Roblox Pet Tycoon Codes 2021 🐶

Want all-new working codes for Roblox Pet Tycoon game to get free effects, pets, and tokens then you are at the right place. You can explore different places with your pets and build your tycoon. All the codes for the game are active and correct, if you found any code not working then let us know.

Active Pet Tycoon Codes List

Take a look at all working codes for Pet Tycoon game that you can redeem to get different rewards. Bookmark this post for upcoming codes for the game. Here is the list…

  • Happy2021 – Reward < Get Sylvester pet and tokens using this code [New Code]
  • BossKiller – Reward < Get Devine Sword using the code
  • HaloBUD – Reward < Get Halo Pet using the code
  • PetAbilities – Reward < Get a free Bee Pet & 50 tokens using the code
  • TweetTweet – Reward < Get Twitter Trail Effect using the code
  • WOW3000 – Reward < Get 100 tokens using the code

To redeem codes in Pet Tycoon, you have to open the game first. There are four buttons on the left of the screen. Look for the Bar Code button in them and click on it. A code redemption menu will appear after this. Enter any of the above codes in the box and claim the free reward.

About The Game!

Pet Tycoon is a game in which you have to sit on a chair to play the game. You can buy different items under the conveyor. As you buy items, they unlock more items. Droppers and generators give you money to buy different items.

Purchase different walls and create your tycoon. If any of the machine gone bad then you can hire an engineer. When you complete the tycoon and you can be reborn. The more time you reborn in the game, you’ll unlock more island in the game. There is a pet shop in the game where you can buy different token in the game. Each pet has a certain tier, you can have reborn in hope of high tier pets like rare, legendary, or Mystic.

How To Get Free Tokens?

You can get free tokens by given methods…

  • By killing the evils pets allow you to get free tokens.
  • Look for the boss that spawns at specific time intervals. Killing the boss will also give you a number of tokens.
  • By using the droppers and generators.