Roblox Why Don’t We Guide: How To Get Pink Lotus?

With the release of the new album of “Why Don’t We” band, they are celebrating the launch party on Roblox. The name of this event is “Why Don’t We launch party” in Roblox. You can join the event and collect some pretty items like “Fan Hand Sign” and “Pink Lotus“.

Why Don't We Launch Party Free Items
Pink Lotus & Fan Hand Sign

The ‘Fan Hand Sign‘ is a free back-pack accessory and you can collect it by entering the game itself. Roblox provides it free for its user to promote “Why Don’t We” team.

But for the “Pink Lotus”, you have to complete the three tasks or activities at the Launch Party. We’ll discuss all the three tasks here that you must complete getting the Pink Lotus in the game.

Below are all tasks that you must complete to get the “Pink Lotus” shoulder item in “Why Don’t we”…

  1. Why Don’t We Scavenger Hunt
  2. Why Don’t We Launch Party Quiz
  3. Obstacle Course (Minigame)

After completing each task, the player will get some points that’ll lead them to the “Pink Lotus” item.

Roblox Why Don’t We Scavenger Hunt

In the Scavenger Hunt, players have to collect the 7 musical instruments at the Launch Party event. All these instruments are scattered at the party event. We have mentioned all the instruments along with their locations. Collect all of them and make your way to collect the Pink Lotus.

Music InstrumentLocation
Acoustic GuitarIt is placed just outside the mansion near the pool
Bass GuitarThis one placed in the bedroom on the first floor
DrumsDrums are placed at the center of the Living Room
Electric GuitarYou can get this one in the kitchen
KeyboardIt is in the backyard of the house
SpeakerIt is near to the musicians of Why Don’t We Band
MicrophoneThis one is placed at the dining table on the ground floor

Why Don’t We Launch Party Quiz

After the scavenger hunt, players have to answer few questions regarding the Why Don’t We band. Below are all questions with their answers that you should know…

  1. What is Jack’s middle name?
    1. Dean
    2. Robert ✔
  2. What song from The Good Times and The Bad Ones sampled Kanye West & Daft Punk?
    1. Fallin’ ✔
    2. Love Song
  3. What was the last song the band wrote off of The Good Times And The Bad Ones?
    1. Love Song
    2. Fallin ✔
  4. How many instruments can Daniel play?
    1. 15
    2. 20+ ✔
  5. What fake hotel did Why Don’t We do a music video at?
    1. Lotus Hotel
    2. Lotus Inn ✔
  6. What town is Jonah from?
    1. Stillwater, Minnesota ✔
    2. Fastwater, Montana
  7. What star sign is Zach?
    1. Gemini ✔
    2. Tauras
  8. What song from The Good Times and The Bad Ones was written as the closer for a live concert?
    1. Lotus Inn ✔
    2. Grey
  9. How old was Corbyn when he started playing guitar?
    1. 12 ✔
    2. 15
  10. Which track from The Good Times and The Bad Ones featured a string orchestra?
    1. Gray ✔
    2. Be Myself
  11. What day did the band form?
    1. Sept. 27, 2016 ✔
    2. Sept. 27, 2017
  12. What does Why Don’t We say every night before going on stage?
    1. This is only the beginning ✔
    2. Zach, Your Fly is Down
  13. What band does Why Don’t We most idolize?
    1. The Beatles ✔
    2. The Rolling Stones

Why Don’t We Obstacle Course | Minigame

Roblox Why Don't We Obstacle Course
Why Don’t We Obstacle Course

After completing the Scavenger hunt and the quiz, you’ll unlock the Minigame. When you enter the minigame circle, you’ll teleport to the Obstacle Course. Move to the starting line and the course will automatically start and there appears a timer on the screen. The less time you take to complete the course, more the points you’ll earn.

There are many obstacles on your way like car crossing, glowing puddles, and broken pipes. Make your way to the finish line and teleport back to the Launch Party. After that, open your bag and equip the beautiful “Pink Lotus” shoulder item.

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