Roblox Wacky Wizards All Potions & Recipes

The Roblox Wacky Wizards game is all about Potions and their Recipes. Players can search for different ingredients and make different potions in the game. However, every potion affects your body differently. There are two types of potions in the game…

  • Common Potions
  • Premium Potions

The common potions are absolutely free to everyone but you have required their recipes to make them. On the other hand, the premium recipes will unlock only when you have at least one premium ingredient of theirs.

There is a total of 313 both common and premium potions in the game currently. So here we will discuss all the potions and their recipes one by one.

How-To Make Different Potions In Wacky Wizards?

  • Every potions has its own recipe so you need to first find all ingredients to make a potion.
  • If you have all ingredients of their recipe then combine these different ingredients, for example to make a “Death Shrik” potion, players required (Chameleon + Fairybrew) ingredients.
  • Different ingredient combinations make different potion effects and add same ingredient to make your potion stronger.

Wacky Wizards All Potions & Their Recipes List

There are 208 common potions in the “Wacky Wizards” game, which are absolutely free…

#Potion NameRecipeAction
1Speedy PotionGiraffe HoofIncrease your speed
2Squirting PotionRotten SandwichUh no! Fart Fart!
3Noodley PotionPool NoodleGet yourself noodle arms
4Tiny PotionFairyMake yourself tiny
5Flounder PotionFishFlip like a fish
6Floating PotionBirdBecome lighter as a bird
7Explosive PotionDynamiteBoom
8Zombie PotionBrainBecome a zombie
9Warty PotionSpiderGet warts
10Camouflage PotionChameleonDo camouflage in your surroundings
11Giant PotionGiant’s EarBecome a giant
12Hot PotionChilliCatch on fire
13Beany PotionBenashmmm beanasssss
14Jandel PotionJandel’s HeadBecome a Jandel
15Foryxe’s PotionForyxe’s HeadBecome a Forex
16Cleetus PotionCleetus’s HatBecome a Flamingo
17Identity Theft PotionYouClone yourself
18Unresolved Size PotionFairy + Giant’s EarKeep getting smaller and bigger
19Enlarged Head PotionBrain + Giant’s EarEnlarge your head
20Tiny Head PotionBrain + FairyShrink your head
21Tall Potion PotionGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s EarMake your character taller
22Death Shrink PotionChameleon + FairyShrink yourself to death
23Leg Day PotionGiraffe Hoof + FairyGet tiny legs
24Wide Load PotionBeans + Giant’s EarGet wider
25Iron PotionPool Noodle + Giant’s EarGet big arms
26Long Neck PotionGiraffe Hoof + Pool NoodleLong neck
27Centipede PotionPool Noodle + SpiderBecome a centipede
28Digging PotionPool Noodle + BeansBecome a worm
29Rocket PotionDynamite + BirdBecome a rocket man
30Bald PotionBrain + ChilliBurn all accessories
31Fire Walking PotionBird + ChilliWalk on fire
32Fire Breathing PotionRotten Sandwich + ChilliBreath fire
33Swim PotionBird + FishSwim in the air
34Mermaid PotionFairy + FishBecome a mermaid
35Puffed PotionBeans + FishBecome a pufferfish
36Octo PotionGiraffe Hoof + Spider + FishBecome an octopus
37Air Jumper PotionBird + Giraffe HoofDouble Jump
38Bang PotionBrain + Giant’s Ear + DynamiteBang your head
39Ticking PotionBrain + DynamiteHead explosion
40Bouncy PotionGiraffe Hoof + DynamiteExplode your feet
