Roblox World // Zero Game Guide: Wiki, Script & Codes

World // Zero is an adventure and thrilling RPG game on the Roblox platform, created on 1/08/2019 by RedMantaStudio. It won the 2019 Bloxy Award for the “Best Use of Tech” and “Most Immersive Experience” game award for 2020. The game contains a lot of quests and many characters that you can play with. In this article, you’ll get all the information regarding the game and how can you level up to enter new worlds. However, the pets in the game provide much convenience to the player.

There are many pets in the Roblox World Zero game that you can equip. Every world of game contains different along with different abilities. To get these pets, players just need to purchase the eggs at the shop and hatch them. In spite of it, there are also some promo codes that you can use to get some free pets.

At the starting of the game, you’ll enter World 1 in which players must complete some quests. After completing them, the player is eligible to enter the second world. Each world has different quests and many surprises for the player. You can check quests and pets of every world below. There are many pets in the game that help you to win during the fight with different bosses and collect the golds and other rewards.

There are lots of weapons that you can equip in the World Zero game. Each of the weapon has a specific purpose that you can find out in the game. The longswords and the great axes are good for long ranges and greater damage. To get these weapons, players should complete their quests or missions. For more information, please check out our World Zero Weapons Tier List post.

Roblox World Zero Promo Codes

The World // zero promo codes are the simplest way to get free pets and cosmetics in the game. The following list is containing all active codes for the game…

Promo CodeDetailStatus
100MILPARTYGet 100 Crystals by using this codeActive
APRILFOOLSGet a Rock Pet by using this codeExpired
How To Redeem World Zero Codes
How To Redeem World Zero Codes

To redeem the codes in the game, players just have to press the “Tab” button. After that, click on the “Promo” button that’ll open a code menu. Enter the code and hit the “Redeem” button to get the free reward.

Game Updates & News!

🏹 Archer game update is here with lots of dungeon quests and new bosses…

  • The level cap raised to 90!
  • Dungeon 6-1 is here with King of the Sea!
  • PvP Arena added for level 40+!
  • Xbox bug fixes (party menu, playlist)

All Worlds in Roblox World // Zero Game

There are total of six worlds in the World Zero game. All the Worlds name and description is given below…

  1. Crescent Cove – World 1
  2. Embersky Jungle – World 2
  3. Glacier Valley – World 3
  4. Pharaoh’s Canyon – World 4
  5. Konoh Gardens – World 5
  6. Atlantic Atoll – World 6

Crescent Cove (World 1)

This is the first world that you’ll teleport at first. Here you’ll find some BoarWolf, crows, cobras, and many other insects as your enemies. You’ll get different quests or dungeons in this world that are given below…

World Zero Crescent Cove World 1
World 1

Defeat The Crabbage In Dungeon 1-1

In this quest, players have to collect the cabbage and kill the crabs. Firstly, the player will land up on a beach and find lots of crabs who have stolen the cabbage from the villager. The task is simple, the player must kill all the crabs and collect the villager’s cabbage. You’ll find this villager at the bridge where he says that the crabs have stolen his cabbage.

When you cross the bridge, there are toucans also along with the earth crabs. Kill them all and enter the cave where the remaining cabbage is placed. Make your way to the Crabbage who is the boss of this quest and must be killed for the completion of the quest. You’ll find lots of cabbage there, collect it all and return to the villager. After completing this quest, you’ll get 105 XP as a reward.

Scarecrow Defense (Protect the Wheat Farm)

In this quest, the player has to save a wheat farm scarecrow from the crows and cobras. These are damaging the villager’s crops, your job is to protect the scarecrows from them. Kill the crows and cobras to save the farm from their attacks. Many waves of the crows and cobras will come from the two dark caves. At last, kill the “Blackened Raven” who is the mission boss to complete the quest.

