Roblox My Dragon Tycoon Codes & Wiki 2021 🐲

Welcome to the new Dragon world where you can build your own Dragon house. Hatch Dragon eggs and explorer the new world around you. For all this, you need some game cash to build up a new house and unlock new islands.


So here come My Dragon Tycoon codes that offer you free game cash to buy new weapons and unlock a new world. Use these weapons against your opponent and become stronger.


Active My Dragon Tycoon Codes 🐲

Take a look at all active My Dragon Tycoon Codes for free cash…

  • Amzeee – Reward > Redeem this code for $5,500+ cash [New Code]
  • Sorry Delay XD – Reward > Redeem this code for $7,777 cash
  • Dosmas Studios – Reward > Redeem this code for $3,000 cash [New Code]
  • Dragon Village – Reward > Redeem this code for $8,000 cash
  • Thanks 10M Visits – Reward > Redeem this code for $8,000 cash
  • MDT – Reward > Redeem this code for $3,000 cash
  • MDT Update2 – Reward > 8-bit glasses [ 25th April, New Code]
  • My Dragon Tycoon – Reward > Redeem this code for $3,000 cash
  • Welcome – Reward > Redeem this code for $3,000 cash

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How-To Redeem My Dragon Tycoon Codes?

How To Redeem My Dragon Tycoon Codes

To redeem codes in My Dragon Tycoon games, you need to look for a red color “Gift” icon. Click on it and enter the code, you want to redeem for free gifts.

Game Update and News!


Game Description: Build your own dragon house and fly around in different dragon worlds to find the new island. Get new weapons and be strong…

  • Add new Droppers
  • New island
  • Add dragon skills
  • Bugs fixes

My Dragon Tycoon Wiki

My Dragon Tycoon is an all-new game on the Roblox platform in which player can build their house, get new pets, and many more. When you enter the game, you have to claim a house first and start building it. Players will need some money for the house building. There are many ways by which players can earn money and build their houses. Below are all the important details regarding the game that you must know.

All Houses List In My Dragon Tycoon

There are many houses of different colors that players can claim. Here is the list of all houses in the game…

  • Green House
  • Purple House
  • Orange House
  • Red House
  • Blue House

How To Earn Cash?

To build or upgrade your house in the game, you’ll need some game cash. Many ways to earn cash like killing some creatures and buy it using Robux money. There are different creatures at different levels. Players have to level up to kill high-level creatures and earn more money. Here is a list of some creatures and the money you get from them…

Beetle5 60

How To Ride & Fly Dragon?

To ride a dragon in the My Dragon Tycoon game, the player must build their house to the third floor. When the third floor is ready then players will find a “Dragon Evolve” section just above the stairs. Go there and evolve your dragon. After that, the dragon will be ready to ride. Riding a dragon will provide some advantages like the player can travel faster than normal.


To Fly a dragon in the “My Dragon Tycoon” game, the player must build the complete house. When the house building is complete, visit the top floor of the house and look for the “Dragon Evolve” option. Go there and evolve your dragon. After that, your dragon will be ready to fly.

My Dragon Tycoon Weapons List

Here is the list of some weapons that you can use in the game…

  • Blue Sword
  • Butterfly Axe
  • Dragon Lord
  • Magma Blade
  • Crystal Hammer

Different Place In My Dragon Tycoon

Below are some important places that you can visit in the game and earn some cash. There are also some hidden weapons in those places too.

  1. Cemetery
  2. Green Land
  3. Sprout Field
  4. Deep Forest
  5. Dragon Temple
  6. Volcanic Land