Roblox Wacky Wizards All Potions & Recipes

The Roblox Wacky Wizards game is all about Potions and their Recipes. Players can search for different ingredients and make different potions in the game. However, every potion affects your body differently. There are two types of potions in the game…

  • Common Potions
  • Premium Potions

The common potions are absolutely free to everyone but you have required their recipes to make them. On the other hand, the premium recipes will unlock only when you have at least one premium ingredient of theirs.


How-To Make Different Potions In Wacky Wizards?

  • Every potions has its own recipe so you need to first find all ingredients to make a potion.
  • If you have all ingredients of their recipe then combine these different ingredients, for example to make a “Death Shrik” potion, players required (Chameleon + Fairybrew) ingredients.
  • Different ingredient combinations make different potion effects and add same ingredient to make your potion stronger.

Wacky Wizards All Potions & Recipes List

There is a total of 194 both common and premium potions in the game currently. So here we will discuss all the potions and their recipes one by one.

All Common Potions & Their Recipes

There are 126 common potions in the “Wacky Wizards” game, which is absolutely free…

Potion NameRecipeAction
SpeedyGiraffe HoofIncrease your character’s speed
SquirtingRotten SandwichUh no! Fart Fart!
NoodleyPool NoodleGet yourself noodle arms
TinyFairyMake yourself tiny
FlounderFishFlip like a fish
FloatingBirdBecome lighter as a bird
ZombieBrainBecome a zombie
WartySpiderGet warts
CamouflageChameleonDo camouflage in your surroundings
GiantGiant’s EarBecome a giant
HotChilliCatch on fire
BeanyBenashmmm beanasssss
JandelJandel’s HeadBecome Jandel
ForyxeForyxe’s HeadBecome Forex
CleetusCleetus’s HatBecome Flamingo
Identity TheftYouClone yourself
Unresolved SizeFairy + Giant’s EarKeep getting smaller and bigger
Enlarged HeadBrain + Giant’s EarEnlarge your head
Tiny HeadBrain + FairyShrink your head
Tall PotionGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s EarMake your character taller
Death ShrinkChameleon + FairyShrink yourself to death
Leg DayFiraffe Hoof + FairyGet tiny legs
Wide LoadBeans + Giant’s EarGet wider
IronPool Noodle + Giant’s EarGet big arms
Long NeckGiraffe Hoof + Pool NoodleLong neck
CentipedePool Noodle + SpiderBecome a centipede
DiggingPool Noodle + BeansBecome a worm
RocketDyanmite + BirdBecome a rocket man
BaldBrain + ChilliBurn all accessories
Fire WalkingBird + ChilliWalk on fire
Fire BreathingRotten Sandwich + ChilliBreath fire
SwimBird + FishSwim in the air
MermaidFairy + FishBecome a mermaid
PuffedBeans + FishBecome a pufferfish
OctoGiraffe Hoof + Spider + FishBecome an octopus
Air JumperBird + Giraffe HoofDouble Jump
BangBrain + Giant’s Ear + DynamiteBang your head
TickingBrain + DynamiteHead explosion
BouncyGiraffe Hoof + DynamiteExplode your feet
FireworkPool Noodle + DynamiteTurn into a firework
Exploding SquirtsRotten Sandwich + DynamiteGet an exploding poo
PoppingBeans + DynamitePOP
SpeckledSpider + ChameleonRainbow colored warts
RagdollBrain + Rotten SandwichRAGDOLL
LimpPool Noodle + Rotten Sandwichbecome a limp
Slowing HoofGiraffe Hoof + Rotten SandwichWalk slower
Giant SquirtsGiant’s Ear + Rotten SandwichHUGE POO POO
Cloning FartsFairy + Rotten SandwichCloning Farts
BuirtsBeans + Rotten SandwichI don’t feel so well
InvisibleBrain + ChameleonTurn invisible
InvisibleBrain + Chameleon + BrainSpooky, no more head
LeggedGiraffe Hoof + SpiderGrow spider legs
MinionsFairy + SpiderHave spider minions
GhostlyBird + SpiderBecome a ghost
BananaBeans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + FairyBecome a gorilla
Loong HeadBrains + Beanslong head
High-heelGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe HoofWear high heels
DopplegangerYou + ChameleonBecome your neighbors
HeadwardsYou + BrainTurn your head upside down
Upside DownYou + Brain + YouTurn yourself upside down
WizardJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s HeadBecome Oz the Wizard
HeatseekingDynamite + Bird + DynamiteDangerous flying
SallyPool Noodle + Cleetus’s HatBecome earthworm sally
NuclearDynamite + Giant’s EarBe careful do not touch anything
LevitateBird + FairyLevitate
SkinnyGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + FairyBe skinny
RollingYou + Pool NoodleRolling
BouncyGiraffe Hoof + Dynamite + BeansBecome Bouncy
CrumblyChameleon + BeansBecome Crumbly
RobuxRobuxDrop a trail of Robux
EmpyreusRobux + BrainGet a Dominus Empyreus
LinkRobux + YouBecome the richest player
Hat-growerRobux + Giant’s EarGrow your accessories
BuxlyRobux + ChameleonBecome Rich
Robux PotionRobux + Giraffe HoofGet Korblox
SketchSketchBecome Sketch
JayingeeJayingeeBecome Jayingee
FlybuxRobux + BirdBecome a flying ROBUX Bird
PoorRobux + Rotten SandwichMake Robux potion
SquareRobux + FishMR KRABS!
Mr. RichCyclops EyePlease don’t fire any cannons at me…
GoldenRobux + FairyBecome a golden statue!
PremiumsaladPremiumSaladBecome PremiumSalad!
Invert PotionWitches BrewInvert the world!
VomitBeans + Witches BrewERGHERHEGUERHER
BroomFairy + Witches BrewFly on a broomstick!
PumpkinRobux + Witches BrewSUPER RARE PUMPKIN!
DetacherBrain + Witches BrewCATCH YOUR head!
CrowsBird + Witches BrewSummon your crow army…
SmellingPool Noodle + Witches BrewGrow a witch’s nose…
TruckGiant’s Ear + Witches BrewGet a BIGG BUTT!
WitchyYou + Witches BrewBecome Glinda the witch!
TwitchyRotten Sandwich + Witches BrewTWITCH TWITCH TWITCH!
Banging WartsDynamite + Witches BrewHave explosive warts!
RattySpider + Witches BrewBECOME A RAT!
Punchy PotionBoxing GlovesBig boxer
Hot-PunchChilli + Boxing GlovesPunch them on fire. WHO
Gravity-punch potionBird + Boxing GlovesAntigravity punching. Do
BRAINS-punch potionBrain + Boxing GlovesZombifying punching. YOU
Kaboom potionDynamite + Boxing GlovesPack an explosive punch. TRUST
BEANOCK potionBeans + Boxing GlovesPunch people into Beans
KnockPunch potionGiant’s Ear + Boxing GlovesPunch people away
Noodle ComboChameleon + Pool NoodleCombine for more noodle arms
SpaghettiChameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool NoodleSpaghetti Arms
Firey-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + ChilliFire Noodle Arms
Big-armsChameleon + Pool Noodle + Giant’s EarBIG Noodle Arms
NeonChameleon + Pool Noodle + Witches BrewNEON Noodle Arms

