Roblox World Zero Weapons Tier List

In this article, you’ll get a complete list of all weapons in the World // Zero game along with description. There are lots of weapons that you can find in different worlds. Each of the weapon has different power and ability to attack the enemy. Some weapons also have some superpowers and available at specific places.

World 1 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes, you can equip in the World 1…

Battle Greataxe4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Blazimg Sun Greataxe215320Greataxe
Blooming Staff2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Brass Sword5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Bronze Shortsword11-60Increases with levelShortsword
Crimson Blade22-15Increases with levelLongsword
Crystal Staff25138Staff
Dark Scythe315Increases with levelScythe
Enchanted Staff4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Farmers Scythe11-60Increases with levelScythe
Gladiator Greataxe211250Greataxe
Hookblade Greataxe1399Greataxe
Mechanical Blade41-15Increases with levelLongsword
Razor31-15Increases with levelLongsword
Rise Eagle2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Roseglass Sword31-15Increases with levelLongsword
Ruby Staff3399Staff
Spider Staff5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Splinter Greataxe315320Greataxe
Steel Greataxe11-60Increases with levelGreataxe
Stell Greatsword1Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Sunlight Staff2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Void Slayer512-15Increases with levelLongsword
Winged Spear1Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelSpear
Wretched Scythe515Increases with levelScythe

World 2 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes that you can equip in the World 2 of the Roblox World Zero game…

Astral Staff220403Staff
Blade Fury412-30Increases with levelLongsword
Crystal Greataxe327512Greataxe
Crystal Greatsword4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Crystal Longsword312-30Increases with levelLongsword
Darkblade Greataxe31-60Increases with levelGreataxe
Fanged Greataxe4Not specifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Forest Staff2Not specifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Jeweled Greataxe418371Greataxe
Justice312-30Increases with levelLongsword
Leaf Scythe130Increases with levelScythe
Lion Greataxe5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Quilled Scythe330Increases with levelScythe
Sacred Greatsword221420Greatsword
Silent Edge2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelLongsword
Slicer Greatsword4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Spire Slayer526-30Increases with levelLongsword
Steel Wheel221420Greataxe
Wicked Staff426497Staff
Widowmaker4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelLongsword
Winged Staff3Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff

World 3 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes that you can equip in the World 3 of the World // Zero game…

Cerberus Staff527-81Increases with levelStaff
Claw of Winter540-45Increases with levelScythe
Coldsteel Greataxe233597Greataxe
Coldsteel Longsword126-45Increases with levelLongsword
Crescent Staff2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Dark Ice Greaysword339675Greatsword
Flowering Staff442711Staff
Frozen Greatsword233597Greatsword
Frozen Longsword426-45Increases with levelLongsword
Glacier Edge540-45Increases with levelLongsword
Glacier Longsword326-45Increases with levelLongsword
Golden Greataxe4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Golden Greatsword4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Icebreaker Greataxe3Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Icemaker Staff2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Icy Scythe145Increases with levelScythe
Obsidian Greatsword236637Greatsword
Permafrost5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Pink Scythe3Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelScythe
Pink Longsword226-45Increases with levelLongsword
Snowflake Staff1Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Snowstorm5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Will O the Wisp545746Staff
Winged Axe2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe

World 4 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes that you can equip in the World…

Frenzy440-60Increases with levelLongsword
Greatsword of Ruin5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Jaded Scythe3Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelScythe
Jagged Longsword340-60Increases with levelLongsword
Lava Light Blade4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelLongsword
Red Blast1-550Increases with levelStaff
Ruby Greataxe1-553Increases with levelGreataxe
Ruby Greatsword4Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Ruby Longsword240-60Increases with levelLongsword
Sand Dune1-550799Greataxe
Sand Hill140-60Increases with levelLongsword
Sand Scythe160Increases with levelScyte
Sand Spear 11-60Increases with levelSpear
Slated Greatsword2Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword
Snake Staff3Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelStaff
Scarabs Staff560891Staff
Swift Blade140-60Increases with levelLongsword
Talon Axe1-556857Greataxe
Titanslayer555-60Increases with levelLongsword
Travelers Sword 350799Greatsword
Winged Sword1Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreatsword

World 5 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes, you can equip in the World 5…

Blossomfield5Not SpecifiedIncreases with levelGreataxe
Fiery Eye560-75Increases with levelGreatsword
Fury Scythe155-75Increases with levelScythe
Fury Spear17590Increases with levelSpear
Ignition560-75Increases with levelScythe
Infernus Teeth560-75Increases with levelLongsword
Spirebane527-81Increases with levelGreatsword
Torchblazer Spear560-75Increases with levelSpear

World 6 Weapons list

The following list contains all the weapons and scythes that you can equip in the World 6 of the World // Zero game…

Amethyst Greatsword370-85Increases with levelGreataxe
Amethyst Spear 370-85Increases with levelSpear
Atlantic Longsword460+Increases with levelLongsword
Blossomfield470-85Increases with levelGreataxe
Corrupted Trident570+206Spear
Crestwater Spear41-90Increases with levelSpear
Cyclone Staff370-85Increases with levelStaff
Deeptrench570-85Increases with levelLongsword
Opulent Longsword370-85Increases with levelLongsword
Sirens Song570-90Increases with levelBow
Squidbane570-90Increases with levelScythe
Venomshard Axe370-90Increases with levelGreataxe
Waterfly Staff470-85Increases with levelStaff
Waterwhisp470-90Increases with levelScythe

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