About Us

NeedForGaming (NFG) is a gaming community website, which provides game reviews, guides, a wiki, and other gaming information. It was released on 2nd July 2020. Our main goal is to provide easy game guides. That helps users to complete difficult game missions without wasting their valuable time.

We provide popular game guides like Roblox, Fortnite, GTA, Minecraft, Pokemon Go, etc. Here you will find the easiest tips for the various games and other useful additional information that helps indeed.

However, you can mail us and comment on your game query and we will help you very genuinely. If you have some other questions about this website and about us then feel free to contact us because we are here only for your assistance.

Kingslayer – Site Creator & Admin

Kingslayer (Yogesh Yadav) is the Creator of NeedForGaming and he is a content writer and a good SEO knowledgeable man. He has also created many different sites over the past years, some of them still work and some of them have expired.

Kingslayer loves to play video games in his free time with his friends. He is a pro gamer and loves to play battlefield-action games like COD, PUBG, GTA, etc.

Kingslayer’s favorite AAA game titles of all time:

  • Prince Of Persia (POP) Trilogy
  • Max Payne Trilogy
  • Alan Wake 2010
  • Assassins Creed Series
  • GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Series
  • Call Of Duty (COD) Series
  • Need For Speed Game Series
  • Sniper Elite Series

Loveneet Sharma – Content Writer On NeedForGaming

Loveneet aka “Mr. No-Body” is a full-time content writer on this website and has new ideas in his mind all the time. He just completed his studies and got into blogging with Kingslayer. He is now working great in creating content and going smoothly with it.