41Firework PotionPool Noodle + DynamiteTurn into a firework
42Exploding Squirts PotionRotten Sandwich + DynamiteGet an exploding poo
43Popping PotionBeans + DynamitePOP
44Speckled PotionSpider + ChameleonRainbow colored warts
45Ragdoll PotionBrain + Rotten SandwichRAGDOLL
46Limp PotionPool Noodle + Rotten Sandwichbecome a limp
47Slowing Hoof PotionGiraffe Hoof + Rotten SandwichWalk slower
48Giant Squirts PotionGiant’s Ear + Rotten SandwichHUGE POO POO
49Cloning Farts PotionFairy + Rotten SandwichCloning Farts
50Buirts PotionBeans + Rotten SandwichI don’t feel so well
51Invisible PotionBrain + ChameleonTurn invisible
52Invisible PotionBrain + Chameleon + BrainSpooky, no more head
53Legged PotionGiraffe Hoof + SpiderGrow spider legs
54Minions PotionFairy + SpiderHave spider minions
55Ghostly PotionBird + SpiderBecome a ghost
56Banana PotionBeans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + FairyBecome a gorilla
57Loong Head Potion Brains + Beanslong head
58High-heel PotionGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe HoofWear high heels
59Doppleganger PotionYou + ChameleonBecome your neighbors
60Headwards PotionYou + BrainTurn your head upside down
61Upside Down PotionYou + Brain + YouTurn yourself upside down
62Wizard PotionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s HeadBecome Oz the Wizard
63Heatseeking PotionDynamite + Bird + DynamiteDangerous flying
64Sally PotionPool Noodle + Cleetus’s HatBecome earthworm sally
65Nuclear PotionDynamite + Giant’s EarBe careful do not touch anything
66Levitate PotionBird + FairyLevitate
67Skinny PotionGiraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + FairyBe skinny
68Rolling PotionYou + Pool NoodleRolling
69Bouncy PotionGiraffe Hoof + Dynamite + BeansBecome Bouncy
70Crumbly PotionChameleon + BeansBecome Crumbly
71Robux PotionRobuxDrop a trail of Robux
72Empyreus PotionRobux + BrainGet a Dominus Empyreus
73Link PotionRobux + YouBecome the richest player
74Hat-grower PotionRobux + Giant’s EarGrow your accessories
75Buxly PotionRobux + ChameleonBecome Rich
76Korblox PotionRobux + Giraffe HoofGet Korblox
77Sketch PotionSketchBecome Sketch
78Jayingee PotionJayingeeBecome Jayingee
79Flybux PotionRobux + BirdBecome a flying ROBUX Bird
80Poor PotionRobux + Rotten SandwichMake Robux potion
81Square PotionRobux + FishMR KRABS!
82Mr. Rich PotionCyclops EyePlease don’t fire any cannons at me…
83Golden PotionRobux + FairyBecome a golden statue!
84Premiumsalad PotionPremiumSaladBecome PremiumSalad!
85Invert PotionWitches BrewInvert the world!
86Vomit PotionBeans + Witches BrewERGHERHEGUERHER
87Broom PotionFairy + Witches BrewFly on a broomstick!
88Pumpkin PotionRobux + Witches BrewSUPER RARE PUMPKIN!
89Detacher PotionBrain + Witches BrewCATCH YOUR head!
90Crows PotionBird + Witches BrewSummon your crow army…
91Smelling PotionPool Noodle + Witches BrewGrow a witch’s nose…
92Truck PotionGiant’s Ear + Witches BrewGet a BIGG BUTT!
93Witchy PotionYou + Witches BrewBecome Glinda the witch!
94Twitchy PotionRotten Sandwich + Witches BrewTWITCH TWITCH TWITCH!
95Banging Warts PotionDynamite + Witches BrewHave explosive warts!
96Ratty PotionSpider + Witches BrewBECOME A RAT!
97Punchy PotionBoxing GlovesBig boxer
98Hot-Punch PotionChilli + Boxing GlovesPunch them on fire. WHO
99Gravity-punch PotionBird + Boxing GlovesAntigravity punching. Do
