Where To Find Quartzite in Grounded

This post will help you Where to find Quartzite in Grounded. It is not so difficult to find in the game but you need to know its locations where you can find it. We are going to tell you all these locations which will lower your effort to find it.

Firstly let me tell you what Quartzite is. It is a kind of stone which will help in repairing your tools and high-level crafting. When you use the Pebblet tools then it will decrease your tool’s health. So, you need to repair it with Quartzite.

Places To Find Quartzite in Grounded

Places To Find Quartzite in Grounded

There are many places or locations in Grounded map to find Quartzite. We will discuss all these places here and how can you get Quartzite there.

Firstly, you need to craft a Pebblet Hammer to breakdown the stone into small pieces. If you don’t have one, craft the hammer first. You can simply craft it by going to the crafting menu.

If you have the hammer already let’s move to the places where you find the Quartzite…

The Mite Cave

It is the first place where you can reach easily and get Quartzite. This cave is near the laser and the laser cord also leads to it. Go in there and break the stone into small pieces of Quartzites.

Ant Hill

You can also find the Quartzite here but it is a little risky place because of the presence of the soldier ants. These ants will attack you when you enter their cave and can even kill you. You can kill these ants with the help of Pebblet Axe.

Abandoned Ant Hill Location In Grounded

It is also a good place to find Quartzite because there are a small number of ants over there. Enter the cave and find Quartzite.

Spider Cave

The most dangerous place to find Quartzite because when the spiders will see you, they will not shake hands with you. They will attack and tear you apart if you go near them. So, collect the Quartzite as fast as you can and get out from there.

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