Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Complete Game Guide

The Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator is a simple online multiplayer game developed by @Onett. It was released on March 23, 2018.

In the Bee swarm Simulator, you have to collect pollen from flowers and make honey with the help of bees. But in the real world, honey is made by nectar, not by pollen but this is Roblox, anything is possible.

Bees perform a major role in the game by collecting pollen from different flower fields and then converting it into sweet honey. As you travel further up in the mountain, the fields tend to have larger with larger flowers. Those fields can let you collect pollen twice or even three times as fast. White pollen produces honey with a neutral flavor, but that makes it a great blank state when mixing up artisanal honey.

However, the white pollens are difficult to collect because without the benefits of red or blue boots. The blue flowers produce blueberries that you can feed your pet bees.

How To Make Honey With Pollen?

It is an easy task, you only have to go to the flower fields with your bees and collect some pollen. When your bag or pouch is full then return to your hive and make some honey. The bees will make the honey automatically, you don’t need to do anything.

Be careful in the fields because there are some monsters and bugs available in the fields that may harm you. You can’t hit them but your bees can. So, get more bees that can defend you from these bugs.

How To Get More Eggs?

For more eggs, you need to visit the nearby store and take a look at items. You can buy eggs here and add them to the honeycomb cell. The point is you must have enough honey and tickets to buy these eggs. If you are out of honey use the bee swarm simulator codes to get more honey & tickets.

What Is The Role of the Bears?

There are different bears in the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator game and they work as a guide to you and give different tasks. They will tell you how you can make honey with the pollen and where to find them. There are many types of bears in the game like black bear, science bear, mother bear, etc. The first task that the black bear gives to you is to collect 100 pollen.

How To Hatch Eggs?

Firstly, you need to buy any type of egg in the Bee Swarm Simulator game. Now go to your hive and click on the eggs button on the left of the screen. Drag the egg from the bag and hatch it to the bee wall. It will unlock the new bee that’ll help you in gaining more honey.

How To Get Free Tickets?

There is a ticket shop in the shop where you can purchase tickets for the game. You can buy eggs and other things in the game that help to increase your honey. When you do the task of the black bear or any other bear then it’ll also give you some tickets. It is not mandatory that every time you can get tickets from the bear.

How To Boost Random Field To Get More Pollen?

There are many fields in the game where you can collect pollen. Some fields also have some bugs that’ll hit you when you enter their fields. The level of the bugs and pollen will increase as you get more bees and unlock higher fields. Sometimes you have to complete tasks given by the bears in which you have to collect a large amount of pollen from small fields. This field contains less amount of pollen. So, you need to boost up the field by using “Field Dice” It will boost up the random field by 100% and let you collect more pollen.

What Are Bee Swarm Simulator Promo Codes?

The “Promo Codes” are those redeemable codes that provide you different rewards like tickets, honey, and other things for your bees. Only its game developers can provide these promo codes. These rewards will help you in leveling up your bees boost and purchase items to collect more pollen.

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