Roblox Tower Heroes Game Codes 2021 πŸŒ΅πŸ’£πŸ₯š

Free coins, skins for different cosmetics are waiting for you in the Tower Heroes game. The NeedForGaming presents all-new codes for Roblox Tower Heroes that can provide you some free rewards. All these codes are up-to-date and verified by us. Simply redeem these codes and get free coins. You can purchase different skins in the game with the help of coins.

Active Tower Heroes Codes list

Take a look at all working codes for the game…

  • 2020VISION – Reward < Use this code for “Streamer Skin
  • CubeCavern – Reward < Use this code for Wiz SCC Skin
  • HEROESXBOX – Reward < Use this code for Xbox Skin
  • ONEYEAR_TH – Reward < Use this code for free skin
  • PixelBit – Reward < Use this code for 20 Coins

These codes are not permanent. So, redeem them as soon as possible. New codes are on the way. Don’t forget to bookmark this post to get the latest codes and new updates.

Expired Codes List

Here is a list of non-working codes for the game…

  • 100MIL – Reward < Use this code for Wizard Skin & 20 Coins
  • APRILFOOL – Reward < Use this code for “Gun Wizard Skin
  • CartoonyWizard – Reward < Use this code for Cartoon Outline Wizard Skin
  • halloween2020 – Reward < Use this code for Green Jack o Lantern Skin
  • FastFood – Reward < Use this code for Orange Soda Skin
  • July42020 – Reward < Use this code for Free Fireworks Skin
  • KartsChaos – Reward < Use this code for Free Popcorn Skin
  • lunar2021 – Reward < Use this code for free 20 coins
  • NEWLOBBY – Reward < Use this code for Free Burst Skin
  • PoisonShroom – Reward < Use this code for Mushroom Skin
  • TreeBranch – Reward < Use this code for Leaves Skin

How To Redeem Roblox Tower Heroes Codes?

  • Redeeming codes in Tower Heroes is a simple task. Firstly, open the game on your device.
  • Click on the “Codes” button on the left of the screen. It is placed just below the coins button.
  • It will open a code redemption box.
  • Enter any of the above codes right there and hit the redeem button.
  • You’ll see a notification after the successful redemption of code.

Game Description!

The Tower hero is a fighting simulator game created by Pixel-Bit-Studio on 2/1/2020 and inspired by Roblox’s “All-star tower Defense” game. In this game, you face many waves of alien enemies. Defeat waves of enemies with heroes you’ve unlocked and earn coins and level up your game. The coins are the main currency of the game and can be spent on skin crates and to buy more heroes. Each hero has a unique ability when it comes to clearing waves so make sure to equip the right towers for the job.

Game Updates & News!

The “New” game update is here with lots of new skins, maps, heroes, etc. So let’s see what’s new in this update…

  • Easter Event
  • Bunny Returns
  • Bunny attack Updated
  • Easter Eggland Map (Updated Easter Island)
  • Beetrice Hero (Made by BoxboiJakers)
  • Honeycomb Heist Map (Made by BoxboiJakers)
  • Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Booker Skin)
  • Egg Hunt 2021: Enchanted Eggos Collaboration (Boss, Enemies, Jester Egg Skin)
  • Easter Skin Crate
  • Easter Lobby
  • New Easter Enemies and Bosses
  • New Honeycomb Heist Enemies and Bosses
  • Easter and Honeycomb Reward Skins
  • Easter Mimic and Honeycomb Mimic
  • Modifiers (Change up things in Casual Mode!)