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Want to become a famous YouTuber? That has lots of “YouTube” play buttons like silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Then the Roblox YouTube Simulator is a game where you can become a popular YouTuber. It was created on 5/24/2021 and developed by “@indieuns” which is a popular YouTuber in real life and he made this game with his YouTube experiences.

How-To Play YouTube Simulator Game?

First, you start the game and look around for what to do now right? So don’t worry we are here to guide you with this game.

  • Open the game and look just at the bottom of the screen where you see a red color phone.
  • Now pick up the phone and start recording some videos by clicking the left button of the mouse or you can also press “E” to start recording.
  • By default, you have 250 memory cards to record your videos and each recording will take one memory card to store.
  • Now you have recorded too many videos, click on the “To Studio” button to enter the studio room. Where you can process or edit your recorded videos. However, you can also enter other player’s studios to check out their computer systems.
  • On the bottom left side of the screen, there is customize button. You can use this to customize your floor and wall by putting in more computers, sofas, and chairs.

YouTube Simulator Buildings!

There is a total of six buildings in YouTube Simulator games and each of them has a different motive. Here is the list…

  1. Studio Building
  2. Item Shop
  3. Music Building
  4. Moms House
  5. Dads House
  6. Upgrades Building

Studio House

The Studio, where you can edit and process your recently recorded videos. Players can easily identify the Studio house because it has a red color YouTube icon on its top part. There is a customization button inside the studio that allows players to customize the studio’s wall and floor using acquired cosmetic items. You can also place multiple computers for a faster video editing process. Your channel’s “views” and “subscriber” depends upon how much video editing process you have done. For this, you need lots of memory cards to store more videos for further processing.

Item Shop

An item shop is a place where players can purchase lots of cool cosmetic items that are required to customize the studio house. The item shop contains items like chairs, sofas, tables, studio foams (compress the noise), green screens, lights, microphones, potted plants, and other decoration items.

Music Building

The music building is a place where you can record your song. The players can make a song once every 2 hours. To make a song, enter the house first and then click on the computer, where a Skelton guy working on it. Then hit on the “make song” button to make a song.

You’re Moms House

The mom’s house is a haunted place, where you win many paid cosmetic items by taking participating in a slot machine wheel game. But it needs some tokens to win any item. There is a violet color scary Skelton guy that tells you how to get tokens for free. As he said, you need to get the best computer first. Then meet him at the back of the upgrade store and then he will give you 5 tokens for it.

You’re Dads House

The Dad’s house is also a haunted and scariest place, where rains and lightning fall every time. In “Dad’s house”, players can make different potions that will boost their video editing and recording speed.

Upgrades Building

Here players can upgrade their camera units to record many videos clips per click and computer system for a better video editing process. The game has lots of in-game items that help players to customize their studio’s look. However, each item isn’t free, you need to spend some game cash to buy them. From the item shop, you can purchase items like chairs, sofas, microphones, lights, and other customizable items. And from the “Upgrades” shop, players can buy the best camera sets and computer devices.

How-To Win In-Game Items?

There are lots of items in the games like chairs, internet sticks, speed soda, speedy energy, Cameras, and computers. While these are paid items you need to pay some Robux money and lots of game money.

You can win these items free by playing a slot machine wheel game. The slot machine is located at the center of the game where you can spin it about 9 Robux per spin.

What Are Speedy Soda & Super Energy?

These are the backpack items and work as a game booster. The speedy soda can record video faster for 120 seconds. where “Super Energy” booster makes your video editing super fast for 120 seconds.

How To Get Speedy Soda?

To get speedy soda and other super energy drinks by recording more videos and earning them as a reward. But there is an alternative to this. Players can also get soda drinks by redeeming game codes that offer in-game items like booster drinks, cash, and other rewards.

Take a look at all currently active YouTube Simulator Codes for free rewards…

Super CoolGet Diamond Plaque
sprintIncrease Your Speed
BLOO1x Blue Soda Drink
FREEGREEN1x Super Energy Drink
FREERED1x Speedy Soda Drink
MilkMil Box
OBESEMake you a fat bunny
ROOBYBUTTONEarn a YouTube ruby button
Spongeb0bGet 100x Sponge
minigunGet a minigun camera item
DOUBLEJUMP [Expired]Double Jump

How-To Earn Free Money & Rewards?

There are two ways, you can earn money in the game, which are…

  1. Using Robux
  2. By using a super energy drink

Spent some Robux to get free game money. The super energy drink also helps you to earn money faster by editing video at a faster rate. You may claim one reward every 15 minutes, you are in the game and there are no other methods are available to earn free rewards in the game. Yes, you can use game codes to get some exclusive rewards and items.

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