Defeat the Dire Boarwolf

This quest is quite easier than the previous ones. In the start, players have to kill some elite boarwolfs and move ahead. The player must kill the 15 elite boarwolfs first and then enter the next stage of the quest where there are more boarwolfs. At last, Dire Boarwolf will come and kill him to complete the quest.


This quest is a little bit difficult for beginners. You must invite some other players to complete this quest. Firstly, the player will spawn in a jungle and kill some crabs. In the next part, there are some villagers captured by the electric and earth crabs that you have to rescue. After rescuing the villagers, walk over the plank and jump.

Then you’ll find some volcano crabs and crabbages that you have to kill. After that, climb the hill where the crab party is going on and all the crabs are dancing with the “Crab King”. Take them out and after that kill the crab king. Killing the king is not going to be easy because it has some special abilities. The player must play a trick with the king that does not stand in front of it, so it will not burn you. Use your special powers and kill the king. For more descriptive detail, check out this video.

Gravetower Dungeon

Players will definitely find problems in this quest because it is the most difficult quest of this world. Before starting this one, invite your friends because there are many enemies like ghoul knight, toxic goo, tree guardian, etc. Firstly, the players will find out some ghoul knights that must be killed in order to complete the quest.

In the middle of your way, some tree guardians and toxic goo can be seen. Kill all of them and reach the final phase where you’ll find the two bosses. The boss “Corrupted Great Tree Ent” is very powerful and generates some tree guardians and ghoul knights. All the players must use their special powers to kill the boss. After the completion of the quest, the player will get 910 XP in total.

Embersky Jungle (World 2)

In this second world of the game, you’ll find new enemies like goblins, dangerous flowers, and bats. You’ll find some rocky hills and desert-type places in this world. Below are four quests that you have to complete in this world…

  • Temple Of Ruin (Defeat The Quillodile) – This dungeon is quite interesting as players will find some creepy flowers and insects. There are a mini-boss and one boss in this quest. Kill them all to complete this quest.
  • Mama Trauma (Kill The Goblins) – In this quest, you’ll find quillodiles, goblins, and flowers as enemies. Kill the two mini-bosses “Goblin Gatekeeper” and “Goblin Knight” to reach the final boss “Mama Quillodile”.
  • Volcano’s Shadow (Shadow Hunter) – There are many goblins in this quest along with the flowers and minions of Cerberus. The miniboss is “Goblin gatekeeper” and the boss is “Shadow Of Cerberus”.
  • Volcano Dungeon (Defeat the Cerberus) – This quest will surely frustrate you if you have lack patience. The Lava Golem and the bosses “Cerberus” & “Volcano Guardian are very difficult to defeat. The Golem has so much HP that any player will get angry. So, it is better to take your friends with you.

Glacier Valley (World 3)

As the name says, this world is full of ice and players can enjoy the winters because of the high-quality graphics. All the quests in this world are much difficult than the previous ones. You must invite some of your game friends to complete all the quests in this world. Below are three quests that you have to complete…

  • Mountain Pass (Defeat the Woolly Mammose) – Firstly, you’ll find some snow raptor and Crystal Spider that you have to kill. After killing them and the flowers, there is a frost Golem waiting for you. “Woolly Mammose” is the boss of this quest that is pretty hard to kill.
  • Winter Cavern (Kill The Alpha Raptor) – In this quest, players will find some snow raptors, goos, spiders. The main difficulty of this quest is the flowers that you’ll face. There are so many of them and also very difficult to defeat. The bosses are “Beta Raptor” and “Alpha Raptor“. Both of them are strong and provides great damage. Players must keep them away from each other to get less damage.
  • Winter Dungeon (Defeat the Dragon) – This quest contains a lot of snow raptors and crystal spiders. They will surely increase the difficulty level of the game. The “Castle Knight” is the mini Boss of the game and very difficult to defeat. The “Ice Dragon” is the final boss of the game that is very powerful. Players must apply some unique strategies to kill the dragon.

