Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator Codes [TIKI BOSS 🌴] 2021 🐶

The Roblox Pet Swarm Simulator codes offer you free coin multipliers and boosts. The coins are the most important currency in the Alpha Pet Swarm simulator game to buy a large-capacity backpack. The backpack helps players to collect more strawberries to feed their eggs. There are many types of eggs, you can hatch for different pets like basic, legendry, and rare.

Pets are the most important fellow to collect food for your unborn pets. You can also change your nest and increase egg hatching for more pets.

Active Pet Swarm Simulator Codes

Here is the list of all active game codes for the free coin boost and multiplier.

  • 15kLIKES – Reward > Redeem this code get 2x Food for 15 Minutes
  • 25klikes – Reward > Redeem this code get 2x Food Boost Minutes
  • 35kLIKES – Reward > Redeem this code get 3x Rares for 15 Minutes
  • 40kLIKES – Reward > Redeem this code get 2x Food for 15 Minutes
  • 45kLIKES – Reward > Redeem this code get 10x Food boost for 15 Minutes [New Code]
  • HUGEUPDATE – Reward > Redeem this code get 2x food boost and 2x coin boost [New Code]
  • 10KTHANKS – Reward > Redeem this code get 2x Mythic multiplier for 15 Minutes
  • XBOX – Reward > Redeem this two exclusive pets

Note: Next NEW CODE AT 50,000 LIKES. Follow @PetSwarmRLBX on Twitter for more game codes.

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How-To Redeem Pet Swarm Simulator Codes?

How-To Redeem Pet Swarm Simulator Codes

To Redeem codes in pet swarm Simulator, you need to first look for a blue-colored “Twitter” icon on the left side of the game screen. Now click on it and put up the code where “Enter code here” is written. After that, click on the enter button to redeem the code.

Game New Updates & News!

Game’s official description: Enjoying the game? Be sure to leave a like and favorite it. While this game is in alpha development so please report any bugs, if you found them. Join the game group “GameLegion Shamrock” for more information. The DAILY🎁 game update is here with lots of new announcements and eggs.

  • Introducing new “Tiki” Monster!
  • An evil boss which is very very powerful if you can hatch it as a pet!
  • New pets, enemies and quests to explore!
  • 🥚 FIGHT ENEMIES to unlock eggs!
  • 🌳 PLANT EGGS in your nest!
  • 🍎 COLLECT FOOD to feed your eggs!
  • 🐣 HATCH EGGS to get awesome and stronger pets!
  • 💎 EXPLORE THE MAP for stronger enemies and better eggs!