100BRAINS-punch PotionBrain + Boxing GlovesZombifying punching. YOU
101Kaboom PotionDynamite + Boxing GlovesPack an explosive punch. TRUST
102BEANOCK PotionBeans + Boxing GlovesPunch people into Beans
103KnockPunch PotionGiant’s Ear + Boxing GlovesPunch people away
104Noodle Combo PotionChameleon + Pool NoodleCombine for more noodle arms
105Spaghetti PotionChameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool NoodleSpaghetti Arms
106Firey-arms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + ChilliFire Noodle Arms
107Big-arms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Giant’s EarBIG Noodle Arms
108Neon PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Witches BrewNEON Noodle Arms
109Beanrms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + BeansBEAN NOODLE ARMS
110Broom PotionFairy + Witches Brew + DynamiteTroll potion, that explodes
111Fancy Zombie PotionRobux + Chameleon + BrainA very fancy zombie
112Lanky PotionJustinLANKY BOX
113Spiderman PotionYou + SpiderSLING WEBS
114Flame-rolling PotionYou + Pool Noodle + ChilliFLAMING ROLL
115Letss-gooo PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + YouDA BABY ARMS
116Poisoonn PotionRotten Sandwich + Boxing GlovesPoison people with your punches
117Headless PotionBird + BrainLose your head
118Long Rat PotionSpider + Witches Brew + Pool NoodleBecome a long Rat
119Oink PotionPet TagsGet a Pet Pig 🙂
120Trunk PotionPet Tags + Giant’s earGet a pet Elephant
121Creepy-crawly PotionPet Tags + SpiderGet a pet Spider
122Lizard PotionPet Tags + ChameleonGet a Lizard pet
123Snake Potion 🐍Pet Tags + Noodle Get a pet Snake
124Magical PotionPet Tags + FairyGet a pet Unicorn
125New Zealand PotionPet Tags + Jandel’s HeadGet a pet Kiwi
126New Zealand PotionPet Tags + Foryxe’s Head Get a pet Kiwi
127Armed PotionGiraffe Hoof + Spider + Pool NoodleGrow Spider Arms
128Bee disguise PotionSleepy BeeBecome a bee
129Honey PotionHoneyGet Covered in Honey!
130Onett PotionYou + HoneyBecome Onett!
131Buzzing PotionBird + HoneyGrow Bee wings
132Rushhh PotionGiraffe Hoof + Honey(SUGAR RUSH!!!)
133Honey Melt PotionChilli + HoneyMelt into honey
134Sweet-arms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + HoneyHoney flavored Noodle Arms!
135Rainbow-body PotionHoney + ChameleonTurn into a lovely rainbow!
136Buzz PotionHoney + Pet TagsGet a pet bee
137Queenly PotionHoney + RobuxBecome the queen bee
138Buzzy head PotionHoney + BrainGet a bee head
139Fire Farting PotionBeans + ChilliFire Farting
140Hot-noodles PotionEGGCANOGet pretty hot Noodle Arms!
142Cloneboom PotionYou + EggcanoPoor little clone!
143Flash PotionEggcano + Giraffe HoofRun like THE FLASH AHHHHH
144Exploding-bee PotionEggcano + HoneyA bee that explodes!
145Fireball PotionEggcano + BirdBecome a fireball!
146Flaming-skin PotionEggcano + ChilliMY SKINS ON FIRE
147Ssssssssssssssss PotionEggcano + DynamiteBecome a creeper!
148Hot-rich PotionEggcano + RobuxGet a dominus!
149Steamy PotionEggcano + FishTurn into a cloud of steam
150Melty PotionEggcano + Rotten SandwichTurn into lava
151Firebee PotionEggcano + Honey + YouTurn into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator!
152Cano PotionEggcano + Pool NoodleTurn into a small beancano
153Boxing PotionEggcano + Boxing GlovesKickboxing!
