Roblox Banana Eats Codes Not Expired 2022

Our Roblox Banana Eats Codes will help you to get some exclusive banana skins, which make your banana character more stylish and interesting.

Active Banana Eats Codes

Take a look at the currently available, not expired banana eats codes for free rewards. If you find any code not working then please leave a comment down below.

  • 400MILLION – Get Sinister Gold Banana Skin [New Code]
  • NEWMAP – Get Dr. Beacon Banana Skin
  • PINK – Get a Pink Chocolate Beacon Skin
  • SNOWY – Use this code for Snowflack Beacon Skin
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS – Use this code for a free exclusive Banana Skin

Inactive Banana Eats Codes list

The given codes do not work for you anymore…

  • 300MILLION – Free exclusive Banana Skin
  • 200MILLION – Free exclusive Banana Skin
  • BANANASPLIT150 – Free Peel Beacon
  • BIGUPDATES2021 – Free Snow Peel Skin
  • BANANALOVES – Free “Beacon” Skin
  • BANANAISHERE – Free Party Peel Skin
  • BUGOFF – Free Coins
  • CHOCOLATE – Free Chocolate Skin
  • FANCYPANCAKE – Get a Waffle Beacon
  • FREEBEANS – Reward < Use this code for free Banana Skin
  • FREELOOT – Reward < Use this code for free 200 coins
  • FREECOINS – Use this code for free bonus coins
  • HAPPYBIRTHDAY – Use this code for free Happy Birthday Banana Skin
  • SNOWDAYS – Reward < Use this code for a free Snowman Banana Skin
  • SPARECHANGE – Reward < Use this code for 50 free Coins
  • 100MILLION – Reward < Use this code for a free Beacon
  • BOONANAEATS – Reward < Use this code for a free Peel skin
  • 15KFOLLOWERS – Redeem this code for a Blue Moldy Banana
  • LUCKYBEACON – Reward < Use this code for free BEACON Skin
  • LUCKYPEEL – Reward < Use this code for free “Lucky Peel” Skin
  • MORECOINS – Redeem this code for free coins currency
  • NEWMAP – Reward < Use this code for free coins in Banana Eats
  • DIPPINGINTOINSANITY – This code was for “Dipped Banana Beacon” item
  • FREECOINS – This code was for 100 free Banana coins currency
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE – Redeem this code for a Sparkle Teal Beacon
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR – It was for a Code Purple Beacon
  • THEGOLDENPEELS – For a free Golden skin
  • NEWMAPSOON – Free Canned Peanuts Beacon Skin
  • QUARTERBILLION – Use this code for free exclusive Banana Skin

How To Redeem Banana Eats Codes?

Redeeming codes in the Banana Eats game is very easy…

Redeem Banana Eats Codes
  1. First of all, look for the green “Twitter” codes button on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Click on the button and enter any of the above codes in the code redemption box.
  3. At last, Hit the redeem button and enjoy the free rewards such as skins, traps, and coins.

Latest Game Update!

  • Dr. beacon skin!
  • New Map: “Musa Medcenter” by @MsDatzky!
  • Peeled High School, Banana’s Backrooms, and Garbage Graveyard have been updated!
  • New Beacons and Bananas!

About The Game!

The Banana Eats is a hunter game in which you are either a hunter banana or a survivor. If you make a killer banana then look for the survivor team and then eat them all to gain some free coins.

While if you become a Survivor then make sure to complete your all puzzle task before you hunt down by killer banana. You can survive from killer bananas using escaping from tiny doors or by using your beacon. Beacon tells you that the killer banana is nearby.