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Roblox Beat the scammers is an education purpose game from Roblox resources. The main focus of this game is to be aware of all Roblox players from online scammers. In this game, you can learn how to keep your account safe.

Because many users share their account passwords with another player online and then they got hacked. The idea behind the game is to teach the players how to spot unreliable information and keep their accounts safe from being hacked.

In Roblox Beat the Scammers, you have to find reliable as well as unreliable information sources and spot the scam.

There is 10 unreliable information in the game and when you marked them correctly.

  1. free emotes! Go to
    • Answer – Unreliable
  2. Your account will be closed soon, Message PickledPeanuts to save it
    • Answer – Unreliable
  3. Yes, It’s Real!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  4. Get Roblox Hacks on your Discord!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  5. Your Account is in danger. Go to to save it!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  6. Cool Avatar! I’m making a game and can put you in it! Send me your account name and password on Instagram!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  7. Hey NFG! Follow me to learn how to sell your account to earn some real money!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  8. I buy the Roblox account and I give you real money. Just send me your login and password
    • Answer – Unreliable
  9. Subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll give you some free Robux!
    • Answer – Unreliable
  10. Roblox is shutting down! I can’t believe it (i wonder what will happen to all of my Robux!
    • Answer – Unreliable

After this, you will earn the shield of the sentinel in your Avatar’s inventory.

How To Get Roblox Shield of the Sentinel?


You can get this shield of sentinel by completing the above given 10 quests of the Beat the Scammers game.

  • Item Type: [Accessory > Back]
  • Description: Your strength to find scammers and keep your account is within you! Having a cool shield does help though.

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