Roblox Zara Larsson Launch Party Experience

Sony Music makes collaboration with Roblox to launch a new music album “Poster Girl” of the Swedish pop star “Zara Larsson“. At this music launch party, players can get many free cosmetic items such as hats, back-pack, bundles, and more.

Game Description: Join pop star Zara Larsson at her Swedish lake house for an exclusive performance and Q&A in celebration of the release of her new album, Poster Girl: Summer Edition. The party starts at 4 PM PDT on Friday, May 21st and will re-air throughout the weekend.

You can explore whole “Zara Larsson” experience with lots of quest like…

  • 🛥️ Race boats around the lake
  • 👠 Have a fashion show in Zara’s closet
  • 👗 Dress up your avatar in Zara-inspired merch
  • 🕺 Hit the dance floor with emotes inspired by Zara

Zara Larsson Launch Party Free Items

You can get two “Zara Larsson Launch Party” items for free….

  1. Poster Girl Record – Zara Larsson
  2. ZZZ Headband – Zara Larsson
  3. Sleepy Pajama Top – Zara Larsson
  4. Sleepy Pajama Pants – Zara Larsson

Poster Girl Record

The “Poster Girl Record” is a back-pack accessory, you can get almost free from Roblox store.

Poster Girl Record - Zara Larsson

ZZZ Headband

The “ZZZ Headband” is a free hat accessory from the Zara Larsson launch party. However, these two items will not stay free forever so get them as soon as possible.

ZZZ Headband - Zara Larsson

Zara Larsson Launch Party Scavenger Hunt Mission

In the Scavenger Hunt, players have to collect the 10 cosmetic items at the Launch Party event. All these items are scattered around the party event. We have mentioned all the items along with their locations. Collect all of them and make your way to get the white glowing Lotus flower.

Make-up PalletConcert – Living Room
Zara’s GlassesCloset
Zara’s Floatie Pool
Ramen DishLounge’s Kitchen
Zara’s Bedroom KeyConcert Backyard
Water BottleNear The Garden Fountain
Zara’s ShoesIsland Dock
EarringsOther site of the Island

Zara Larsson Launch Party Quiz

After the scavenger hunt, players have to answer few questions regarding the Zara Larsson. Below are all questions with their answers that you should know…

  1. What was the debut single of Zara’s latest album?
    1. Answer: Love Me Land
  2. What was the title of Zara’s latest album?
    1. Answer: Poster Girl
  3. What color is Zara’s hair
    1. Answer: Blond
  4. What is Zara’s Favorite App?
    1. Answer: Instagram
  5. What is Zara’s Zodiac Sign?
    1. Answer: Sagittarius
  6. What is Zara’s first UK Number 1?
    1. Answer: Symphony
  7. Where is Zara Larsson from?
    1. Answer: Stockholm
  8. What was Zara’s debut single?
    1. Answer: Lush Life
  9. What Talent Show did Zara Larsson win?
    1. Answer: Sweden’s Got Talent
  10. Who Did Zara Collaborate with on “Never Forget You”?
    1. Answer: Mnek

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