Roblox Survive The Killer Game Guide

The Roblox “Survive The Killer” is a horror experience (game) from “Slyce Entertainment” game group developed by “Dued1” on 1/06/2020.

How-To Play Survive The Killer?

In this experience, you are either a survivor or a killer…

  1. Survivor – If you became a survivor then simply try to hide from the killer, save your teammates, and escape together from the exit door.
  2. Killer – While if you are a killer then kill as many players as you can before they escape from the exit door or kill time runs out.

When you start the game you have a few minutes to grab your weapon in case you become a killer. This experience can hold up to a maximum of 13 players at a time. To become a killer or survivor is all a random process and 1/13 chances to become a killer.

Play as Killer

Now you became a killer and your mission is to kill as many players as you can. But one thing you should know is that you have a specific time to kill all players. If you failed to kill everyone then the survivor team will be won. So try to kill all players in meantime. You can buy lots of knives to beat survivors, use the coins and gems to purchase a knife.

Play as Survivor

Now you became a survivor and your mission is to hide from the killer and help other players to escape from the exit door. There are many hidden places in the game where you can hide like trees, buildings, cars, bushes, almirahs, etc. When the exit door will open the in-game compass will turn on and guide you to reach the exit door. But make sure that the killer isn’t hiding there, otherwise, you will lose the game.

Survive The Killer Game-Play Tips & Tricks

Survive the Killer is a game in which you have to survive from the one player who has the role of the killer. In this game guide, we are describing the role of killers and survivors along with some more information that’ll help the players to complete the game.

Role of Killer & Important Tips

There is a random selection before the game starts and one player is assigned as a killer. The killer has to find all the players hidden on a small map and kill them. He will have a knife by which he can knock down players. When the killer knocks down a player, he must wait nearby for the player. This is because other players come to revive him. Waiting for the other player and knocking him with the knife. Look for the players in the small rooms or behind the obstacles because these are the places where they can hide.

Role of Survivor & Important Tips

The role of the other players is to hide and survive till the exits are open. Press the “Shift” button to crouch, and you can easily move from narrow places. Now collect the coins on the map and revive the knocked player when the killer is not near. You must keep an eye on the killer because he’ll try to kill you too. Complete the tasks and look for the gates. When the gates are open, you should run towards the gate and escape from the killer. While during the game-play the player also has to collect 10 collectible items that will reward them with new knives.

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