Roblox Sled Simulator Game Guide

Welcome to the “Roblox Sled Simulator” game. It is the most popular sled game on the Roblox store. If you live in mountains or hilly areas where snowfall occurs then you probably know about sled game. Because these types of areas have lots of sloppy surfaces where people can sled with friends. This game simulator provides you same sled experience where you go down to the mountain with an intense speed and cover a long distance. The longer the distance you cover more the money you get as a reward.

How-To Play?

  • Open the game and lookout for a green “Ride” button.
  • Now just go there and your sled ride will be started.

How-To Get Rid From various Obstacles?

During the sled ride, you may face many obstacles like stones, trees, poles, etc. These obstacles can slow down your sled ride speed or mostly end of the race. So you need to first buy a speed booster from the garage menu. After that, press the “Space bar” key to activate the booster when you stuck into one of the above obstacles we have mentioned. Don’t use too much booster because it require sometimes to retains its boosting power.

What Are Sled Simulator Codes?

These are redeemable codes from the Sweet Sour Studios, which are the official game developer group of this game. These codes give you free coins, boosts, and other additional rewards to upgrade your sled ride.

Here is the list of all working Roblox Sled Simulator Codes for free rewards…

Active CodeReward
10kvisits1000 coins
50kvisitsCoin & health boost
BackToBasicsGet 2 new bases
HaraldsGift1x Armor Piece, Booster, and Trail
Loading1000 coins
MollysBowlCoin & health boost

Sled Simulator Game Updates!

  • 5 NEW BASES!
  • ✨ 3 NEW Cosmetics
  • 🛋️ NEW Lobby theme
  • 🏁 REWARD added for Reach the Goal badge
  • 🚀 FIXED Booster Scaling
  • 🛠️ FIXED Respawning flinging

Game Upgrades & Accessories!

There is a garage menu where you can upgrade your ride to go even further at even higher speeds. You can upgrade your ride with many upgrades like booster, armors, trails, and bases.


Armors protect you as well as your base from many in-game obstacles and help to cover a longer distance in the game map.

Card Board100200 Money
Bamboo Board1501500 Money
White Pillow2004200 Money
Wooden Wall3009999 Money
Brick Wall37513000 Money
Car Door45018000 Money
Concrete Block50025500 Money
Try shield65536000 Money
Dragon Wings75047000 Money
Pink Hat90080000 Money
Chocolate Bar1000100000 Money
Traffic Cylinder1250157000 Money
Balloons1400210000 Money
Cookies15003,00000 Money
Cards17004,25,000 Money


Stronger the base more the the distance you will cover…

BaseHealthMoney MultiplierMoney Required
Wooden base251xNo Need
Wooden Sled251xUnlock by game code
Blue Dog bowl251xUnlock by game code
Blue Boat1501.4x2000
Staring Sled2002.2x6000
Sofa Bed2503x11111
Shopping Bucket5005x24000
Garbage Box6666x33333
Silver Boat7008x45000
Alien Ship90020x240000
Pink Bubble1000030x10,00000
Wooden Sled1250035x20,00000
Timber Boat1300040x35,00000
Sale Boat1350045.5x45,00000
Green Tank1400052x65,00000
Rocket Sled1500060x100,00000
Gaming Setup50 Robux
Car Pack50 Robux
Tired Pack75 Robux


It increases your sled ride speed or helps you to get ride from obstacles…

BoosterBoost AmountBoost PowerMoney Required
Nitrous boost10015001500
3x Nitrous boost25017502500
Table Fan500225010101
Rocket booster500250015000
Tire soccer 700400027100
Rocket Engine750700042000
Super noob8001000070000
Christmas Hamer100012500250000
Blow Horn125012500315000
Black Hat20001500050,0000

Game Accessories!

There are some few game accessories in the game, you can purchase for more fun…

Accessory NamePrice
Red Backpack100 Robux
Blue Backpack100 Robux
Green Backpack100 Robux
Shoulder Dala Horse (Dalahast)21 Robux

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