Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes List 2022

Looking for the active and valid Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Codes for May 2022 then you are at the right place. You can redeem these codes to get free rewards like honey, blueberries, jelly beans, gumdrops, and even free tickets. These rewards will help you in leveling up your bees boost and purchase items to collect more pollen. The Bee Swarm Simulator is a popular game in Roblox in which you grow your swarm of bees, collect pollen, and make honey. You have to explore from mountain to mountain to get new bees and find hidden treasures.

Active Bee Swarm Simulator Codes List

Take a look at the active Bee Swarm Simulator codes list for free rewards…

  • DarzethDoodads – Get 1x 1 Red Balloon, 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Tropical Drink, 1x Jelly Beans, Stinger, 3x Tickets, 30 minutes of Clover Field Code Buff, and Coconut Field Code Buff. [New Code]
  • ThnxCyasToyBox – Get 1x (Pink Balloon, Marshmallow Bee, Smooth Dice, Jelly Beans, Micro-Converter, Cloud Vial, and Whirligig), 3x Pumpkin Patch Boost Code Buff. [New Code]
  • FourYearFiesta – Get 5x Wealth Clock, 4x Sunflower Seeds, 4x Cactus Field Boost, 4x Micro-converter, 4x Sunflower Field Boost, 4x Bitterberries, 4x Blueberries, 4x Honsuckles, 4x Moon Charms, 4x Pineapples, 4x Strawberries, 4x free Tickets, 10x Blue Boost, 10x Haste, 10x Red Boost, 10x Precision, 10x White Boost,15x Cactus Field Winds, 15x Sunflower Field Winds, 1x (Atomic Treat, Hard Wax, Loaded Dice, Marshmallow Bee, Neonberry, Pink Balloon, Super Smoothie, Tropical Drink, and White Balloon).
  • walmarttoys – Get 1x Marshmallow Bee, 1x Field Dice, 3x Micro-Converters, Activate 4x Pineapple Patch Boost, Activate Pineapple Patch code buff for 30 minutes, Activate 10x Pineapple Patch winds, Activate Super Smoothie, and Wealth Clock.
  • 10mMembers – Get 10x Neonberries, 10x Strawberries, 10x Blueberries, 10x Pineapples, 10x Sunflowers Seeds, 10x Gum Drops. 10x moon charms, Activate “Black Bear Morph”, and Activate Conversion boost.
  • MondoOutage – Get 1x welcome pack, 3x Micro-convertor, 10x moon charms, 1x Neonberry, 1x Marshmallow Bee, Activate mountain top field code buff, activate “purple Potion” [New Code]
  • 1MLikes – Get 1x Ticket, 1x Treat, 1x Bitterberry, 1x Sunflower Seed, 1x Strawberry, 1x Blueberry, 1x Pineapple, 1x Moon charm, 1x Cloud Vial, 1x Ant Pass, 1x Field Dice, 1x Micro-Converter, 1x Coconut, 1x Stinger, 1x Gumdrops, 1x Honey, and all fields boost.
  • Banned – Get “Stubborn Bee” Jelly and Buff
  • PlushFriday – Get 1x Marshmallow Bee, Neonberry, and Micro-Converter
  • WordFactory – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “White flower field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • Millie – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “Red flower field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • Troggles – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “Clover field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • Luther – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “Blue flower field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • CarmensAnDiego – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “Rose field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • Dysentery – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates “Mushroom field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • JumpStart – Get +17 pronged cogs, free candies, and activates the “Dandelion field code buff boost for 30 minutes.
  • Mocito100T – Get 1x > Coconuts, Coconut Field Boost, and Capacity, Gumdrops, Inspire, and Stingers.
  • Nectar – Get 5,000 Honey
  • 500mil – Get 1h Conversion Boost, 3x Bamboo Field Boost, 5x Field Dice, 2x Stump Field Boost, 5x Gumdrops, 5x Jelly Beans, 5x Wealth Clock, and Science Bear Morph.
  • BeesBuzz123 – Get 1x Cloud Vial, 5x Gumdrops, 3x Jelly Beans
  • Buzz – Redeem this code to get 5,000 Honey
  • ClubBean – Get 2x Magic Bean, Pineapple Patch Boost
  • ClubConverters – Redeem this code to get 10x Micro-Converters
  • Discord100k – Get 1x Marshmallow Bee Buff, and 1x Rose Field Boost, 3x Pine Tree Forest Boost and 3x Gumdrops, 300% Pine Tree Forest Pollen, 3x Spider Field Boost, 3x Jelly Beans, 3x Moon Charm, and 3x Tickets
  • Cubly – Get 1+ Bumble Bee Jelly, Capacity Code, +10 Bitterberries, and +1 Micro-Converter
  • GumdropsForScience – Redeem this code for 15x Gumdrops
  • RedMarket – Get a Pepper Patch Boost, Capacity, and Market Boost

