Roblox Heroes Online Game Codes 🦸‍♂️

On this post, we’re taking a look at the legit and working list of Roblox Heroes Online game codes. These codes can be redeemed for some free items, pets, gems, coins. They also help you to get free spins for the best quality quirks.

While using these codes you can boost-up your game-play by purchase many rare items. Those items will help your character to reach earlier in the next level and leaving other players behind.

Active Heroes Online Codes List

Roblox Heroes Online Codes List

The following list contains all new codes for Heroes Online game…

  • 2kids – Reward < Use this code to get 5 Epic Spins [New Code]
  • TheLastOne – Reward < Use this code to get 12 Epic Spins
  • Bluebird – Reward < Use this code to get 3 Epic Spins
  • Tsukuyomi – Reward < Use this code to get 8 Epic Spins

Expired Codes List

Unfortunately, these codes aren’t in the working state and you will not be able to redeem them to earn a reward.

  • 2018
  • Bizarre
  • Bloxxit
  • Bloxnote
  • DelayPlatinum
  • ErenYeager!
  • Gentle
  • GearGearNoMi
  • Grateful
  • hallowhallowOnthewall
  • Heroborne
  • Iggy
  • Jannnuaryy
  • Lawliet
  • LilDeluxe
  • LegendSwords
  • Mentoris
  • Naturia
  • Onnnline
  • Relllease
  • Rebirth
  • sansOnline
  • season4
  • shinobiX
  • Shinnnobi
  • TomuraCrisis
  • VillainsOnlinnne
  • VolumeWinning
  • Witcher
  • YareYare

How To Redeem Codes In Heroes Online Game?

How To Redeem Codes In Roblox Heroes Online

If you want to redeem your codes in Heroes Online then please follow the given steps…

  • Firstly, open the game and look-out for the big Codes button and then click on it.
  • After that, it will let you on a code input area says “Enter Your Code Here“. Now copy on of the code given above and paste into this box
  • Finally, you enter your code and now hit the Enter button to get your reward.

What Are Spins In Heroes Online?

Spins give you a chance to get powerful new Quirks that you can use to power up your character in Heroes Online. The higher the rarity of the spin, the more chances you’ll get a higher tier quirk. Once you hit the level of 100, You will eventually be able to get two different quirks.

About Heroes Online!

Welcome to Roblox Heroes Online game script. It is a game inspired by the hit series “My Hero Academia“.

You can choose your path as a Hero who fights for justice or a Villain who wreaks havoc and improve your character so you can defeat all that stand in your way!

Explore the world, obtain powerful quirks and weapons, defeat powerful bosses and use them as your sidekicks and more in the ultimate hero vs villain experience on Roblox!

On top of open world, try out the team battles gamemode! Lead your team of 5 to victory against other players and win loads of XP and Yen as you climb up the leaderboards to one day become number 1!

Newest Updates:

  1. Dark Shadow Quirk
  2. Two New Accessories
  3. Bug Fixes

So this is the end of Roblox Heroes Online Codes and if you want more game codes to please, Check out ourRoblox Game Codes Listpost

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