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The Roblox YouTube Simulator Codes aka secret codes, help players to play the game more easily. But they also give you many in-game items like a booster, cash, and other rewards for free.

Active YouTube Simulator Codes

Take a look at all currently active YouTube Simulator Codes for free rewards…

Super CoolGet Diamond Plaque
sprintIncrease Your Speed
BLOO1x Blue Soda Drink
FREEGREEN1x Super Energy Drink
FREERED1x Speedy Soda Drink
MilkMil Box
OBESEMake you a fat bunny
ROOBYBUTTONEarn a YouTube ruby button
Spongeb0bGet 100x Sponge
minigunGet a minigun camera item
DOUBLEJUMP [Expired]Double Jump

How-To Redeem Codes?

To redeem codes in the Roblox YouTube Simulator Classic game isn’t a difficult task. The one thing you need to know is that enter each code as mentioned above. If you write them in lower or upper case as they are then they will not work.

  • First, open the game and look out for the “Twitter” icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Hit the icon and a secret codes redemption window will be open.
  • Now enter the code and hit the submit button to redeem the code for a reward.

How-To Earn Free Money?

There are two ways, you can earn money in the game, which are…

  1. Using Robux
  2. By using a super energy drink

Spent some Robux to get free game money. The super energy drink also helps you to earn money faster by editing video at a faster rate.

MoneyRobux Required

How-To Earn Free Rewards?

You may claim one reward every 15 minutes, you are in the game and there are no other methods are available to earn free rewards in the game. Yes, you can use game codes to get some exclusive rewards and items.

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