Bee Swarm Tickets Codes List

  • 38217 – Get 5 Tickets
  • Bopmaster – Get 5 Tickets
  • Cog – Get 5 Tickets
  • Connoisseur – Get 5 Tickets
  • Crawlers – Get 5 Tickets
  • Roof – Get 5 Tickets

Expired Codes List

The given codes will not work for you anymore…

  • 3YearParty – Rewards > Atomic treat, +5 field dice, +5 Micro-Convertors, +1 Marshmallow Bee, +1 Glitter, +1 Red Extract, +1 Blue Extract, +1 oil, +1 Enzymes, and +1 Box-O-Frogs.
    • History: “Onett” released this promo code to celebrate Bee Swarm Sim’s 3rd 🎂 birthday on 21 March 2021 and was available until March 28th.
  • 4MilMembers
  • 5mMembers
  • BigBag
  • BillionVisits
  • BlackBearMythic
  • BlackFriday
  • Bopmaster
  • Buoyant
  • ClubCloud
  • FestiveFrogs
  • FuzzyFarewell
  • FuzzyReboot
  • Gumaden10T
  • JollyJelly
  • Leftovers
  • Market
  • Marshmallow
  • Nectar
  • PineappleParty
  • RebootFriday
  • RebootPC
  • SecretProfileCode
  • SpaceReboot
  • Strawbeary
  • Sure
  • Teespring
  • Tornado
  • Valentine
  • Wax
  • Wink
  • WikiHonor
  • WikiAwardClock
  • WintersEnd

How To Redeem Bee Swarm Simulator Promo Codes?

Want to redeem codes in the Bee Swarm Simulator then follow the given instructions carefully…

  1. Firstly, open the game and click on the gear icon as you see in the above picture.
  2. You can find it easily just by looking between the Badge icon and the Dollar sign shopping bag.
  3. Now copy your code from the above codes list and past it into the “Enter Code” field and then click on the redeem button.

About The Game!

In the Bee swarm Simulator game world, you have to collect pollen from flowers and make honey with the help of bees. But in the real world, honey is made by nectar, not by pollen but this is Roblox, anything is possible.

Bees perform a major role in the game by collecting pollen from different flower fields and then converting it into sweet honey. As you travel further up in the mountain, the fields tend to have larger with larger flowers. Those fields can let you collect pollen twice or even three times as fast. White pollen produces honey with a neutral flavor, but that makes it a great blank state when mixing up artisanal honey.

Bee Swarm Simulator FAQ!

How To Get Free Tickets?

There is a ticket shop in the shop where you can purchase tickets for the game. You can buy eggs and other things in the game that help to increase your honey. When you do the task of the black bear or any other bear then it’ll also give you some tickets. It is not mandatory that every time you can get tickets from the bear.

How To Boost Random Field To Get More Pollen?

There are many fields in the game where you can collect pollen. Some fields also have some bugs that’ll hit you when you enter their fields. The level of the bugs and pollen will increase as you get more bees and unlock higher fields. Sometimes you have to complete tasks given by the bears in which you have to collect a large amount of pollen from small fields. This field contains less amount of pollen. So, you need to boost up the field by using “Field Dice” It will boost up the random field by 100% and let you collect more pollen.

What Is The Favorite Food Of Bees?

There is no particular favorite food for the bees. It depends on you what you feed to your bees. You can give them treats, berries, and strawberries to eat. If you have the red bee then take care of that one because the red bee likes to eat all the time.

How-To Increase your bond with bees?

Use the different treats like strawberry, pineapple, Moon Charm, and treat pies to increase your bonds with bees. You can also take your bees to their favorite flower fields and let them collect the pollen. It also increases your bond with the bees.

How To Transform Common bees into Epic, Rare, and Legendary?

Once you have purchased the basic egg from the shop. It will allow you to hatch a common bee egg. But before it, you need to have a Royal jelly in your inventory. Use the Royal jelly and give it to your common bee. The common bee will transfer into a random epic, rare, or legendary one.

How To Get Royal Jelly?

For Royal Jelly, you need to wander the higher locations of the game. It is placed inside the wall near the different flower fields but you can see it from the outside. You can also get the royal jelly by killing the spiders and rhino beetles. You can also use the Bee Swarm Simulator codes to get the Royal Jelly.

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