154Sticky-arms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + HoneyGet sticky arms!
155Glowing PotionEggcano + ChameleonGLOW IN THE DARK
156KSI PotionKSI [watch video]Become KSI
157Blood-sucking PotionBird + Fairy + SpiderGrow bat wings!
158Potion-arms PotionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head + Chameleon + Pool NoodlePotion Arms!
159How did u find this? PotionJandel’s Head + Foryxe’s Head + Chameleon + Pool Noodle + ChameleonRAINBOW Potion Arms!
160Fumblebottom PotionKaden [Watch Video]Become Kaden Fumblebottom
161Jellyfish PotionPool Noodle + FishGet a Jellyfish
162Bouncy-body PotionBrain + Rotten Sandwich + BirdBOUNCY BODY
163Sweetball PotionWitches Brew + HoneyThrow a honey ball
164Creepy hands PotionGiant’s Ear + YouGrow creepy hands
165Bean-man PotionBeans + KSIBecome the bean man!
166Frog PotionFrogBecome a frog!
167Frog-legs potionGiraffe Hoof + Frog (Grow Frog legs!)Grow Frog legs!
168Prince PotionYou + FrogBecome a cursed prince!
169Tadpole PotionFish + FrogBecome a tadpole!
170Thicc PotionGiant’s Ear + FrogGrow big legs
171Banging-feet PotionDynamite + FrogExplode when you jump
172Grapple-tongue PotionBrain + FrogUse your frogs tongue
173Hibernation PotionRotten Sandwich + FrogGo to sleep
174Infinite PotionFairy + FrogInfinite double jump
175Lilyjump PotionBird + Giraffe Hoof + FrogDouble jump and place a lily!
176Eyes PotionChameleon + FrogGrow eyes that stare at people… creepy…
177Bounce-high PotionBird + FrogJump higher!
178Lilypad-jumping PotionBird + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy + Frog + FrogJump on a lilypad infinitely!
179Frog-boxing PotionBoxing Gloves + FrogWart… Boxing… Gross…
180Wall walker PotionGiraffe Hoof + Frog + SpiderWalk on walls
181Eeely PotionPool Noodle + FrogMorph into an eel
182Bullet PotionGunA simple gun
183Dynamite slinger PotionGun + DynamiteSling dynamite!
184Giant-ray PotionGun + Giant’s EarShoot people with a giant ray!
185Flamethrower PotionGun + ChilliBURN PEOPLE!
186Bee-cannon PotionGun + HoneyFire bees!!!
187Shrink ray PotionGun + FairyMake people smaller!
188Beangun PotionGun + BeansFire beans
189Watergun PotionGun + FishSquirtttt
190Poopy-gun PotionGun + Rotten SandwichFIRE POOP
191Pig Launcher PotionGun + Pet TagsFire gurt
192Poison hair PotionGun + SpiderFire gurt
193Buxshoot PotionGun + RobuxFire Robux
194Cow disguise PotionCow HatDisguise yourself as a cow
195Alien Arms PotionChameleon + Pool Noodle + Alien ParasiteGet Alien Arms
196Martian Monkey PotionJandel’s Head + Alien ParasiteBecome a Martian Monkey
197Parasite PotionRotten Sandwich + Alien ParasiteAHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE
198Vapor PotionDynamite + Alien ParasiteGet vaporized
199Alien head PotionGiant’s Ear + Alien ParasiteGrow a big aliens head
200Eyeyyyy PotionFrog + Alien ParasiteGrow ALIEN EYES
201Legs PotionGiraffe Hoof + Alien ParasiteAlien Legs
202Neon PotionChameleon + Alien ParasiteBecome a bright green alien
203Zero Gravity PotionBird + Alien ParasiteLOSE ALL GRAVITY
204DNA Scramble PotionGun + Alien ParasiteDNA scrambler gun
205Alien-clone PotionYou + Alien ParasiteBecome who you touch
206Alien Eruption PotionEggcano + Pool Noodle + EggcanoSlime eruption
207Alien Baby PotionFairy + Alien Parasite BABABY REDACTED
208Alien PotionAlien Parasite Alien Parasite

