Roblox Tower Of Hell Game Script Guide

The Roblox Tower of hell is an “Obby” game created on 18 June 2018 by the “YXCeptional Studios” development group. In this game, the player must reach the top of all 8 randomly generated “obby” towers in 8 minutes with absolutely no checkpoints.


By beating all towers, you will be rewarded with some game coins formerly know as “Yxles“. The “Yxles” are the main currency of the game used to buy some mutators, gears, and other game effects in the Item Shop. In Noob Towers, you can earn up to 100 coins and In pro towers, up to 250 coins can be double by game pass. For more game coins, you can buy using Robux money.

Amount Of CoinsCost (Robux)
200 Coins25 Robux
500 Coins60 Robux
2000 Coins230 Robux
10,000100 Robux
Double Coins600 Robux
Skill Reset50 Robux
Buy Box500 Coins 25 Robux

What Are Mutators & Gears In Tower Of Hell?

Mutators help you to increase your Avatar speed, invincibility, lengthen, and other strength. Where gears make the game easier to play. Below is the list of all Mutators and Gears, you can buy using game coins and Robux.

High SpeedIncrease everyone’s speed by 25%100 CoinsSpeed CoilIncrease your speed60 Coins
InvincibilityNo More Kill Parts500 CoinsGravity CoilReduce gravity80 Coins
Low GravityReduces global gravity by 25%130 CoinsFusion CoilCombines speed & gravity coil90 Coins
FoggyMakes everything foggy150 CoinsTrowelBuild your own path40 Coins
NegativeInverts Colors150 CoinsHookYou will get hooked on this80 Coins
LengthenAdds another section150 CoinsHourglassStop your perception time90 Coins
Extra TimeAdds another 2 minutes to the timer50 Coins
InvisibilityMakes everyone a ghost10 Robux
Double JumpLets everyone jump twice35 Robux
Bunny HopeMakes everyone jump10 Robux
CheckpointsA Checkpoint appears every second stage30 Robux
Double CoinsDouble Everyone’s reward25 Robux

Tower Of Hell Game Codes?

Majority of the Roblox game has their codes but some popular game like Adopt Me Pet, Brookhaven, and Royale high haven’t any game codes. The Tower of hell is also one of the games on Roblox that has no game codes. You can only use Robux or coins to buy cosmetic items in the game to upgrade your avatar. But its developer provides some vault codes that can be redeemed in the chatbox.

  • 1st vault code – 69420
  • 2nd vault code – 5164627
  • /freemember – It was a free membership code ever released by the game developer on 06/13/ 2020 only for 36 hours only.

Game Membership Plan

Buy game membership and get exclusive benefits like…

  • Access to all Mutators and Gears with coins
  • 500 daily coins
  • Two Exclusive Crowns
  • Exclusive Member title
  • Or simply buy a membership for one month about 375 Robux.