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The Shindo life is a role-playing game (RPG) in which players have a lot of abilities with a customizable avatar. The developers “RellWorld” released this game on November 27th, 2020.

However, before its name was “Shinobi Life 2” in which you could also roam different worlds and unlock abilities. It was based on a fighting simulation and released on January 1st, 2020 by Rell Games. You are able to unlock different abilities that your avatar owns. In this post, you will get all the essential information about the game that you must know.

But on November 27, 2020, RellGame changed the game name to “Shindo Life” due to some DCMA issues. Now its name is “Shindo Life” and there are other changes made to this new game. This time RellGame brings new characters, weapons sounds, and game maps. However, the gameplay will be the same as Shinobi life 2.

The Shindo Life is based on the Naruto character that we all know. Places in the game are very much similar to the old Naruto game. All the villages have different locations with different types of quests to do. The different thing in this game is the characters and their abilities. They are much different from the previous version of the game “Shinobi life 2”. In this Shindo Life wiki, we’ll also discuss all the important terms of the game that you must know.

The main abilities of the game are…

  • Elements
    • In this game, you can use a total of five elements as your superpowers. Each element has its unique moves and styles of attacking your opponent.
  • Bloodlines
    • A lot of bloodlines are there in the Shindo Life game. You need to reach the required level for each bloodline. These bloodlines also have a cooldown time in which they recharge.
  • Ninja Tools
    • Ninja tools are the basic items that you can use to attack your opponents. All these tools provide different damages to the enemies and require some specific level.

All Game Modes In Shindo Life

As we know, Shindo life is an RPG-based game that has different modes to play.

Note: Most of the given modes are similar to previous game modes of the Shinobi Life 2 game except the “WorldX” and “Competitive” mode.

Shindo Life Game
  • Main RPG Mode (Play Mode)
  • Story Mode
  • Arena Mode
  • ArenaX Mode
  • War Mode
  • Competitive Mode
  • WorldX Mode

Main RPG Mode

In this mode, players can enter the different villages on the map and complete different quests, and level up. There are some specific villages that you need to unlock by leveling up. Other villages are free to select that you can visit anytime and complete tasks there. You can also practice in the villages and discover new abilities for the avatar.

Story Mode

In the story mode, you’ll understand the motive behind the game. This will help you in completing all the tasks easily. You can find it while scrolling the main menu. Firstly, you need to join the CC of Shinobi life 2 to play the story mode. Most of the players do not know how to join the cc in the game. It is quite a typical task because you have to join different communities of Rellgames.

How To Enter the Story Mode?

To enter the story mode, join all the groups of the Shindo Life and Rell World games. Here are the links to the groups that you must join to enter the story mode…

  1. Rell Games – Link
  2. Rell World – Link
  3. Shinobi Roleplay – Link
  4. <NRPG> Kirigakure – Link
  5. <NRPG> Konohagakure – Link
  6. <NRPG> Sunagakure – Link
  7. <NRPG> Iwagakure – Link
  8. <NRPG> Kumogakure – Link

Arena Mode

This is a cool mode in the game in which you can defeat different players and practice your abilities. In the mode, you’ll spawn at a place where a number of players are fighting to gain more skills. You can defeat players to gain some points. Be careful of low health, if you die then the whole match will start again. You can also select different players like naruto and master their abilities. There is also a practice area in this mode where you can practice with dummy players.

ArenaX Mode

There are three options in this mode: Free-For-All, Death-Match, & Elimination. When you start the game, everyone is free to select the mode they want to play. The one mode among the three that got the most votes will be selected with a specific map. After that, you have to help your team to win and defeat other players. Do not fight with more than one player at a time because it’ll be easy for them to knock you out.

War Mode

Players having level 400 or more can play this mode of the game. In the war mode, you have to protect the Hokage mansion from the white “Zetsus”. There are different rounds in the war that you have to play. You need to kill all the enemies to win the round. A boss will appear after five rounds and if you lose any round then the whole progress will start from round 1. After completion of each round, you’ll get more than 5,000 HP to your avatar and you have to kill more Zetsus. There is a maximum of 6 players in a single match.

Competitive Mode

This is the most difficult mode to play in the game. In this mode, the player gets few lives and has to complete very difficult quests. If you don’t have some good elements or ninja tools then you should not enter this mode.

WorldX Mode

This mod is very much similar to the previous game mode. The change is only that if you die in this mode then all your progress will have vanished, and you have to start again.

All Locations In Shindo Life

Roblox Shindo Life Game Map
Shindo Life Map

Here are the locations and villages that you can find on the Shindo Life map. However, there are many unique items and ninja tools that spawn in these villages. Visit other worlds in the game and upgrade your skills by taking training from masters. You can also take quests from the wandering villagers and gain more points. In this game, you are also allowed to climb on the walls and jump from them. It will increase your points and level up faster.