Pharaoh’s Canyon (World 4)

This world completely differs from the previous worlds as you can find some scorpions and tyrants. Here, you’ll land up in a desert-type place where a lot of quests and dangerous places are waiting for you. Below are three quests that you have to complete in this freak world…

  • Scrap Canyon (Tyrant Hunting) – A pretty easier quest that can be completed by killing some scorpions, cactus, and flowers. In the last of the quest, there spawns a boss “The Wasteland Tyrant” that you have to kill to complete the quest. There are chances of getting greataxe, ruined shield, swords, and armor after killing the boss.
  • Deserted Burrowmine (Defeat the Cactus and Scorpian) – In this quest, the players have to deal with cactus plants, flowers, and scarabs. The Rock golem of level 50 will take a lot of time to get killed. You must have a good weapon to kill that one. There are lots of weapons in the game, you can use them for faster attack & dodge. The “Buff Cactus” is the Miniboss and the “Sand Scorpion” is the boss of this quest. Greataxe, greatsword, longsword, and armor are the items that you can get after this quest.
  • The Pyramid (Dealing with Anibus – Trickster) – There are lots of Cobras and cactuses in this quest that’ll take a lot of time to deal with. The “Buff Cactus” that is the miniboss is also very difficult to kill. You can use throwable weapons or powers to deal with the cactus. “Anibus – Trickster of Titans” the boss of the Pyramid can play some tricks that might confuse you. You can get some great axes, longswords, or shields after the completion of the quest.

Konoh Gardens (World 5)

In World 5, players will find an all new-gaming experience in lava. There is a new task added in this quest that players can play along with the two bosses. Here, we’ll discuss it all that means the bosses and the quests too.

The Prison Tower Quest

In this quest, players will enter a place full of lava and flames. There are lots of enemies in this tower with a total of 15 floors. Each floor has a different type of mob that you have to deal with. On the top floor, there is a super dragon with lots of health where you must need some extra support. So, don’t forget to invite some friends before you go.

Apart from this, there are two bosses to defeat in the World 5 given below…

  • Big Blossom Tree (Boss 1) – This one is located in the center of the pink and orange trees. You’ll also find some crystal crabs when you start going towards it. Take some teammates for your help because the tree is very much powerful.
  • The Blue Goblin Gatekeeper (Boss 2) – The Goblin Gatekeeper is placed just near the red mansion on the riverside. This one is also very powerful to take out.

Atlantic Atoll (World 6)

In the world six, there are only two main quest that you can play. Both of them are very difficult and interesting also. So, let’s start.

  • Rough Waters – In this quest, you should kill the crabs and parrots in the first stages. After that, you’ll meet up with the boss “Davy” that is the king of the sea. he looks very much like a pirate and has arms like an octopus. Sometimes, it looks very funny. There are many toucans and parrots to protect the king that you must take out to kill him. After killing him, there are many chances to get a legendary weapon in the game.
  • Atlantis Tower – The longest run in the World Zero game is the Atlantis tower. You’ll find some toxic goo, toucans, etc on the first floors. On each floor, you’ll find some new enemies and creatures. Clear all of them and reach the top of the tower. When you reach the top, you have to fight with many bosses that are given below…
    • Mama Megalodlle
    • Pirate Crab
    • Siren
    • The Kraken (To kill the Kraken, the player must cut all its arms. It’ll lower the health of the Kraken and you can simply kill the Kraken.)

World // Zero Characters & Classes

There are many customizable characters in the World // Zero game that you can select. You can change the hair style, hair color, eyebrows, and body-color in the game. Each of the character has its specific skills and features. Here, we’ll discuss all the skills and their features.