Wacky Wizards All Premium Potions & Their Recipes

There are 106 premium potions in the “Wacky Wizards” game and require a premium ingredient that needs Robux money to obtain.

#Potion NameRecipeAction
1Frozen potionFrozen EggBecome frozen
2God potionZeus’s BeardHarness the power of Zeus
3Rotation potionHat of GearsRotate your body
4Leafy potionMagic SeedBecome one with nature
560’s potionMagic Seed + FairyGrow flowers wherever you go
6Accelerating potionZeus’s Beard + Giraffe HoofGetting faster and faster…
7Air Walk potionBird + Frozen EggWHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT
8Boombox potionHat of Gears + Zeus’s BeardPlay music
9Bushy potionMagic Seed + ChameleonTurn into a hidden bush
10Dizzy potionHat of Gears + BrainSpin your head
11Fuse potionHat of Gears + Dynamiteyou don’t have much time
12Hard as potionMagic Seed + Chameleon + Hat of GearsTURN INTO ROCK
13Headdle potionHat of Gears + Giraffe Hoof + BrainLet your friends sit on your head!
14Human Flight potionZeus’s Beard + BirdFLY LIKE A BIRD
15Ice potionFrozen Egg + ChameleonBecome ice
16Infectious potionZeus’s Beard + Rotten SandwichInfect players around you with warts
17Jetpack potionHat of Gears + BirdCreate a jetpack
18Saddle potionHat of Gears + Giraffe HoofLet your friends sit on your back
19Shroom potionMagic Seed + Rotten SandwichGrow mushrooms wherever you go
20Statue potionChameleon + Zeus’s BeardTurn players white
21Slip potionGiraffe Hoof + Frozen EggSLLIPPPPERRRY
22Stumped potionMagic Seed + Giraffe HoofGrow tree legs
23Sus potionHat of Gears + BeansSus
24Unlucky potionZeus’s Beard + DynamiteThat’s unfortunate
25Waterwalking potionFish + Frozen EggWALK ON WATER
26Rock Bender potionMagic Seed + Zeus’s BeardBend rocks to your will
27Teleportation potionZeus’s Beard + FairyTeleport wherever your heart desires
28Meteorite potionZeus’s Beard + BeansFire bean meteorites
29Flying Poo potionHat of Gears + Bird + Rotten SandwichCreate a jetpack from poop
30Clone Army potionYou + Magic SeedClone yourself
31Caveman potionYou + Frozen EggBecome a prehistoric caveman
32Size Controller potionFairy + Giant’s Ear + Zeus’s BeardControl Your Size
33Golden Tree potionRobux + Magic SeedGrow a golden tree
34Bux Walk potionRobux + Frozen EggWalk on ROBUX
35Throbux potionRobux + Hat of GearsMAKE IT RAIN ROBUX
36Goldify potionRobux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s BeardTurn players golden
37Death potionMagic Seed + Witches BrewGrow a dead tree
38Floating potionHat of Gears + Witches BrewWould you look at that, a floating hat
39Vehicle potionWheelTurn into a car
40Monster potionGiant’s Ear + WheelTurn into a monster truck
41Limo potionPool Noodle + WheelTurn into a limo
42Teeny Wheel PotionFairy + WheelTurn into a tiny car
43Let’s Goo potionBeans + WheelLet’s go!
44Take Off potionBird + WheelTake off like a plane… kind of…
45Kachow potionZeus’s Beard + WheelKA-CHOW
46Burning Car potionChilli + WheelBURNING
47Ant potionSpider + WheelBecome an ANT MOBILE!
48Rich potionRobux + WheelDrive this rich man’s car
49Explodespell potionZeus’s Beard + Witches BrewCast an explosion
50Frozen-hit potionFrozen Egg + Boxing GlovesHit them cold
51Shocking-hit potionZeus’s Beard + Boxing GlovesHit them with electricity
52Icy-arm potionChameleon + Noodle + Frozen EggFire Noodle Arms
53Frozen potionFrozen Egg + Magic SeedBecome a Frozen Tree
