Roblox Build It Play It Game Group

The “Roblox Build It, Play It” is a game group run by “budgetFox” which is an official member of this group. The budgetFox” has released two games under the “Roblox Build It, Play It” game group, which are…

  1. The Island of Move, released on 07/07/2020
  2. Mansion of Wonder, released on 6/2/2021

Roblox always comes with its all-new events and new experiences or games. The main purpose of the Roblox Build It, Play It, platform simply tests your animating, programming, and designing skills. That helps you to make a better experiences in Roblox studio by competing some lessons and get some free prizes.

These games are likely better than Roblox Creator Challenges. Because in this game type, there are all-new ways to gain free rewards instead of answering the questions in the creator’s challenges. We hope, you gonna like this.

Build It, Play It: Island of Move

The Island of Move is a game in Roblox in which players have to keep moving and can level up in the game. You can just move your avatar on the track by pressing the ‘MOVE IT’ button displayed on the screen.

Roblox Build It Play It: Island of Move
Island of Move

There are a total of three lessons in the game event which you have to complete. You have to create your own character animation and complete some game lessons to get some beautiful cosmetics items and rewards. After completing this Build It, Play It challenge, you’ll have a finished game to share with your friends. Players can even gain points by walking and moving in real life by joining on a mobile device.

How-To Build Games in the Built It, Play It?

You just need to learn the basic animating skills to build avatars in the game. But, if you tend to create a whole new game then you have to learn all steps provided by Roblox Studio. With the help of the studio, create your own avatar, and use it during gameplay. You can learn the basic steps at the developer’s post on this link

What are lessons & Prizes?

There are three lessons and prizes in the both “Island Of Move & Mansion of Wonder” game, which you have to complete to earn many free virtual items. In the lessons, create your own avatars, places, and play. You will be get a reward an awesome reward after completion of a lesson.

All Lessons & Prizes of “Island Of Move

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started
  • Prize 1: Backpack, Kinetic Staff, Axe Accessory
  • Lesson 2: Creating Animations
  • Prize 2: Hustle Hat
  • Lesson 3: Export and Play
  • Prize 3: Speedy Shades, Sun Glasses

If you don’t want to take participate in the game event to win all three prizes. Then you can use our Roblox Island Of Move Codes offered by the game developer themselves.

Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder

Roblox Build It Play It Mansion of Wonder
Build It Play It Mansion of Wonder

The “Mansion of Wonder” experience (game) is the second installation from Roblox Build It, Play It Game Group developed by “budgetFox” game studio. In this new experience, users can also design their own special effects, build an experience to join with friends, and earn awesome virtual prizes. You can learn the basic steps at the developer’s post to play this experience via this link

How-To Play Mansion of Wonder Experience?

First of all, don’t be confused that we said it “Experience”. This is because Roblox now saying “Experiences” to all games on its store. Now come on the game-play. Firstly, open the game and look out for the “Play It” mansion. Where a NPC robot is waiting for you to start the game.

How-To Play Mansion of Wonder Experience

Now press the “E” button and then click on the orange “join game” button to start the game. This is a short ghost-killing mini-game, where is your main mission to defend the mansion’s cart. Blast your all ghost enemies with a laser gun. After the game coemption, you will be rewarded with a virtual gift.

All Lessons & Prizes of “Mansion of Wonder

  • Lesson 1: Design the Blast
  • Prize 1: Artist Backpack
  • Lesson 2: Make It Unique
  • Prize 2: Ghastly Aura
  • Lesson 3: Make Final Touches
  • Prize 3: Tomes of the Magus

However, if you don’t want to earn these items by designing special effects for an arcade shooter and by learning particle effects and scripting in Roblox studio. Then you can use our Mansion of Wonder Codes to get above virtual prices for free.

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