codes

  • 2onMe
  • 100MSurprise
  • 25MGift
  • 50inBag
  • 60MGift
  • Celebrate200M
  • Chapter11Thanks
  • EventS00n
  • NewRecord45
  • Pride2020

Game Update!

  1. 🧁 Bakon’s 1 Year Anniversary Update is out now!
  2. Double Trouble is back!
  3. 2 New skins
  4. Brand new Chat Tags
  5. New Event coming out at the end of April 😆

About the game

Bakon is a game in which you have to hunt down other players using the knife. This game is inspired by survive the killer game. There are lots of knives in the game that you can get, either by codes or by purchasing. You’ll spawn on the ground floor in the game with a knife. Search the other players and kill them.

When you got eliminated in the game then you have to respawn to enter the next match. Only the players with premium membership can respawn after each round. Other players have to wait for the completion of the round, so that, they can enter a new match.