World Zero Characters & Classes
World Zero Classes

Dual Wielder Class

In this class, the character skills are basic and provides a lower damage to the targets. Here are the skills and their info…

SkillsCooldown TimeDetail
Slash0 SecondsThe Speed of attack will increase
Combat Rhythm12 SecondsAttacking speed increases
Dash Strike6 SecondsDouble damage with two swords
Cross Slash8 SecondsAttack the enemy in a cross format
Blade DanceChanges with LevelProvides a great damage to the enemy

Paladin Class

In this class, player can also use a shield while attacking. It’ll safeguard the player and takes less damage. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillsCooldown TimeDetail
Slash0 SecondsAttacks with a great damage
Block2 SecondsBlocks the enemy attacks
Guilded Light15 SecondsHeals you and your teammates
Light Thrust8 SecondsSword will light up and damage will increase
Ring Of JusticeChanges with LevelThe sword light will heal you while attacking

Elementalist Class

The characters in this class uses the different elements such as flame, ice and water to provide huge damage. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillsCooldown TimeDetail
Ice Needle0 SecondsShoots Ice Needle
Icicle Field6 SecondsAttack through ground
Fireball10 SecondsA heavy fireball attack
Lightening Strike15 SecondsA lightening spell will provide damage underground
StormChanges with LevelTarget the enemies and shoots meteor shower

Mage Of Light Class

In this class, the player gets a character that has a ability to emit light to target the enemies. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillsCooldown TimeDetail
Light Seeker0 SecondsShoots the light to the target
Healing Circle15 SecondsIt makes a healing circle that heals player and mates
Infused light1 SecondsHeavy damage light orbs
Barrier15 SecondsIt’s like a shield protection
GraceChanges with LevelBoth attack and heal

Guardian Class

Players that select a guardian class will get a great attack speed and damage. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillsCooldown TimeDetail
Slash0 SecondsNormal Damage and speed
Aggro Draw16 SecondsHelp in Focus on Enemies
Rock Spikes 6 SecondsRock needles will come out from ground and give damage
Slash Fury8 SecondsMany hits at a single time
Sword PrisonChanges with LevelTarget will lock inside a prison and get damage

Berserker Class

If you are an Axe loving person then you must choose the berserker class. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillCooldown TimeDetail
Slash0 SecondsBasic axe attack
Aggro Slam5 SecondsAttacks enemy with waves
Giga Spin7 SecondsIncreased axe speed and damage
Fissure10 SecondsMore ground damage
RageChanges with LevelThis will make a fire around the target

Demon Class

This one is a unique class because you’ll need 100 class tickets to get this one or either 800 Robux. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillCooldown TimeDetail
Monster Slash0 SecondsAttack enemy with dark energy
Demonic2 SecondsIncrease damage and attack two or more enemies at same time
Scythe Throw5 SecondsMore damage done with swings
Life Steal8 SecondsHeal you and damage enemies
Demon PrinceChanges with LevelMost powerful skill and take no damage

Dragoon Class

The Dragoon class characters can also be purchased with 800 Robux like the Demon class or with 100 class tickets. Here are the skills and their details…

SkillCooldown TimeDetail
Dragon’s Claw0 SecondsProvides damage to selected targets with arrows
Infinity Strike6 SecondsDragon shadow goes and attack the enemy
Dragon Wrath6 SecondsMultiple waves and chain will damage
Dragon Slam8 SecondsA dragon will evolve and attack the enemy
Dragon DanceChanges with LevelKills all the enemies with a huge damage

Roblox World // Zero Cash and Currency

In the world zero game, there is one basic currency “Gold” that you can use to purchase new eggs, and other items in the game. To earn this gold, complete the quests or kill the insects roaming there.

Other than this, there is another main currency in the game that is “Crystal“. You can use this currency to purchase some premium and legendary items and cosmetics in the game. Only way to get these crystal cash is to purchase them with Robux. Below is the list of crystals price in the World // Zero game…

  • 500 Crystals – 200 Robux
  • 1000 Crystals – 400 Robux
  • 2000 Crystals – 800 Robux
  • 4400 Crystals – 1600 Robux

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