Roblox Royale High | Diamonds & Music Codes 🌈

The Royale High is a fantasy world roleplaying game created by “@nightbarbie” on 10 April 2017. If you ever want to live in a royal fantasy world and your dream isn’t to go fulfill in real life. Then welcome to Roblox Royale High, in this game you can do whatever you want to do like staying in a five-star hotel, make a rich person who has millions of Dollars, bonfires, shark floaties, sleep in a tent, resting on a beach chair, etc. In Royale High, you can customize your character with the help of Diamonds.

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How-To Get Diamonds In Roblox Royale High?

How To Get Diamond In Roblox Royale High

First of all, if you searching for Roblox Royale high diamond codes then we are very sorry guys. Because there are no codes available for Royale High game. If some websites say that they have some working Royale High Diamond Codes then they are liars or scammers.

You need diamonds in Royale High to dress up your character with the newest clothing and other cosmetics items. So we’re going to tell you the fastest ways to get these diamonds in the game.


Below is the list of some fastest methods to get free Diamonds in Roblox Royale High…

Purchase The Diamond Multipliers

This is one of the easiest methods to gain more diamonds. You will get an x2 diamond multiplier with 749 Robux and x4 diamond multiplier with 1649 Robux. You can also get x6 diamonds by purchasing both multipliers. So, it is a good method to gain some diamonds.

Login Daily

You will get more diamonds if you log in daily and collect the diamonds. It makes you regular in-game and helps you to gain more diamonds. If you log in for 10 days continuously, you will get up to 12000 diamonds in total.

Sleeping Leveling Up

When you sleep in-game that will save the energy of your character. For leveling up, you have to sleep only in your apartment. It will back up your energy and help in leveling up which will increase your experience. You will get diamonds each time you level up.

Glitching the Art Studio Window

For this, you have to make way to the Art Studio on the second floor. Go to the right of the area and get to the window. Now Go under animations and select “sitting”. Find an action hero animation and then hit the ‘Shift key’. After that, it will put your character in the Shift lock Mode.

Now zoom in as you can only see the window then press W and jump many times. If you do this continuously, then it will make you glitch the glass. When you glitch the glass then you will see a lot of diamonds nearby the waterfall. Collect all of them and return to the game.

Roblox Royale High Music Codes List

Below is a list of all the latest Royale High Music codes for 2021. So use these music codes during your game-play and enjoy your favorite music.

Song NamesCodes
Billie Eilish – Lovely (ft. Khalid)2183613911
Way back home2251009370
HOT MILK1783886923
Heather – co nan gray (acoustic)5670739689
Blessings: Josh A455514322
Evolution: Josh A 2260614997
Havana: Camila Cabello1341533521
HUMBLE: Kendrick Lamar924974501
The shape of You: Ed Sheeran1122320450
Jocelyn Flores1326909345
Spooky Scary Skeletons160442087
Help Me Help You: Why Don’t We883007082
We Are Number One: Lazy Town539275200
Bad and Boujee and Yah: Migos696582557
Running in the 90s294997736
It’s Raining Tacos142376088
The Fall Of Jake Paul910393532
Bill Nye The Science Guy343953700
Milk and Cookies: Toad587971443

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