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Welcome to our new Roblox wiki of Super Power Fighting Simulator aka SPFS game developed by “GamesReborn” on the Roblox platform. In this game tutorial, you will get a complete information of the game that each player playing this game must know.

In Super Power Fighting Simulator game, all you have to do is to increase the powers and skills of your avatar. However, you can improve your skills with the stats. These stats are basically of four types: Strength, Endurance, Psychic, and Speed. You can also, increase your speed to run fast in the game. So, let’s discuss them first…

Types Of Stats in Super Power Fighting Simulator

There are four stats in the game that you must increase to make your avatar stronger. Take a look at all four stats…

1. Strength

Strength is one of the important stats in the game. You can increase the strength level by performing the punches. It is done by pressing the left mouse button. You can also use different multipliers to get more strength per click. There are different areas where you can get more strength per click. Each area has its own requirement of strength and provides higher multipliers.

2. Endurance

Endurance is one of the stats in the game that measures the durability of a player. You can increase it by performing push-ups, or doing exercise in the Gym. There are also different areas where you can get more endurance per click like the ambulance, gym, and many more. As you gain more endurance, the higher will be the multiplier.

3. Psychic

Psychic is one of the four stats in the Super power fighting simulator. You can increase the psychic level by sitting in one place. There are also different areas where you can get more psychic level like the library, golden tree, and many more. There are five psychic skills in the game that are given below in the list…

  • Invisibility
  • Soul Harvest
  • Shapeshifting
  • Teleportation
  • Infernal Aura

4. Speed

Speed is one of the stats in the game that you can increase by upgrading the level of their avatar. It increases the walking speed as well as the jumping power. There is no training area to increase speed. It can only be done by walking and acquiring a higher rank or increasing the level.

Important Terms Of The Game!

Here are some important terms in the game that you should know…


Reputation is a feature in the game that measure that a player is good at play or not. It is basically of two types: Positive & Negative reputation.

You can gain positive reputation by killing players of higher class. Savior, angel, and god are the examples of positive reputations. A light color indicates the positive reputation whereas a dark color indicates the negative one

Negative reputation is gained by killing the innocent and lower class players. Crook, assassin, and devil are the examples of negative reputation.


Skills are the special abilities that players can unlock as they reach higher class or get higher rank. Punch is the first skill that every player can use at F-class in the game. Here is a list of all abilities along with the quests you must clear to acquire them…

Energy BlastMain Quest 4Strength
Energy PunchMain Quest 14Strength
Lasor VisionMain Quest 23Strength
Damage ReflectionMain Quest 5Endurance
Exploding CloneMain Quest 29Endurance
InvisibilityMain Quest 3Psychic
Soul HarvestMain Quest 17Psychic
ShapeshiftMain Quest 20Psychic
Infernal AuraMain Quest 26Psychic
TeleportMain Quest 10Speed

Super Power Fighting Simulator Game Map

Here is the Super Power Fighting Simulator map in which you can locate different places in the game. You can also find this map on the opposite side of Inferno who provides the main quests in the game.

What is Multiplier in Super Power Fighting Simulator?

Multiplier is a way to gain more stat in the game. You can do it by upgrading them in the stats’ menu with the help of tokens. Each stat has its own multiplier and specific area to increase the stats level. When you have a multiplier for endurance, and you visit the training area like gym then you’ll get more of the increment in stats. In Super Power Fighting Simulator, you can purchase a multiplier of x1.12Qa worth of 13.75M tokens.

Currencies Of Super Power Fighting Simulator

There are 3 main currencies in the game which you can use to purchase different items in the game. Although, there are also limited time currencies that comes at special events and not last for much time. The three main currencies are…

  • Tokens
  • Gems
  • Bounty Tokens


Tokens are the main currency of the game. You can purchase some boosts with the tokens and multipliers too. These tokens are automatically added to your account per minute. The amount of the token depends upon your class and level in the game.

How to get them? Tokens can be found in some chests or by using Super Power Fighting Simulator codes. You can also purchase them in-game shop with Robux.


Gems is also a currency of the game that you can use to purchase ancient items like different chests and transformations. Every minute, gems are added to your account like the tokens depending upon your class.

How to get them? You can get gems from the chests in the game. There are also some promo codes that provides you free gems.

Bounty Tokens

Bounty tokens are used to purchase items from the bounty shop. This shop provides different combos of gems and tokens that you can purchase. You can also get a chance of getting free chests and different boosts for the game.

How to get them? Want to get bounty tokens then you have to kill some other players who have the bounty. Bounty is a game mechanic that you’ll get as a reward by killing other player.

Fusion in Super Power Fighting Simulator

Fusion is a special ability that unlocks when a player reach the S-class in Super Power Fighting Simulator game. It will unlock the warewolf fusion when you reach the S-class. You’ll also get a multiplier when you unlock fusion but you have to reset your stats. Here is a complete list of all fusions in Super Power Fighting Simulator game…

  • Warewolf – Unlocks at S-class and provide x25 boost.
  • Minotaur – Unlocks at SS-class and provide x500 boost.
  • Gryphon – Unlocks at SSS-class and provide x10K boost.
  • Phoenix – Unlocks at X-class and provide x250K boost.
  • Yeti – Unlocks at Y-class and provide x5M boost.
  • Hydra – Unlocks at Z-class and provide x100M boost.
  • Reaper – Unlocks at XYZ-class and provide x2B boost.

Chests in Super Power Fighting Simulator

What are chests? Chests are an easy way to get free tokens and other items. You can find them all over the map in Super Power Fighting Simulator game. There is a variety of chests in the game and each chest provide different amount of coins. After a particular time, you can collect free tokens from these chests.

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