Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Game Guide

The Roblox Noob Army Tycoon is a “battlefield” game where a noob’s armies attack each other with their heavy-duty armor vehicles, and gunners. In this game, there are four teams and each team has its own noob army. The game was developed and created by The MLG Gang group on 4/4/2021 and a maximum of 4 players can play at a time.

How-To Play Noob Army Tycoon?

If you’re playing this game for the first time then you must build your army base where your gunner troops will stay. There are basically many building blocks in your army base and we will discuss all of them with their functions and abilities.

Noob Army Tycoon Base Station
Noob Army Tycoon Base Station
  1. Army Camp
  2. Research Center
  3. Army Headquarter
  4. Health Center
  5. Vehicle Garaged
  6. Customization Center
  7. Office Building
  8. Flowers Building

Army Camp (Noob Station)

Your troops will stay in this area where they rest and heal themselves. Some of the troops get died during the attack on other noob armies. After that, they will respawn at their respective campsite. Each camp can hold up to eight noobs at a time and for a new noob, you need to spend some game currency to buy them.

Research Center

As the name tells, the research center is a building where you can do scientific research for new vehicles, for example, light vehicle Anti-Air missile defense systems, attack helicopters, super-heavy tanks, multiple rocket launchers, etc.

Army Headquarter

The Army Headquarters building is a place where all army attack decisions take. In this building, you will find all the army officers and noob workers. And their work to send reinforcement and other attack vehicles.

Health Center

In the health center, you can upgrade a noob’s health, speed, damage, noobs attack distance, noobs explosion damage, and vehicles (explosion, distance, attack, health, and speed).

Vehicle Garage

In this area, you can park your attack vehicle and other missile systems.

Customization Center

In this center, you can customize your noobs by equipping many cosmetic items like hats, faces, and colors. While you can also change the weapon’s color and skin. Although, players can’t buy weapons in the game yet. Below is the list of gun skins, you can buy…

  1. Minigun Skin
  2. Sniper Rifle Skin
  3. Sword Skin
  4. Pistol Skin
  5. Explosion Effect 1

Office Building

The office building is situated just behind the army base camp. In this building, Noob workers work and generate +1 money, every 1 second.

Flowers Building

The flower building is situated beside your office building and here you can do farming of different flowers. For 100 flowers players will be rewarded with 500 gems.

What Are Noobs?

Noobs are the main game characters and act as an army troops. There are many different noobs in the game, which work as both troops and workers.

  • Air Troops (Noobs) – These troops will attack other noobs from the sky.
  • Combat Repairman – Will repair vehicles in the combat field.
  • Gunner Noobs – These are your basic army troops and will defend your army base from other noob’s armies.
  • Group Noob Worker – Work as a team
  • Worker Noob – These are the workers, which work in the headquarters building. Where they generate +1 Money every second.
  • VIP Noob Worker – These are VIP workers and act as army officers. For them, you need to spend 200 Robux.
  • Premium Workers – Premium workers are top-level army officers and you can get them by purchasing Roblox premium.
  • Sniper – The sniper troops will Protect your army base by sniping from the tower.
  • Super Noob Worker – These workers are similar to normal noob workers, which work in the headquarters building. Where the only difference between them is they generate +10 Money every second.
  • Researcher Noob – The researcher noob work in the research center building. Where they generate +1 Research every second.
  • Suber Noob Researcher – The super noob researcher also works in the research center building. Where they generate +10 Research every second.

Best Noobs In Noob Army Tycoon!

Noob NameAbility
Super SoldierIt is the largest noob in the game and the best part is, it can carry two guns
JuggernautThis noob has a large metal shield for its protection that makes him longer on the battlefield
Noob FlamethrowerIt will throw flames on other noobs’ army
Fire NoobThe fire noob is the most dangerous noob in the game because it can burn everything including tanks, vehicles, and other noobs.

What Are Money & Research Points?

The “Money” and “Research” points work as a game currency and by using them you can buy more noobs, and vehicles, and customize your army base. Where “Research” points are used for new vehicle research and development. As you build up your army base further the more money and research points you will earn. You can also earn 50 money by working as a noob in the headquarter building.

However, there is an alternative way to earn both “Money” and “Research” points by using our “Noob Army Tycoon Codes“.

Noob Army Tycoon Game Tools!

There are many game tools and weapons in “Noob Army Tycoon” but we found only one tool for now. Further, as we play the game deeply more tools will appear so stay tuned with this section.

Speed Coil

The speed coil is a speed booster tool that increases your speed. You can get this tool on the Army Headquarters’ second floor.

Dual Speed Coil

The dual-speed coil will work just similarly to a normal “Speed coil” speed booster. The only difference it makes the player’s speed double. You can buy this tool for 10,00000 $ on the Army Headquarters’ second floor.

Super Speed Coil

As the name suggests it is the fastest speed coil in the game that’s why we call it “The super-speed Coil” speed booster. It has more speed compared to the “Dual Speed coil” and you can buy this tool for 10,000,0000 $ on the Army Headquarters’ second floor.


Using this tool you can launch air-to-surface missile attacks on the other noob’s army troops. But this missile needs to be researched first in the research center.

How-To Unlock The Missile Button?

Follow the given steps to launch a nuclear missile in Noob Army Tycoon…

  1. Firstly, buy a “Nuclear Silo” Bridge for 500$
  2. Now buy the rocks, nuclear silo wall 1, and walls 2, and then after buying the Nuclear Silo itself for 25000$ and 5000 Research points.
  3. After this, got to a small room nearby the “nuclear silo” and buy a nuclear silo elevator for 250$, lights, and now finally researched missiles. There are three research missiles, you can buy.
    1. Simple Missile
    2. Fire Missile
    3. Fast Missile
  4. Now use the “Elevator” to come out and then go to the headquarter and use the missile button to launch any three of the nuclear missile for 2500$.

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