Why Do Cheat Codes Exist In All GTA Games?

First of all, you need to know why GTA game’s cheat codes exist. Are you know that the Rockstar North itself released all cheat codes for its game series. It’s annoying but that’s true because when the developer’s team develops a game they need to test all AI functionality of the game engine before an official release.

These tests are very useful in order to tackle some serious game bugs and glitches. That’s why game developers create cheat codes during game development.

Why do we use cheat codes in GTA games?

Now let us talk about why we use cheat codes. If I said as a normal gamers then we use cheats because we want to enjoy the game and complete all levels as soon as possible.

But sometimes players are stuck in some serious pretty hard game levels and they want to get rid of such levels. That’s why we use cheat codes in the GTA series.

How To Use Cheat Codes in GTA Games?

Players frequently also ask how to use cheat codes in GTA Games. It is a little different due to the introduction of the mobile phone. You just need to take out the protagonist (Nico’s phone in GTA 4) and type the numeric cheat code.

Points to be remembered before using cheat codes in all GTA games…

  • Always save your progress in-game before using any cheat code.
  • If you use Cheat Codes without saving the game then you will not the mission achievement.
  • Don’t save the game while a cheat code is active, it can corrupt or can cause damage to your game files.
  • To deactivate any cheat code in-game, just re-enter the code and it will be deactivated.
  • Also, remember that some codes can’t be deactivated. In that case, just quit the game and restart.

Below is the list of GTA game series according to their chronological order…

  • GTA 1 – Grand Theft Auto 1 was the first game in the GTA series world. It was released in 1997 on PS1 and Windows Ms-Dos OS. And we aren’t providing any cheat code for GTA 1 because everyone moves from their old console and all PC users currently running Windows 7 or above. That’s why there is no sense to provide cheats for GTA 1.
  • GTA 2 – GTA 2 has a similar scenario to GTA 1, it was released in 1999 on PS1 and Windows OS. But on this date, you can’t play it on other Windows OS due to expired software certifications and program compatible issues. However, you can play this game on PS1 if you have still otherwise you won’t. Therefore, there is no sense to provide Cheats for GTA 2.
  • GTA 3– GTA 3 is one of the most famous action-adventure games in the GTA game series. In this game, players need to enter all cheat codes directly into the game window.
  • GTA SanAndreas – To activate cheat codes in GTA SanAndreas enter the code on your keyboard and check the topmost left corner of the screen. If a message appears with “Cheat is activated” then you have activated your recently entered code.
  • GTA 4 – In GTA 4 just use Nico’s phone and enter the numeric code to activate the cheat that you want.
  • GTA 5 – Like GTA 4, the GTA 5 cheat code mechanism is similar. Just use your protagonist’s phone and enter the numeric code to activate the cheat that you want.

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