YouTube Simulator Items Tier list

The “YouTube Simulator” has lots of in-game items that help players to customize their studio’s look. However, each item isn’t free, you need to spend some game cash to buy them. From the item shop, you can purchase items like chairs, sofas, microphones, lights, and other customizable items. And from the “Upgrades” shop, players can buy the best camera sets and computer devices. For additional information, please visit our “Roblox YouTube Simulator Game Guide” post.

YouTube Simulator All Cameras Tier List

There are lots of phones and cameras in the game, you can use them for better video quality. So here is the list of all cameras you can purchase for better video recording. To purchase a new camera, you need to spend some game money. If you don’t have enough money to purchase camera items then use our YouTube Simulator Codes for some free cash.

Camera DeviceAbilityPrice (Game Money)
iPhoneIt gives you one video per clickFree
Ancient CameraIt gives you 2 videos per click$48
Standard CameraIt gives you 3 videos per click$108
Fold CameraIt gives you 5 videos per click$174
Photo CameraIt gives you 9 videos per click$210
Hold CameraIt gives you 16 videos per click$279
Video CameraIt gives you 29 videos per click$773
Old CameraIt gives you 50 videos per click$2,510
Box CameraIt gives you 88 videos per click$6,160
Stick CameraIt gives you 154 videos per click$10,882
Ball CameraIt gives you 471 videos per click$16,673
Large CameraIt gives you 825 videos per click$37,712
Lava CameraIt gives you 1,444 videos per click$126,160
Log CameraIt gives you 2,527 videos per click$338,295
Laser CameraIt gives you 4,422 videos per click$654,719
Ice CameraIt gives you 7,738 videos per click$915,727
Space CameraIt gives you 13,541 videos per click$1,047,290
Aqua CameraIt gives you 23,697 videos per click$1,871,485
XRAYIt gives you 41,469 videos per click$6,120,356
InstagramIt gives you 72,571 videos per click$17,811,257
Handled CameraIt gives you 126,999 videos per click$37,719,505
Camera GunIt gives you 222,248 videos per click$57,497,173
Jungle CameraIt gives you 388,933 videos per click$66,954,371
TelescopeIt gives you 680,633 videos per click$96,365,642
Ray CameraIt gives you 1,191,108 videos per click$286,750,908
Luv CameraIt gives you 2,084,439 videos per click$894,832,961
StapelerIt gives you 3,647,769 videos per click$2,072,243,147
Lazer CamIt gives you 6,383,569 videos per click$3,451,355,212
Insane Camera 3000It gives you 11,171,292 videos per click$4,240,377,328
Super Bot XIt gives you 19,549,761 videos per click$5,231,356,330
Alien CameraIt gives you 34,212,052 videos per click$13,120,681,063
Sun CameraIt gives you 59,871,144 videos per click$42,919,675,085
Weird Guy Eating CameraIt gives you 104,774,502 videos per click$108,571,070,368
Extreme 200It gives you 183,355,379 videos per click$197,808,997,803
Blue RayIt gives you 320,871,913 videos per click$261,580,410,590
Ultimate TuberIt gives you 561,525,848 videos per click$298,980,276,618

All Microphone Tier List

Now you have your best camera setup, you want to for better video quality. But all the best cameras need a good microphone to record better sound quality. So here is the list of all microphones, you can purchase in the upgrade and items house.

Basic MicrophoneIt gives you 269 videos per click$14,040
Microphone with standThis item allows you to speak into it$200,000,000

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