StoneCutter Recipe: How To Make StoneCutter In Minecraft

Hello there! Welcome to the post “StoneCutter Recipe In Minecraft” that’ll guide you to make a stone cutter. You may find a problem in crafting some building blocks that can help you in making houses. For that, you’ll need a stone cutter. In this post, you’ll get a perfect guide that will help in making the stonecutter.

Required Items For StoneCutter Recipe In Minecraft

You need to collect the following items firstly to craft the stonecutter. Below is the list of items required for the recipe…

  • Crafting Table
  • Furnace
  • Iron Bar
  • Stone

Firstly, you need to make a crafting table for easy crafting of the Stonecutter. On the table, you can add the items and craft the cutter. You also need to make a furnace for crafting items to make the cutter.

Collect some iron ore from the mines or mountains in Minecraft. Get the ore to the furnace and craft the iron bars by burning the iron ore. After that, collect some cobblestone and make a stone with it. You can make a stone with the help of a furnace. If you have the pickaxe then you can directly get the stone from the cobble ore.

Steps To Make the Stone Cutter

Follow the given steps to make the stone cutter in less time…

  • First of all, open the crafting table in the game.
  • Select the iron bar from the inventory and place in the middle of crafting table.
  • Now select the stone and add three stones in the bottom row of the table.
  • The stone will act as the base of the stone cutter.
  • After that, you’ll find the Stone cutter as result in the crafting table.
  • Pick and drag the Stone cutter to your inventory.
  • Your stone cutter is now ready to use. Craft anything you want to and make beautiful buildings.

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