Roblox Skywars Codes List For 2020

Roblox Skywars Codes – In the Roblox SKYWARS, you can build your military base or conquer, destroy other bases in conquering the SKY. The 16bitplay game studio offers many cosmetics items like war weapons and base building material stuff.

These codes also help you to customize your avatar look in the game. Yes! they will not help you to win a battle in Roblox Skywars but will help to change your avatar theme indeed.

Active Roblox Skywars Codes List

Here’s the list of all the available codes we have right now. These codes have their own expiry date so use them as soon as possible in the game. We’ll also keep you up-to-date when new codes will be released.

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  • Witch – Redeem this code for new Witch Skin
  • dragon – Redeem it for a Dragon Skin
  • Frankenstein – Redeem the code for Frankenstein Skin
  • ghost – Get a ghost Potion
  • icegolem – Get Ice Golem Skin
  • iceknight – Get Ice Knight Skin
  • icequeen – Get an Ice Queen Skin
  • korblox – Redeem the code for Armored Skin
  • monster – Get a Monster Skin
  • penguin – Get a Penguin Skin
  • polarbear – Redeem it for a Polar Bear Skin
  • Santabot – Redeem for a Santabot Skin
  • skeleton – Get a Skeleton Skin
  • sparklez – Get a mysterious Potion
  • snowman – Get a Snowman Skin
  • sword – Redeem the code and get an Iron Sword
  • zombie – Get a Zombie Skin

How To Redeem Skywars Codes?


If you want to redeem a Sky-wars code then you need to look for a text box at bottom of the left side of the game screen. Now enter your code and click on the submit button to redeem a code.