Roblox “Squid Game” Guide By Trendsetter Games

The Roblox “Squid Game” is a short series of six minigames developed by Trendsetter Games. The game is inspired by the famous Netflix Drama Series “Squid Game” a Korean Tv show. There is a total of six minigames in this game yet we know. Each game has its own rules and ways to play. There is only one rule of this game that if you eliminate from any of the games, you will die.

We will discuss all these minigames one by one so please stay with this article. There are many games on “Squid Game” Tv show in the Roblox world but “Squid Game” by Trendsetter Games is the best one.

How-To Become a Guard?

In the latest “GUARD UPDATE” game update players can now become a guard instead of a player. So play as a guard and kill those players who break the rule. To become a guard in the game players need to only start the game and they will automatically be selected as a guard or a player. You have a 10% of chance to be a guard in the game.

How-To Play All Six “Roblox Squid Game” Games?

Here is the list of Roblox Squid game’s all games in their respective order…

  1. Red Light, Green Light
  2. Cockie Cutting (Sugar Honeycomb)
  3. Night Fights
  4. Flood Escape
  5. Tug-of-war
  6. Glas Bridge

Red Light, Green Light

At the beginning of the game, all players should be behind the starting line. When the light turns green the players should start walking to the other side of the field. If the light turns red, players must have to stop. If players do not stop moving they will be killed or eliminated and their game is over there.

 Red Light, Green Light game-paly of Squid game
Red Light, Green Light

However, players can also use Doll as a reference. When she turns towards you then stop moving and when she turns opposite site then start moving towards the finishing line.

Sugar Honeycomb

Squid game player cut the the sugar cookie in to the circular shape.
Sugar Honeycomb

Welcome to Sugar Honeycomb minigame. This is the second game of the “Squid Game” series after you win the “Red Light, Green Light” game. In this game, players need to cut the cookie in different shapes like a squire, circle, triangular, and umbrella shape, etc. If the cookie breaks, you will be eliminated. So be careful when you cut a cookie in its respective shapes.

Night Fights

Squid Game Night Fights Game play
Night Fights

In this game, you have to survive for the next 117 seconds and the only strongest player will survive the night. For the fight, you will get a baseball bat for protection. We recommend that please stay away from other players if you want to win this game.

Flood Escape

Welcome to the flood escape game! In this game, you will race up a tower as water floods below. The water is toxic and will hurt you if you will try to swim in it.

Players escape from toxic flood
Flood Escape

Note: Be aware of shortcuts and buttons that create paths and follow the white arrows, otherwise, you will be lost the path.

Tug Of War

Players pull each other toward their side
Tug Of War

The “Tug Of War” is a rope-pulling competition-type game. In which both teams try to pull each other until one team didn’t move another team towards their side. During the game-play, a red button shows up and all players have to press it as fast as they can.

Glass Bridge

Player waking over the glass bridge
Glass Bridge Minigame

In this game, you have to cross a bridge of glass but wait here is a twist. There are two glass bridges one is with broken glass and another is ok. So choose the correct path or fall.

What Are Trails?

The trails are sets of different color patterns. By using them players can change their trails color. However, all colors are not free, you need to buy them using in-game currency “Cash”, collect cash by defeating all game levels. But there is an alternative to get free game cash, which is Squad game codes. Codes are provided by game developers on their official Twitter handle @kingerman88 where you can follow them for new codes.

How-To Redeem Codes?

Open the game and click on the “Codes” button and then write the code where “[Code Here] is written. Sometimes code doesn’t redeem, so what do we do? In this case, please make sure you have the exclamation point at the end (“!”)

Squid Game All Weapon Skins

There are lots of weapons skins that you can try to customize your weapon in the game. As we know there is only one weapon available in the game that is the “Baseball” bat. Players can change their bat’s skin color and its material type. Here we will discuss all skin colors and material types.

By default, the Baseball bat has a wooden skin color but you can change it to other colors like red, orange, pink, and blue. For this, you need to buy skin crates. There are three skin colors crates including the material crate, which is for a limited time only.

Roblox Squid Game Weapon Skin Color Crates
Weapon Skin Color Crates
  1. Casual Colors Crate
  2. Squid Ops (Material Crate)
  3. Lemited Time

Casual Colors Crate

This crate required $500 game cash to open and has all basic skin colors that you can use to change your weapon’s skin color.

Baseball Bat SkinTypePossibilities
PinkUncommon 29%

Squid Ops Crate (Material Crate)

This crate required $1000 game cash to open and has all material skins that you can use to change your weapon’s skin material.

Material Skin NameTypePossibilities
Desert CamoIndustrial81%
Jungle CamoIndustrial 81%
Metal BatIndustrial 81%
Red CamoExotics16%
Ukraine CamoExotics 16%
Spiked Bat SkinContraband3%

How-To Get Spiked Bat Skin?

The “Spiked Bat” is the rarest weapon skin in the Squid game with a rarity of 3%. Players need to buy a “Squid Ops” crate in order to get this skin. Buy the “Squid Ops” crate at least ten times to defeat this rarity.

Limited Time Crate

As a name tells, this is a very limited crate and we don’t know yet when it will disappear from the game. This is a special type of skin crate because it requires players’ souls to open not game cash.

Skin NameTypePossibilities
Gummy BearsMysterious72%
Soul SeekerIndustrial 24%
Pumpkin Great SwordSinister4%

Who Are Squre Guards?

Square guards are the main NPC of the game and guide you on every game. But if you lose the game, then they will kill you.

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