Roblox Bee Sim 🐝 [x2 HONEY] Game Update & Codes

The Bee Sim is a new game on the Roblox platform. It was created on 7 March 2021 by RoyalFire Studios under Barothoth game developer. The concept of this game is similar to the Bee Swarm Simulator game. Where you need to collect pollen with the help of your pet bee and make some honey.

In all Roblox Bee simulator games, honey is the main currency to buy other cosmetic items and do some game upgrades. However, in the Bee Sim game gather pollen, complete fun quests, and explore new worlds and go on different adventures. So collect more pollen and take quests to increase your honey.

How To Collect Pollen?

Firstly, go near a flower and press “E” to collect pollen from red roses or yellow flowers. One flower gives you only 10 pollen at a time. So collect more pollen upgrade your bag capacity and increase pet bees.

To store the pollen just visit the nearby shophouse and your collected pollen will automatically be released. This will increase your honey points also. While you can take many flower quests from bear to unlock other bee’s world.

Its game developer also provides some game codes for free honey. That is a virtual currency in this game to buy some of Bee’s assets.

Game PC Control πŸ•ΉοΈ

All controls are displayed in the bottom left corner!

  1. V = First person
  2. CTRL/SHIFT = Move downwards
  3. Space = Move upwards
  4. Right click to free the mouse

Active Bee Sim Codes list

Take a look at active bee sim codes for some free honey…

  • EASTEROVER – Reward > 800 Honey [75k Likes Code]
  • 1MILLION – Reward > 200 Honey [25k Likes Code]
  • 50K – Reward > Free Honey [50k Likes Code]
  • baro – Reward > 500 Honey
  • BLAMEBARO – Reward > 200 Honey
  • BLAMEFLYES – Reward > 500 Honey
  • BAROFLOP – Reward > 200 Honey [1k Like Code]
  • buzz – Reward > 200 Honey
  • CHUBBYBUNNY – Reward > 800 Honey
  • CUTEBEE – Reward > 200 Honey
  • CRYSTAL – Reward > 200 Honey
  • EASTER – Reward > 800 Honey
  • Flamingo – Reward > 400 Honey
  • FIXESPLEASE – Reward > 500 Honey
  • Flyes – Reward > 500 Honey
  • HONEYISMONEY – Reward > 200 Honey
  • INFINITY – Reward > 200 Honey
  • hats – Reward > 200 Honey
  • hive – Reward > 200 Honey
  • POLISH – Reward > FREE Honey [10k Like Code]
  • SAKURA – Reward > Free 800 Honey
  • SDMITTENS – Reward > 400 Honey
  • secretecode – Reward > 200 Honey
  • unbeelievable – Reward > 200 Honey
  • update – Reward > 200 Honey
  • release – Reward > 500 Honey
  • tofuu – Reward > 400 Honey

Note: Next game code will come at 100k likes.

How To Use Codes In Bee Sim?

How To Redeem Codes in Roblox Bee Sim

After that, you need to redeem all these codes to get some free honey. So open the game and look for a yellow color “Twitter” button and click on it. Now a code redemption window will open. Now enter your bee code and get some free honey as a reward.

code redemption window in Bee Simulator
code redemption window

Although, you can also join the game group to get some free chest rewards. While it is a new game so you may find some bugs and glitches. Where for new game codes and updates, please stay tuned with us or bookmarks this page.

All Bee Sim Game Worlds

There are many different game worlds in Bee Sim, you can explore them and complete honey quests. Here we will talk about all bee sim game worlds and their quests, flowers, and guardians.

Meadows World

In this game world, you will find many green land cover with different wildflowers like Daisy, Buttercup flowers, and Red Roses. Collect pollen from these flowers and make the honey. There are two wild bears named “Jerry” and “Barry” in “Meadows” that will give you different honey quests. You have to accept their quests and collect pollen from different flowers as they said. After that, they will reward you with lots of free honey.

All Bear Quests

  1. Collect Pollen > Reward > 85 Honey
  2. Destroy 10 Flowers > Reward > 100 Honey
  3. Collect 10 Daisies Flowers > Reward > 1k Honey
  4. Bring back 4 lost Roses > Reward > 800 Honey
  5. Complete 3 quests > Reward > 300 Honey