Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Game Guide

Hey you, welcome to the Roblox Hot Wheels Racing game developed and created by Gamefam on 9/05/20. This is a racing game where you can do driving, racing, drifting, and stunting with your friends. There are lots of hot wheels racing cars and every car will increase your earning and of course speed. So get in the driver’s seat and explore the “HOT WHEELS” open world. Where you can do lots of quests, stunts, and race around in legendary vehicles in one of the largest maps on Roblox. You can do many things like…

  • Hang out with your friends and compete in races and stunts
  • Collect new Hot Wheels cars, upgrade them, and customize your ride
  • Drive around an epic map filled with stunt tracks, giant loops, and hidden collectibles
  • Go with different game quests that will help you unlock new vehicles

How-To Play?

Open up the game and go to the “Elliot” who will give you the different game quests and guide you on how to play the game. After that, he will give you a game quest named “Buy a Hot Wheels car” with 1000 gold as a reward. Now buy a new car by clicking the orange “Cars” button on the left side of the screen. You can now collect more gold, gears, and flame to become the keeper of the flame by driving, drifting, stunting, or whatever you want to do in the hot wheel racing city.

Game Controls (PC Only)

  • F – Get in/Out
  • Shift – Turbo
  • Space – Drift
  • Jump – X
  • Flip – V

What Are Gold, Gears, Candy & Flames?

  • Gold – The gold act as a virtual currency in the game and by using it you can purchase new rides and vehicles.
  • Gears – The gears are used to customize and upgrade your car. By using them, you can do customization in appearance, engine, breaks, tires, and suspension, etc.
  • Candy – The candies also act as a game currency but only used to buy items in the “Hot Wheels event” shop. Where you can buy new race ace vehicles and other items. You can earn or get 30 candy for free after every 3 hours of the previous 30 free candies.
  • Flames – The flames help you to increase your game level. To become higher in the “keeper of the flame”, you need more flames. So do more drag and stunt races to earn more flames as a reward.

What Are Hot Wheels Racing Game Codes?

The “Hot Wheels Racing Codes” are those pieces of text used to redeem free items like gold, skins, and other exclusive vehicles such as trucks, racing cars, etc. Here are some active hot wheels racing codes, you can use to redeem some free game items.

  • 25k – Use this 25k likes code for a free car
  • 35k – Use this 35K likes code for the 5 Alarm Monster Truck
  • loot – Use this 50k likes code for 50k free Gold
  • PRESTUNTS – Use this code for the “152 brown color” paint skin

Note:- To redeem these codes, click on the “Hot wheels Menu” on the left side. Now click on the “>” button and then on the “codes” button to redeem a game code.

Hot Wheels City Game Map & Places

The “Roblox Hot Wheels Racing” has the largest game map with lots of hills, islands, and cities. where you can travel and do drifting, stunting, and racing with other players.

Roblox Hot Wheels Racing Game Map
Hot Wheels Racing Map
Place NameFlames Required To Unlock
City CenterNeed 32 Flames to get access
Drifty HillsNeed 67 Flames to get access
Monster Truck IslandNeed 50 Flames to get access
Desert IslandNeed 118 Flames to get access
Volcano IslandComing Soon

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