Roblox Texting Simulator Codes 2021

You can redeem our Roblox Texting Simulator Codes for free Money, Diamonds, Bitoneum. and other items like Alien Computer, Astro portal, NASA quest, and Spaceship. While you can also use Diamonds and Bitoneum currencies to purchase a bunch of different items free in the-game. These items will help you to reach out next level further into the game without any issue.

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Texting Simulator Codes List

Given all codes are currently in the working state and will provide some free money and other items.

  • 100K – Get 100 codes of Money, Diamonds, and Bitoneum
  • APRILSURPRISE – Redeem the given code and get 1,000 Money, 100 Diamonds, and 85 Bitoneum
  • Air – Get 100 Money, 10 Diamonds, and 50 Bitoneum Code
  • FREEEGG – Get 500 Diamonds Codes only
  • GamePage – It will give you 250 Money, 25 Diamonds, and 5 Bitoneum Code
  • beatsheadphones – Redeem this code to get 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, & 50 Bitoneum.
  • HACKER – Redeem this code to get 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, & 50 Bitoneum.
  • instagram – Redeem this code to get 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, & 50 Bitoneum.
  • rainbowpods – Redeem this code to get 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, & 50 Bitoneum.
  • OnTheGram – Redeem this code to get 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, & 50 Bitoneum.
  • LovelyHearts – Get 50 Diamonds, 2,500 Money Code
  • pods – Redeem it and get 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code
  • RickyTheFishy – Get 10 Diamonds, 100,000 Money Code
  • Wireless – Grab 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code

1,000 Money Codes List

  • Emoji
  • ephonepro
  • gamingstation
  • GrinningEmoji
  • SoreThumbs
  • Spookytime
  • SpecialSurprise
  • Texter
  • TextingLord

Redeem these codes as soon as possible because the can expire very soon. We will come-back with the news codes list so stay tuned with us.

How To Redeem Texting Simulator Codes?

How To Redeem Texting Simulator Codes

To Redeem Codes in Texting Simulator just follow the given instruction down below…

  1. First, open the game and search for a little blue message icon with a red heart.
  2. Now click on it and a code redemption window will open.
  3. After that, click on the text field that says “Type your code here” and put your code from the above-given list.
  4. Lastly, you’ll need to hit the Redeem button, and then you can receive your reward.

What Are Money, Diamonds, and Bitoneum Codes?

These codes are a currency in the Texting Simulator game to buy a particular type of item in order to upgrade your character.

  • Bitoneum can be used to purchase tech items like Smart Audio, Smart Speakers, and Smart Watches.
  • Money is for upgrading your computers, phones, and tablets. Note:- To get to these high-end Androids and iPhone devices you’re going to need a bunch of real cash.
  • Diamonds provide an ability to purchase some emojis, pets, etc. Where these pets will help you to earn more money.

About Texting Simulator!

In this simulator, you have to prepare your thumbs to start your adventure with a brand new Ancient Rokia Phone. You can upgrade your phone with the latest smartphone technology.

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