Chameleon + Pool Noodle + BeansBEAN NOODLE ARMS
BroomFairy + Witches Brew + DynamiteTroll potion, that explodes
Fancy ZombieRobux + Chameleon + BrainA very fancy zombie
LankyJustinLANKY BOX
SpidermanYou + SpiderSLING WEBS
Flame-rollingYou + Pool Noodle + ChilliFLAMING ROLL
Letss-gooo PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + YouDA BABY ARMS
Poisoonn PotionRotten Sandwich + Boxing GlovesPoison people with your punches
Headless PotionBird + BrainLose your head
Long Rat PotionSpider + Witches Brew + Pool NoodleBecome a long Rat
Oink PotionPet TagsGet a Pet Pig 🙂
Trunk PotionPet Tags + Giant’s earGet a pet Elephant
Creepy-crawly potionPet Tags + SpiderGet a pet Spider
Lizard potionPet Tags + ChameleonGet a Lizard pet
Snake potion 🐍Pet Tags + NoodleGet a pet Snake
Magical potionPet Tags + FairyGet a pet Unicorn
New Zealand potionPet Tags + Jandel’s Head Get a pet Kiwi

All Premium Potions & Their Recipes

There are 68 premium potions in the “Wacky Wizards” game and require a premium ingredient that needs Robux money to obtain.