54Freeze-burn potionFrozen Egg + ChilliFreeze to death
55Spinny legs potionGiraffe Hoof + Fairy + Hat of GearsSpin your legs
56Melting potionFrozen egg + Witches BrewMelt into the abyss!
57Sus-punch potionHatOfGears+ Beans + Boxing GlovesPunch people sus
58Oink mount potionMountRide a Pig pet
59Happy feet potionFrozen Egg + Pet TagsGet a pet penguin
60Penguin mount potionMount + Frozen EggRide a penguin pet
61Giraffe mount potionMount + Giraffe HoofRide a giraffe pet
62Ssssssssssssss Mount potionMount + Pool NoodleRide a Snake pet
63Lizzard mount potionMount + ChameleonRide a Lizzard pet
64Spooky mount potionMount + SpiderRide a Spider pet
65Giant mount potionMount + Giant’s EarRide an Elephant Pet
66Unicorn mount potionMount + Fairy Ride a Unicorn Pet
67New Zealand mount potionMount + Jandel’s Head (Foryxe’s Head)Ride a Kiwi Pet
69Beed PotionZeus’s Beard + HoneySpawn Bee’s where you click
70Bee mount potionHoney + MountGet a bee mount
71Fire-statue PotionChameleon + Zeus’s Beard + EggcanoTurn players golden!
72Cauldron PotionMr. CauldronBecoming a working cauldron!
73Cannon PotionMr. Cauldron + DynamiteBecome a cannon and fire players out!
75Erupting PotionEggcano + Hat of GearsSummon a volcano!
76Beany PotionMr. Cauldron + BeansBecome a can of beans and let players eat!
77Pressing PotionMr. Cauldron + EggcanoDon’t let anyone touch!
78Landmine PotionMr. Cauldron + Giraffe HoofDrop a landmine
79Honey-walk PotionHoney + Frozen EggWalk on water with honey!
80Lava-walk PotionEggcano + Frozen EggWalk on water with lava!
81Blastoff PotionMr. Cauldron + BirdBecome a rideable rocketship
82Cooker PotionMr. Cauldron + ChilliCook people!
83Hot-air balloon PotionMr. Cauldron + Giant’s EarHot Air Balloon!
84Bouncy PotionMr. Cauldron + Pool NoodlePlace a trampoline!
85Fuser PotionMr. Cauldron + ChameleonFuse into players around you!
86Stickybomb potionHat of Gears + Dynamite + HoneyThrow a sticky bomb
87Car-seat potionMr. Cauldron + WheelBecome a car with seats for others!!
88Iced-skin potionEggcano + Chilli + Frozen EggHave frozen skin!
89Fuser potionMr. Cauldron + FairyEVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
90Lilypad-morph PotionMagic Seed + FrogMorph into a lilypad
91Control-jump PotionZeus’s Beard + FrogControl your jump height!
92Uni PotionHat of Gears + FrogRide a unicycle
93Airstrike PotionAirStrikeCall in an airstrike
94Shrink-beam PotionAirStrike + FairyHit people and shrink them to death
95Freeze-gun PotionGun + Frozen EggFREEZE PEOPLE!
96Bee-swarm PotionAirStrike + HoneyBee Swarm!
97Big-gun PotionAirStrike + Giant’s EarGet a very big gun!
98Gun-fire PotionAirStrike + GunFire guns… what?
99Freeze storm PotionAirStrike + Frozen EggCreate a storm that freezes players
100Throw nukes PotionAirStrike + DynamiteThrow nukes
101Fire napalm PotionAirStrike + ChilliFire Napalm
102IED PotionAirStrike + BeansSpawn a bean can IED
103UFO PotionAlien Parasite + WheelFly an UFO!
104Laser Strike PotionAlien Parasite + AirStrikeORBITAL STRIKE!
105Sus Gun PotionHat of Gears + Beans + GunSUS GUN
106Abduction PotionAlien Parasite + Wheel + AirStrikeAbduct people in PVP

This is the list of all Roblox Wacky Wizards’ common and premium potions and their recipes. We add new potions every week when a new game update arrives.

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