Roblox Science Simulator Codes List Wiki 2021

Research and Diamonds are the main currency of the Science Simulator game. The NeedForGaming presenting active Roblox Science Simulator codes for rewards like currency boost, extra luck, and shiny boost. Invest your research to hatch secret pets and become the scientist who has the most research ever.

All Active Science Simulator Codes List

Take a look at the active list of codes for the science simulator game. Therefore, redeem these codes for an extra currency boost.

AndGrowMore!Get 10 hours of x2 currency boost
BigBoiMapGet 20 minutes of shiny boost
FastClicksGet 10 minutes of clicking
FreeBirthGet 1 free rebirth
FrontPage!Get 10 hours of x2 luck boost
HugeLuckGet 60 minutes of x2 luck boost
isightdobeluckyGet 45 minutes of 2x shiny boost
Joshui11HasCheeseGet 2x shiny boost for 45 minutes
LetsKeepGoingGet 2x shiny boost for 10 hours
MasterClickerGet x2 currency boost for 60 minutes
MysteriousMountainsRedeem this code for mysterious reward
NelGet x2 currency boost for 10 minutes
Sorry!Get x2 currency boost for 20 minutes
ThankYouGet x2 currency boost for 3 hours
WikiasGet x2 luck boost for 20 minutes
WeHitOurGoalGet x2 luck boost for 10 hours
WonderLandRedeem this code for 20 minutes of clicking

Roblox Science Simulator Wiki

In the science simulator game, your main mission is to gain lots of “research”, which is a virtual currency to buy pets and rebirth. You can increase research by clicking on your mouse or use a Roblox auto clicker to gain it. There are a lot of pets in this game that also helps, you to increase more research currency.

However, don’t miss to join and like the game group to get a free pet like rare, legendry, and epic. There are many different worlds in the game where you can visit and find rare eggs and pets.

  • Faded mountains World
    • Required 1m Research
  • Winter Tundra World
    • Required 2.5B Research
  • Candy land World
    • Required 1T Research
  • Tropical lobby world
    • Required 1qd Research