  1. Ember Village
  2. Dunes Village
  3. Obelisk Village
  4. Storm Village
  5. Nimbus Village
  6. Haze Village
  7. Training Grounds
  8. Forest Of Embers
  9. Dawn Hideout
  10. Tempest village
  11. The Great Narumaki Bridge [New Village]

Ember Village

It is also known as Leaf Village. Ember is the best village to complete quests and level up your characters. This is also the most visited village by the players because you can easily find all the things in the game.

Dune Village

This is also known as Sunagakure or Sand Village. One of the important villages in the Shindo Life game and is very good at completing quests. You can easily find all the important locations easily and level up your avatar.

Obelisk Village (Rock Village)

This village is mostly covered by trees and rocks. If you are here to level up your character and complete quests then, believe me, you are at the wrong place. You’ll find the quests far away from one another, that’s really frustrating.

Nimbus Village (Cloud Village)

This village is good for roaming but not for completing quests. There are no good paths in this village, so it can take some time to move from one place to another.

Haze Village (Mist Village)

The village is covered with most of the fog and there is very low visibility here. You can also complete some quests in the city of haze. One fact that you may like in this game is a vegetable plantation on the roofs of the buildings.

Training Grounds

It is an open ground like a place where you can practice and attack other players. Be alert of other players because you can also get attacked or killed. Players who are interested in such types of fights then they must enter these training grounds.

Forest Of Embers

To enter this player, one should be at level 300 or more. This place is also a PVP area where players can fight with one another and perform different abilities.

Dawn Hideout

You can visit this area by purchasing the Dawn membership and 1000 or having a private server ID. This is also a PVP area with some wooden logs over there. You can also train your character there for higher levels and powers.

Tempest village (Storm Village 2.0)

The “Tempest” village is the remastered version of the Storm village or you can say Storm village version 2.0. This is the first village in the Shindo life game that has some realistic graphics effect and we are gonna witness to see many future villages could look like this. The “Tempest” itself is the richest country than the “Storm Village” because it has big modernized buildings, large shops, vibrant lights, and an underground sewage system which makes it the best village in the Shindo life game.

If we talk about its surroundings then there are lots of trees, brides, rivers, and open lands that make it a more nature-friendly village in the game.

The Geat Narumaki Bridge

The great “Narumaki” bridge is a part of the village named “Naramuki” which is the newest village in the “Shindo life” game. It is a village with three islands below the “haze” village. When you enter the village for the first time, you will find yourself located below the “Narumaki” bridge, that’s why the village’s name is “The Great Narumaki Bridge” village. Like other “Shindo Life” game villages, the Narumaki has its own town and buildings where you can walk and take many game quests from different NPCs.

What Are Free Rewards In Shindo Life?

As we know, Shindo life is an RPG game in which you must have some unique abilities to survive. To get some of them, you need to spin the bloodlines and elements. So, there is a separate section for free rewards in the game. You’ll get free spins and Ryo’s in this section after every ten minutes. If you are seeking some more rewards then you can use the Shindo life youtube codes.

What Are “YouTube Codes” In Shindo Life Game?

The Shindo Life codes aka “YouTube Codes” are specially designed redeemable codes from “RellGame” to provide some free spins and other rewards. Where the “Spin” is a virtual currency that is used to shuffle the Kekkei-Genkai list, which is now the Bloodline List and Element List to unlock lots of abilities in the game. For one shuffle you need only one spin currency, use it until you find the best ability power.

The players must need spins to change their power and abilities. The main purpose of these codes is to make the game more reliable for users. Because these codes help you in unlocking different abilities for your avatar.

As a Shindo Life game player, you may also be curious about how to get these codes for free. The game developer itself provides these codes on their official Twitter handle page as well as on the YouTube channel.

What Are “Spins” in Shindo Life?

The Spins play the most important role in Shindo Life as game currency. They are required to change the different abilities of the player’s avatar or character. To change the ability or the elemental power of Avatar then you have to spin the list. You can purchase these spins from the store in the game. There are also YouTube codes that can provide you with free spins.

What Are Ninja Tools?

The Ninja tools are those weapons in Shinobi life 2 that are used in fighting and defense situations. Some Ninja tools are throwable and some are not, which means only a few of them can be used as air weapons.

What Happened To Shinobi Life 2 Game!

As a fan of Shinobi Life 2, we are very upset about its shutdown. Roblox deleted this game from its game store on November 20, 2020, due to some copyright issues. According to “RellGame”, which was the real developer of the Shinobi Life 2 game we are going to shut down this game. They stated that the main reason why Roblox remove our game is the name, NarutoRPG. Where NarutoRPG was the name of their official game group now they changed its name to Rell World.

It was the copyright of VIZ Media who is the owner of Naruto the anime series. Viz Media owns the real English Publishing Rights for this Naruto anime series. That’s why Roblox takes a strike on this game and removes it from their server.

This is the end of the Shindo life game wiki and if you want more info about it then please contact us.

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