Roblox Dinosaur City Game Guide [New BOSS]

In Roblox Dinosaur city game players can destroy buildings, vehicles, and many other things in the city. The game “Dinosaur City” is developed by the “White Dragon House” community on 3/09/2021. As the developers said this game is in a beta version, so many things have to come yet. New maps, codes, and dinosaurs will come when they reach the target of likes and Favorite.

This game is most interesting and impressive with high-quality graphics and physics. All the dinosaurs are good but at different things like some are fast and some have good damage.

How-To Play The Game?

There is no rocket science in playing the game. When the player enters the game then he will spawn as a small dragon of level 1. After that, the player has to destroy different things like benches, bushes, and lights in the starting.

Doing that will increase the players’ experience in the game and also evolving the dinosaur to a higher level. As the player levels up, he can destroy bigger buildings and items like wind turbines. When the player breaks the bigger items then he will gain more experience.

If the player wants to gain more experience then he can use the Booster that will double the XP of items. You can only use this booster (2x EXP) once a day.

Dinosaur City Game Codes

Another method to gain free experience and reach higher levels is Dinosaur City Codes. These game codes will allow the player to skip some levels for free and upgrade the dinosaur fast. Below is the list of all active Roblox Dinosaur City Codes…

  • DINO5 – Reward > Enter this code to get +5 levels for free
  • 50K – Reward > Enter this code to increase your game level [50k Fav Code]
  • GOLD1000 – Reward > Enter this code to get 1000 coins [New Code]

Note: Next game code will arrive at 100k Fav…

These are all codes active for this time. For more codes and free items, bookmark this post.

To redeem codes in the Dinosaur City game, click on the Gift icon on the left side of the screen. A new menu will open after this in which you can enter the active codes. After entering the code, click on the “GET” button to claim the reward.

Game Updates!

Dinosaur city [New BOSS] game update is out with new maps, islands, pets, emoji, etc.

  • New spawn Island
  • New BOSS & EXP Arena in Metropolis
  • Level limit of Metropolis reduced to lv.51
  • Faster Levelup Speed
  • Bugs fix
  • New map
  • 2x EXP
  • New Godzilla
  • Gold coin system
  • Emoji system
  • Balloon decoration system

All Dinosaur Types In Dinosaur City Game

In this game, you’ll find a lot of dinosaurs with different abilities. Some are good at running and some are good at the damage. We have given the dinosaurs three categories that differentiate them from one another.

Dinosaur Types
Dinosaur Types
  • Glide – These types of dinosaurs can fly in the game and reach other destinations in less time.
  • Sprint – These dinosaurs can run faster than the other dinosaurs.
  • Damage – These can provide higher damage than others.
  • Jump – They can perform Higher jumps than others.
  • Mixture – These dinosaurs have two types of powers in them.

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