Potion NameRecipeAction
FrozenFrozen EggBecome frozen
GodZeus’s BeardHarness the power of Zeus
RotationHat of GearsRotate your body
LeafyMagic SeedBecome one with nature
60’sMagic Seed + FairyGrow flowers wherever you go
AcceleratingZeus’s Beard + Giraffe HoofGetting faster and faster…
Air WalkBird + Frozen EggWHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT
BoomboxHat of Gears + Zeus’s BeardPlay music
BushyMagic Seed + ChameleonTurn into a hidden bush
DizzyHat of Gears + BrainSpin your head
FuseHat of Gears + Dynamiteyou don’t have much time
Hard asMasgic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of GearsTURN INTO ROCK
HeaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + BrainLet your friends sit on your head!
Human FlightZeus’s Beard + BirdFLY LIKE A BIRD
IceFrozen Egg + ChameleonBecome ice
InfectiousZeus’s Beard + Rotten SandwichInfect players around you with warts
JetpackHat of Gears + BirdCreate a jetpack
SaddleHat of Gears + Giraffe HoofLet your friends sit on your back
ShroomMagic Seed + Rotten SandwichGrow mushrooms wherever you go
StatueChameleon + Zeus’s BeardTurn players white
SlipGiraffe Hoof + Frozen EggSLLIPPPPERRRY
StumpedMagic Seed + Giraffe HoofGrow tree legs
SusHat of Gears + BeansSus
UnluckyZeus’s Beard + DynamiteThat’s unfortunate
WaterwalkingFish + Frozen EggWALK ON WATER
Rock BenderMagic Seed + Zeus’s BeardBend rocks to your will
TeleportationZeus’s Beard + FairyTeleport wherever your heart desires
MeteoriteZeus’s Beard + BeansFire bean meteorites
Flying PooHat of Gears + Bird + Rotten SandwichCreate a jetpack from poop
Clone ArmyYou + Magic SeedClone yourself
CavemanYou + Frozen EggBecome a prehistoric caveman
Size ControllerFairy + Giant’s Ear + Zeus’s BeardControl Your Size
Golden TreeRobux + Magic SeedGrow a golden tree
Bux WalkRobux + Frozen EggWalk on ROBUX
ThrobuxRobux + Hat of GearsMAKE IT RAIN ROBUX
GoldifyRobux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s BeardTurn players golden
DeathMagic Seed + Witches BrewGrow a dead tree
FloatingHat of Gears + Witches BrewWould you look at that, a floating hat
VehicleWheelTurn into a car
MonsterGiant’s Ear + WheelTurn into a monster truck
LimoPool Noodle + WheelTurn into a limo
Teeny WheelFairy + WheelTurn into a tiny car
Let’s GooBeans + WheelLet’s go!
Take OffBird + WheelTake off like a plane… kind of…
KachowZeus’s Beard + WheelKA-CHOW
Burning CarChilli + WheelBURNING
AntSpider + WheelBecome an ANT MOBILE!
RichRobux + WheelDrive this rich man’s car
ExplodespellZeus’s Beard + Witches BrewCast an explosion
Frozen-hit potionFrozen Egg + Boxing GlovesHit them cold
Shocking-hit potionZeus’s Beard + Boxing GlovesHit them with electricity
Icy-armChameleon + Noodle + Frozen EggFire Noodle Arms
FrozenFrozen Egg + Magic SeedBecome a Frozen Tree
Freeze-burnFrozen Egg + ChilliFreeze to death
Spinny legsGiraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of GearsSpin your legs
Melting potionFrozen egg + Witches BrewMelt into the abyss!
Sus-punch potionHatOfGears+ Beans + Boxing GlovesPunch people sus
Oink mount potionMountRide a Pig pet
Happy feet potionFrozen Egg + Pet TagsGet a pet penguin
Penguin mount potionMount + Frozen EggRide a penguin pet
Giraffe mount potionMount + Giraffe HoofRide a giraffe pet
Ssssssssssssss Mount potionMount + Pool NoodleRide a Snake pet
Lizzard mount potionMount + ChameleonRide a Lizzard pet
Spooky mount potionMount + SpiderRide a Spider pet
Giant mount potionMount + Giant’s EarRide an Elephant Pet
Unicorn mount potionMount + FairyRide a Unicorn Pet
New Zealand mount potionMount + Jandel’s HeadRide a Kiwi Pet

Hence, this is the list of all Wacky Wizards game’s normal and premium potions and their recipes. We add new potions every week when a new game update arrives.