Roblox Ghost Simulator Game Codes 2021 [🌷NPC Ella]

Hello there! Welcome to our new game post, which has the latest Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes that you can redeem to get free pets and gems. So use these gems to buy more pet crates and upgrade your tools. You can also gain some currency by selling the ghosts that you have caught before.

Active Ghost Simulator Codes List

The following list contains all the working codes for the Ghost Simulator game. One thing is to be noted that some codes will work only when you join the “BloxByte” Games group.

  • SUNPROTEC – Redeem this code for a SPF-GF Legendary Pet
  • SADGE – Redeem this code for a Sadge Pet
  • BOOST – Redeem this code for a Hoverboard item
  • 1STRANDO – Redeem this code for a Boss bait
  • 2NDARC – Redeem this code for a fallen spirit
  • 1YEAR – Redeem this code to get One Year Bag (Contains both Anniversary Pet and Hoverboard)
  • 2YEARS – Redeem this code to get Godly Pet (Need to join BloxByte group)
  • FIREFLY – Redeem this code to get a Firefly Pet
  • PLAY – Redeem this code to get a Cosmic Hand Pet
  • PUGSARECOOL – Redeem this code to get a Pug Pet (Need to join BloxByte group)
  • PUZZLE – Redeem this code for a Sorrow Hoverboard (Need to join BloxByte group)
  • R1FT – Redeem this code to get a Purple Pegasus Pet
  • REMNANT – Redeem this code to get a Sugerdrop
  • S1LLYBUNNY – Redeem this code for a Crate Key
  • SPAC3 – Redeem this code to get a Dave Pet
  • THEEND– Redeem this code to get Gears & The End Hoverboard

These are all the active codes at the time. To redeem some above codes, you have to join the BloxByte Games Group. Stay tuned for upcoming codes. These codes do not remain forever, so redeem them as fast you can. If you want more codes then check out our post “Roblox Promo Codes“.

Expired Codes List

Codes, that will not redeem now…

  • 2020OVER
  • 100M
  • BB500K
  • R3B1RTH
  • SHOP
  • SOUL
  • SUMM3R
  • SEA
  • TOYS

How-To Redeem Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes?

For redeeming codes in the Ghost Simulator, you have to click on the blue “Twitter Code” button. It is placed just below the currency on the left of the screen. When you click on it, there appears a box in which “Enter a code” is written. Enter any of the above codes in the box and click on the redeem button to get the free reward.

About The Game!

Ghost Simulator is a game in which you have to catch some ghosts and gain some ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is the virtual currency of the game by which you can purchase some pets and upgrade your avatar. Go to the shop and teleport to the location where you want to go.

Game Description: Welcome to Ghost Simulator, Ghosts have taken over the world, and it’s up to you to stop them. Below is the list of all-game missions, you can do…

  • 👻 Capture ghosts
  • 🎒 Upgrade your equipment
  • 🐾 Unlock Pets to help you along your journey
  • 👽 Defeat Bosses who threaten the safety of the world
  • 💨 Unlock Hoverboards
  • 🌎 Explore the biomes
  • 💎 Complete quests to unveil the story and earn rewards

Game update 1.89.0 logs…

  • Added 3 Hoverboards, one new legendary Pet, new NPC, and a new racing boost pads!
  • New game items, new social media codes!
  • Decreases crate key’s prices!
  • 2 rebirth perks

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