Roblox My Hero Mania Game Wiki & Codes 2021 🦸‍♀️

My Hero Mania is a fighting game in which players can complete different quests and perform PvPs. For PvP fights, one should reach level 30 to remove the PvP shield. Go to the city and accept some quests from NPCs and increase your level in the game. It was released on 23 April 2020 by the “My Hero Mania” game group under “PoppaPengo“, which is the main game developer.

The basic quest of the game is to kill some criminals and it’s repeatable. You can simply get this quest from an NPC in the game. As you level up, there are many superpowers that you can equip.

Active My Hero Mania Codes List

Spins are important in the “Roblox My Hero Mania” game to change your quirks. These codes will provide some free spins after redeeming. You can use these spins to change the quirk which is an ability in the game. Below are all active codes that you can redeem for free spins in the My Hero Mania game…

  • 70kalready! – Get 2 free spins using this code
  • 80kcode! – Get 5 free spins using this code
  • 110kcodeyay – Get 5 free spins using this code
  • big130k – Get 5 free spins using this code [130k Likes Code]
  • FirstCode! – Get 5 free spins using this code
  • its90k! – Get 6 free spins using this code
  • likereward1 – Get 2 free spins using this code
  • Plus120K! – Get 4 free spins using this code [110k Likes Code]
  • the100k – Get 10 free spins using this code

Note – Next new code for the game will arrive at 140k likes.

However, codes remain active for a very short time period. If any of the above codes get expire, we’ll update this post and notify you. For new codes and updates, bookmark this post and be updated.

How Can I Enter Codes In My Hero Mania?

The code redemption process in this game is quite different than many other Roblox games. Follow the steps to redeem your codes…

  • Firstly, open the game and teleport to the city.
  • Open the menu by pressing the “M” key on the keyboard.
  • Look for the “Enter Code Here” section in the menu of the game.
  • Enter code there and enjoy the free rewards.

All Quirks In My Hero Mania Game

There are 4 types of Quirks in this game that players can have with the common spin. Here is the list of all quirk types and chances of getting them with the common spin…

  • Common (Chances – 55%)
  • Rare (Chances – 34%)
  • Epic (Chances – 10%)
  • Legendary (Chances – 1%)

As we can see that epic and legendary quirks are very difficult to equip. If you are still looking for them then you can purchase the Epic or Legendary spin using Robux or currency in the game.

Common Quirks

QuirkSpecial Move
IceFlash Freeze, Ice Field, Ice Skate, Ice Wall
InvisibilityLight Reflection
ShockShock Absorption, Super Armor
Super RegenerationSelf Heal, Mega Heal, Heal Field
Super StrengthSuper Punch, Earth-Splitting kick, Dragon Throw, Gatling Blow
Common Quirks

Rare Quirks

QuirkSpecial Move
EngineRocket Kick, Knockdown, Recipro Axe kick, Steam Marathon, Recipro Burst
Zero GravityUpercut, Jump, Falling Star, Asteroid Field, Home Run Comet
Air CannonAir Blast, Air Boost
Rare Quirks

Epic Quirks

QuirksSpecial Move
ExplosionFist, Stun Grenade, Blast Rush Turbo, AP Shot, Howitzer Impact
Dark ShadowDark Claw, Slam, Grab, Rampage, Black Ankh
PhoenixWing Flap, Fireball, Revitalization, Dash, Finisher Kick
Epic Quirks

Legendary Quirks

QuirksSpecial Move
Hald Cold Half HotFreeze, Fire Blast, Ice-Fire Boost, Ice Walls, Flashfreeze Heatwave
Hell FlameJet Burn, Vanishing Fist, Incinerate, Hell Spider, Prominence Burn
CremationFlames Explosion, Burning Embers, Flame Wave, Blue Field, Prominence Flash
Fierce WingsRush, Wingbeat, Blades, Flurry, Strike
One For AllTexas Smash, Delware Smash, Super Jump, Detroit Smash, Full Cowl
Legendary Quirks

All Game Powers List

There are four types of game power in “My Hero Mania”…

  1. Common
  2. Rare
  3. Epic
  4. Legendary
Common PowersRare PowersEpic PowersLegendary Powers
InvisibilityZero GravityDark ShadowHell Flame
Shock AbsorptionAir CannonPhoenixHHHC
Super RegenerationCremation
Super StrengthFierce Wings

All Items In My Hero Mania

There are many items in the game that the players can equip. Some of the items are available at the weapon shop and very easy to equip. These items can provide some boost and increase in health & speed when you equip them. Below are all items that you can equip in the game…

Blue CapeEnergy increases (+10)
Black Hero CapeSpeed & Defense (+10)
Black Fur CoatStrength & Speed increases (+7)
Eraser GogglesStrength & Speed increases (+10)
Hand’s MaskStrength, Defense & Speed increases (+10)
Plague maskStrength & Defense increases (+10)
Red CapeDefense increases (+10)
Torn White ScarfDefense & Speed increases (+10)
White Hero CapeStrength & Defense increases (+10)

This all about “My Hero Mania” game wiki and please check out our Roblox News post for more game updates and news.