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The Shinobi Life 2 was an arena-based game on Roblox, in which you could roam different worlds and unlock abilities. Shinobi’s life 2 was based on fighting simulation and released on January 1st, 2020 by Rell Games. You are able to unlock different abilities that your avatar owns. In this post, you will get all the essential information about the game that you must know.

But on November 27, 2020, RellGame changed the game name to “Shindo Life” due to some DCMA issues. Now its name is “Shindo Life” and there are other changes has made to this new game. This time RellGame brings new characters, weapons sounds, and game maps. However, the game-play will be the same as Shinobi life 2.

Different Game Modes in Shinobi Life 2!

There are basically five modes with the game that you can play except the story mode. The other four modes are…

Play Mode

In this mode, players can enter the different villages on the map. There are some specific villages that you need to unlock by leveling up. Other villages are free to select that you can visit anytime and complete tasks in there. You can also practice in the villages and discover new abilities for the avatar.

War Mode

In the war mode, you have to protect the Hokage mansion from the white Zetsus. Firstly, you have to level up your avatar more than 400. There are different rounds in the war that you have to play. You need to kill all the enemies to win the round. A boss will appear after five rounds and if you lose any round then the whole progress will start from round 1. After completion of each round, you’ll get more than 5,000 HP to your avatar and you have to kill more Zetsus. There is a maximum of 6 players in a single match.

Arena Mode

This is a cool mode in the game in which you can defeat different players and practice your abilities. In the mode, you’ll spawn at a place where a number of players are fighting to gain more skills. You can defeat players to gain some points. Be careful of low health, if you die then the whole match will start again. You can also select different players like naruto and master their abilities. There is also a practice area in this mode where you can practice with dummy players.

ArenaX Mode

There are three options in this mode: Free-For-All, Death-Match, & Elimination. When you start the game, everyone is free to select the mode they want to play. The one mode among the three got the most votes will be selected and with a specific map. After that, you have to help your team to win and defeat other players. Do not fight with more than one player at a time because it’ll be easy for them to knock you out.

Story Mode

In the story mode, you’ll understand the motive behind the game. This will help you in completing all the tasks easily. You can find it while scrolling the main menu. Firstly, you need to join the cc of Shinobi life 2 to play the story mode. Most of the players do not know how to join the cc in the game. It is quite a typical task because you have to join different communities of Rellgames.

Different Villages Of Shinobi Life 2

There are many villages in the Shinobi life 2 map that you can enter and play. Every village has different places to explore and tasks also. Although, some of the villages are not available yet. It’s a hope that the officials of the game may announce them soon. Here is the list of available villages that you can enter…

Shinobi life 2 map
Shinobi life 2 map
  • Cloud Village
    • This village is in the center of a city that makes it wonderful. There are often thunderstorms and a little rain. The village has beautiful houses where you can run and complete different tasks. You can enter this village at any level of the avatar.
  • Leaf Village
    • In this village, you may see different masters trying to level up. This is the first village you’ll enter in the game and need no specific level to enter.
  • Rain Village
    • One of the beautiful villages in the game and requires level 200 to enter. Firstly, gain up your avatar’s level and then enter this village.
  • Rock Village
    • You can enter this village at any level and perform different tasks. There are high buildings in the game that you can see on the map and jump from one to another.
  • Sand Village
    • This one is also a beautiful village that you can enter at any level. In this village, you’ll find different objectives and gain more points.

There is also a base that you can enter whose name is Akatsuki Base. The player must have reached level 1000 to enter the base.

What are “Kekkei Genkai” in Shinobi Life?

The Kekkei Genkai list contains different abilities in the editing menu of the game that you can equip for your avatar. When you spin the list then it will stop at a random ability and it will be equipped by your avatar. If you want to change the ability then you have spin the list again. When you run out of spins then use the codes to get more free spins and change your ability.

Take a look at all Genkai abilities in the game that you can equip…

  • Ash
  • Boil
  • Black Lightning
  • Byakugan
  • Clay
  • Crystal
  • Explosion
  • Gold Dust
  • Hoshigaki
  • Ice
  • Iron Sand
  • Kaguya
  • Kamizuru
  • Ketsuryugan
  • Lava
  • Mud
  • Namikaze
  • Nara
  • Particle
  • Rinnegan
  • Sand
  • Scorch
  • Senju Wood
  • Sharingan
  • Shirogane
  • Storm
  • Uzumaki
  • Wood
  • Yuki Ice

What Are Elements in Shinobi life?

There are a total of 5 elements in shinobi life 2 game that you can use. Every element has its own style to attack the enemy. You can practice them in the villages or in the training arena. Take a look at all the elements below…

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Water
  • Wind

What Are Ninja Tools?

The Ninja tools are those weapons in Shinobi life 2 that used in fighting and defense situations. Some Ninja tools are throwable and some are not, which means only a few of them can be used as air weapons.

What Happened To Shinobi Life 2 Game!

As a fan of Shinobi Life 2, we are very upset about its shutdown. Roblox has deleted this game from its game store on November 20, 2020, due to some copyright issues. According to “RellGame”, which were the real developer of the Shinobi Life 2 game that we are going to shut down this game. They stated that the main reason why Roblox remove our game is the name, NarutoRPG. Where NarutoRPG was the name of their official game group now they changed its name to Rell World.

It was the copyright of VIZ Media who is the owner of Naruto the anime series. Viz Media owns the real English Publishing Rights for this Naruto anime series. That’s why Roblox take a strike on this game and remove it from their server.

Will Shinobi Life 2 Come Back?

We can’t say anything about its comeback because neither Roblox and nor RellGame has given any statement about it. However, its player praying that one day their game will be back. But there is a hope, according to Shinobi life 2 game developers they are coming back with a new game named Shindo Life.

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