Roblox Zombie Strike Beta Game Codes [DUAL WIELD]

Roblox Zombie Strike codes give you items like pets, gems, coins, and gold. While using these items you can buy or gain special weapons and power during the game-play. This is the game where some bad zombies want to kill you.

Active Zombie Strike Codes List

Below is the list of all available and active Zombie Strike codes we have at this moment. Therefore, redeem these codes and get a large amount of Gold currency…

  • ARENA – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • COWBOY – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • COOL – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • EVIL – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • goblin – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • LOOT – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • PRIZE – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • STRIKE – Reward < 1,500 Caps
  • TRANSRIGHTS – Redeem code for a Powerful Weapon Voucher
  • ZOMBIE – Redeem code for a Powerful Weapon Voucher

Note:- If you playing this game for the first time then you will need to progress through the first level before using any codes from the above list.

Expired Codes

  • PET – Redeem this code and receive 1,000 Pets Currency

How To Redeem Roblox Zombie Strike Codes?

How-To Redeem Zombie Strike Codes?

If you want to redeem codes in zombie strike to gain some gold and other free items. Then follow the given instruction down below…

  1. Firstly, when you enter the game look out for blur Twitter icon right side of your screen.
  2. Now a screen will be open and says ” Enter code” as you see in the given picture.
  3. Just enter your code that you want to redeem and hit the green submit button.
  4. Hurrah! you redeemed your code

Roblox Zombie Strike [DUAL WIELD❗] New Update

Roblox Zombie Strike has met with an all-new update with new locations added which are amazing. The ability of the zombies is also upgraded which makes them stronger.

There is also the addition of new weapons and skins in the game. In the new version, players can also team up with other players and smash zombies together.

Every new wave carry stronger zombies and also large in number. One new zombie is added to the game that have special power. It can attract players towards it and cause more damage. So, it is better to kill them all in group. Call up your friends and kill all the freaky zombies.

So this is the end of “Roblox Zombie Strike codes” post. For more game codes please check out our Roblox Game codes post.