Roblox Clicker Legends Game Codes 2021

Roblox Clicker Legends Codes are very useful to increase clicks and click boosts in the game. Gain more clicks so that you can purchase items like eggs, clickers, and others.

Clicker Legends is basically a game in which you just have to click many times to gain items. There are also different clickers available that will multiply your clicks and let you earn more clicks. You just need to buy them in the store with the clicks and gems.

Avtive Clicker Legends Codes list

The following list contains all the working codes available in the clicker legends…

  • 1mvisits – Reward < Use this code to get 2x Clicks Boost for 30 minutes
  • Release – Reward < Use this code to get 250 Clicks

These are all the active codes in the game. Stay tuned for new codes, we’ll keep this post updated with the latest codes. You may also like how to get an Auto Clicker for Roblox.

Expired Codes List

  • 100KVisits

How To Redeem Codes In Roblox Clicker Legends?

How To Redeem Codes In Clicker Legends

To redeem the codes in clicker legends, open the game first. Then look for the Twitter codes option on the left of the screen. It looks like a bluebird, when you find the button then click on it. There appears a dialogue box in which you have to enter the code. Enter the code there and enjoy the rewards.

About Roblox Clicker Legends

In this game, you can wander in a small place where you can gain clicks by clicking on the Clicker button. There is an upgrade store available where you can buy different clickers and also buy eggs there.

The eggs will provide you pets that will help in gaining more clicks. So, one method to gain more clicks is purchasing pets and equip them. Below is the list of all eggs you can purchase in the game with their price…

  • Common Egg
    • Price – 500 Clicks
  • Neon Egg
    • Price – 55k Clicks
  • Dominus Egg
    • Price – 699 Robux

Ranks in Clicker Legends

There are different ranks that you can achieve with rebirths. All the ranks are mentioned in the following list…

  • Noob – 0 Rebirths
  • Semi-Advanced – 25k Rebirths
  • Advanced – 150k Rebirths
  • Semi-Pro- 1.25M Rebirths
  • Pro-Clicker- 50M Rebirths
  • Professor- 750M Rebirths
  • Clicker Soldier- 5B Rebirths
  • Clicker King- 75B Rebirths
  • Goldy- 70T Rebirths
  • Divine Clicker- 25Qd Rebirths
  • Royal Clicker- 19Qn Rebirths

Different Areas in Clicker Legends

There are four different areas along with islands that you can explore with clicks. You will need enough clicks to unlock these areas. Below is the table of different areas with the number of clicks you need to unlock them…

Area 1The Beach1M Clicks
Area 2Candy Land1B Clicks
Area 3Volcano Island1Qd Clicks
Area 4Monkey Island1Sx Clicks