Roblox King Legacy Game Wiki & Script

We are here again with another Roblox game wiki, that is King legacy (King Piece). It is a fighting simulation game in which you can complete various quests and gain some XP. In this game, you simply have to kill some soldiers or players of higher level. For that, you need to upgrade your avatar stats.

The game was released on 12/17/2019 on Roblox and developed by Thai Piece. Its original name was Roblox King Piece but later it was changed to King Legacy. It is based upon the famous “One Piece” cartoonist magazine, which is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by “Eiichiro Oda” in 1997.

To kill the high-level players, you can purchase different power upgrades like bombs (devil fruits), pawns, leopards, etc. Using these powers will help you in killing the players and increase your rank. Now let’s dive further into the King piece game guide.

How To Play King Legacy?

King Piece is an RPG game, so it is much easy to play. In the beginning, the player spawns at the Starter Island of the game. The player has to complete some quests on this island to earn some “beli” and unlock new power abilities.

There are basically three styles, you can use during the fight which are Devil fruits, Swords, and Fighting Styles. Each of the styles is different and useful in specific ways. The main thing that players have to do is to increase their stats and level up. It’ll allow them to perform some difficult and unique actions.

Below are some important terms of the King piece game that every player must know. We have tried to explain every term in its brief.

Roblox King Legacy Game Currency

There are two currencies in the King Legacy game…

  1. Beli
  2. Gems.

You can use them to purchase some devil fruits, swords, and more. You can earn Beli by completing different quests and playing game modes. Apart from this, you can use King Piece Codes to get free “beli” and gems. New players are advised to use their currency for useful purposes like purchasing fruits, swords, and other items.

Fighting Styles In King Legacy

There are basically three fighting styles in king piece game that are given below…

  1. Devil Fruits – Devil Fruits provides some special abilities that help the user in fighting powerful bosses or targets.
  2. Swords – Swords in King Piece is another way of fighting and performing different actions. A total of eleven Swords are there in the game. Here is the list of all Swords…
    • Katana
    • Tashi Blade
    • Shark Blade
    • Bisento
    • Pole
    • Pipe
    • Mini Kaido Mace
    • Triple Katana
    • Saber
    • Dark Blade
    • Hell Sword
  3. Fighting Styles – There are four fighting styles in the game which are Cyborg, Dark Leg, Dragon Claw, and Fishman Karate.

All these styles are different from each other as the devil fruits will provide a superpower to the user. The swords must hit the target to provide damage to the user whereas the fighting styles must be done close to the user.

How To Get Devil Fruits In King Legacy?

Devil fruits are useful during PvP combats and fights with bosses. To get the devil fruits, you must go to the starter island and talk to Gacha. Gacha is a non-playing character that deals with Devil fruits. It can give you a random devil fruit at a price of 250,000 beli or 1 gem. You can also look under the trees for these devil fruits. But there are very few chances of getting the devil fruits under the trees.

What is Haki In King Legacy?

Haki is a special ability in the king Piece game that increases the attack damage to some levels. You can also use them for your defense purpose. Each Haki is available on a different island and provides unique abilities. Below are the three Haki’s available in the King Piece game…

Busoshoku Haki – This Haki increases your sword damage and adds a black shiny effect over your sword. The player can purchase this Haki at bubble island for 5,00,000 Beli.

Kenbunshoku Haki – When you use this Haki, it’ll allow you to dodge enemy attacks. This one is very useful during the fight with a boss. The player can purchase this Haki at Sky Island for 15,00,000 Beli.

Haoshoku Haki – This Haki will stun the nearby targets for 6 seconds and provides great damage. The player must be very lucky to get this Haki during the spawn. Maximum players have to buy this one using some Robux.

King Legacy Map

Roblox King Piece Game Map
King Piece Map

There are many islands on the king Piece game map. Your journey will start from the starter island location. After this, you can visit the other islands just fulfilling the level requirement of that particular island. Below is the list of all islands and levels required to enter there and complete quests…

  • Starter Island [Level – 0+]
  • Pirate Island [Level – 50+]
  • Soldier Island [Level – 100+]
  • Shark Island [Level – 180+]
  • Chef Island [Level – 250+]
  • Snow Island [Level -400+]
  • Rocks Island [Level – 500+]
  • Sand Island [Level – 525+]
  • Sky Island [Level – 800+]
  • Bubble Island [Level – 1000+]
  • Lobby Island [Level – 1250+]
  • Zombie Island [Level – 1500+]
  • War Island [Level – 1750+]
  • Fishman Island [Level – 2000+]
  • Stone Arena [Level – 3000+]

What is Golden Arena Or Raid?

Golden Arena is a secret place at War Island in which you have to fight 30 waves of powerful enemies. To enter the arena, go behind the big temple-like building and look for the secret door. When you go inside the door then you’ll find an NPC there. In front of the NPC, there is a circle in which you have to stand with 5 other players to enter the arena.

Benefits – After winning the match in the Golden arena, you’ll get 10,00,000 Beli and 5 gems with some experience.

Level Requirement – As the bosses in the Arena are very much strong, so you must take high-level players with you that can help you throughout the combat.

Items Requirement – The player must take enough and the best devil fruits to survive this fight. Take your swords also to hit the bosses with huge damage.

Golden Arena Bosses – A boss will arrive after every 5 waves. The first boss will arrive at wave 5 and the last will arrive at wave 30. Defeat all the bosses to win the combat. Captain String is the most powerful boss with a lot of HP and arrives at wave 30. It’ll require a lot of time and patience to defeat this boss.

Therefore, this is the end of the Roblox King piece game wiki and script, we hope you learned many things about the game history and its game-play. While if you have any query regarding this game, please drop your query in the comment box.

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