Roblox News & Free Items Update!

Hello guys, in this section, we will provide all the latest today’s Roblox News about upcoming new events and other free items update. When a new item will be listed on the Roblox store, you will be notified by us. We update this article on weekly basis so keep an eye on this block.

For latest codes please, check our Roblox Promo codes post…

New Roblox Promo Code is coming soon

Wintery Peacock Tail

Roblox is going to release another promo code that will give you the “Wintery Peacock Tail“. Meanwhile, we haven’t seen the promo code for White Cat Wizard Hat yet. Then we can say its code will take some time to release. So stay tuned for this code.

Roblox Islands “The Witches” Update is Now Available

The Witches mod is now available in the Roblox Islands game, you can play it now…

Roblox Islands The Witches

Description: “Witches Are Real! And they are taking over Islands on Roblox from now until 11/1! Defeat the Grand High Witch this Halloween season, and check out #TheWitchesMovie coming exclusively to HBOMax in the US on October 22!

New Roblox Piggy Skins & Toys are coming soon

MiniToon has announced on its Twitter account that new Piggy toys are coming this November. There is no information about the price of the toys pack and about the toys also. You’ll know all the info about these skins with their release in November 2020.

Roblox Shield of the Sentinel

Roblox has added a new “Back” accessory in its item store with the description of “Your strength to find scammers and keep your account is within you! Having a cool shield does help though”. You can’t get it using any promo code or either buy it. because it is not currently for sale. But you can earn it by completing 10 quests in Beat the Scammers game.

Send Your Assets Straight To Roblox Studio

You can now directly send your assets to the Roblox studio by just one click. When you are viewing your assets on the official website of Roblox then click on the play button. It’ll automatically send all your assets to the studio. When you click on it, the Roblox studio will open and insert your assets.

New Digital Roblox Gift Card Design Contest!

This is a great news because Roblox has announced a new digital gift card design contest to its users. You have to send someone a Roblox gift card from ( Roblox will pic-up twelve wieners in this contest.


If you are one of the twelve talented winners then you will receive a $100 USD Roblox Digital Gift Card. Winners will be announced in mid-November 2020, so Good luck from us.

Here’s how you can enter this Digital Gift Card Design Contest!

First, create a gift card design. It must be Roblox-related and follow the specifications below, but otherwise, the only limit is your imagination…

  • Measures 960 pixels horizontally by 576 pixels vertically
  • Has a resolution of 72 ppi
  • Does not include Roblox logo

Roblox White Cat Wizard Hat!

Roblox has just introduced a new Hat accessory named ” White Cat Wizard” on its item store.


However, this item is not available for sale but can only be obtained by entering a limited-time promo code. We don’t know when the promo code will available for this item. But when it will available, we will update it on our Roblox Promo Code list as soon as possible.