Noob Army Tycoon Troops Tier List 2024

Troops are the main aspect of the Noob Army Tycoon game because they defend your army base from other noobs’ armies. The “Noob Army Tycoon” Troops consist noobs, vehicles, air vehicles, and ships. There are two types of noobs in the game that you can use to make the best battle troop army.

  1. Normal Noobs
  2. Super Noobs

What are Noobs?

Noobs are the main game characters and act as an army troops. There are many different noobs in the game, which work as both troops and workers.

  • Air Troops (Noobs) – These troops will attack other noobs from the sky.
  • Combat Repairman – Will repair vehicles in the combat field.
  • Gunner Noobs – These are your basic army troops and will defend your army base from other noob’s armies.
  • Group Noob Worker – Work as a team
  • Worker Noob – These are the workers, which work in the headquarters building. They generate +1 Money every second.
  • VIP Noob Worker – These are VIP workers and act as army officers. For them, you need to spend 200 Robux.
  • Premium Workers – Premium workers are top-level army officers and you can get them by purchasing Roblox premium.
  • Sniper – The sniper troops will Protect your army base by sniping from the tower.
  • Super Noob Worker – These workers are similar to normal noob workers, which work in the headquarters building. The only difference between them is they generate +10 Money every second.
  • Researcher Noob – The researcher noob work in the research center building. Where they generate +1 Research every second.
  • Suber Noob Researcher – The super noob researcher also works in the research center building. Where they generate +10 Research every second.

Best Noobs in Noob Army Tycoon!

Noob NameAbility
Heavy Special Forces SniperThis is a one-man Army Noob in the game because it can handle other super noobs alone. Its heavy sniper ability can defeat any troops.
Super SoldierIt is the largest noob in the game and the best part is, it can carry two guns
JuggernautThis noob has a large metal shield for its protection that makes him longer on the battlefield
Noob FlamethrowerIt will throw flames on other noobs’ army
Fire NoobThe fire noob is the most dangerous in the game because it can burn everything including tanks, vehicles, and other noobs.

Noob Army Tycoon Noobs Tier List

The “S+” is the best tier and “D” is the lower tier on the given noobs tier list.

Normal NoobTier
GunnerD Tier
Heavy SoliderB Tier
Heavy SwordsmanB Tier
Medic D Tier
RepairmanD Tier
Combat RepairmanB Tier
ScoutD Tier
Research Phantom ScoutA Tier
SniperA Tier
SoliderC Tier
SwordsmanC Tier
Explosive NoobS+ Tier
MinigunnerB Tier
RocketeerA Tier
Rocketeer Anti VehicleS+ Tier
ShotgunnerB Tier
Heavy ShotgunnerA Tier
Heavy Shotgunner ShieldS+ Tier
Combat MedicB Tier
Gunner ShieldA Tier
Heavy Gunner ShieldS+ Tier
Fire Explosive NoobS+ Tier
Heavy MinigunnerA Tier
Special Forces MinigunS+ Tier
Laser SoldierS+ Tire
Reacher Laser SoliderS+ Tire
Laser MinigunnerS Tire
Research Laser MinigunnerS+ Tier
Rail Gunner S+ Tire
Research RailgunnerS Tire
Research Laser SoldierS+ Tire
Research Laser MinigunnerS++ Tire
Special Forces SniperA+ Tier
Research Special Forces SniperS+ Tier
Heavy Special Forces SniperS+ Tier
Research Heavy Special Forces SniperS + Tier
Research Stealth Explosive NoobS + Tier

Super Noobs Tier List

Super NoobTier
Stealth Explosive NoobS Tier
Super SoliderA Tier
Super MinigunnerA Tier
Noob FlamethrowerA Tier
JuggernautS+ Tier
Fire NoobS+ Tier
Electricity NoobS+ Tier
BuilderA Tier
EngineerA Tier

Noob Army Tycoon Vehicles Tier List

This tier list consists of all vehicles in the noob army tycoon game that you can use to defend your noob army.

Basic VehicleD Tier
Light VehicleC Tier
Research Light Vehicle anti-missileA Tire
AmbulanceD Tier
Heavy AmbulanceB Tier
Heavy VehicleB Tier
Super Heavy VehicleA Tier
Explosive VehicleS+ Tier
Mortar VehicleB Tier
Scout CarC Tier
Light TankD Tier
Light Railgun TankB Tire
Research Railgun TankA Tier
TankC Tier
TanketteD Tier
Heavy TankB Tier
Super Heavy TankA Tier
Light Tank Destroyer B Tier
Tank DestroyerA Tier
Heavy Tank DestroyerS+ Tier
Missile Tank DestroyerS+ Tier
Heavy Missile Tank Destroyer S++ Tier
Fire TankS+ Tier
Tank flamethrowerS+ Tier
Light ArtilleryC Tier
ArtilleryB Tier
Heavy ArtilleryA Tier
Light Anti-AirB Tier
Anti-AirB Tier
Heavy Anti-AirA Tier
Vehicle Rocket Launcher Anti-AirA Tier
Heavy Vehicle Rocket Launcher Anti-Air S+ Tier
Artillery Multiple Rocket LauncherS+ Tier
Tank Multiple Rocket LauncherS+ Tier
Research RailgunnerA+ Tire
Light Vehicle Anti-MissileS Tire
Research Light Vehicle Anti-MissileS Tire
Research Heavy Explosive VehicleS+ Tire
Research Light Railgun TankS+ Tire
Research Supply VehicleS Tire
Research Light Spawner VehicleA Tier
Research Reconnaissance VehicleA+ Tier

Air Vehicles Tire List

Air VehicleTier
HelicopterC Tier
Light HelicopterD Tier
Heavy HelicopterB Tier
Helicopter Rocket LauncherA Tier
BallonD Tier
Light AirshipD Tier
AirshipC Tier
Heavy AirshipB Tier
Light Bomber PlaneC Tier
Bomber PlaneB Tier
Heavy Bomber PlaneA Tier
Fast Bomber PlaneA Tier
Fire Bomber PlaneS+ Tier
Light Gunship PlaneB Tier
Research Heavy Missile BoatA Tire
Research Heavy DestroyerS Tire
Research BattleshipS+ Tier
Research Light Gunship PlaneS Tire
Research Fire Bomber PlaneS+ Tier

All Water Vehicles Tire List (Ships)

Ship VehicleTier
Light CruiserC Tier
CruiserB Tier
Heavy CruiserA Tier
Petrol BoatD Tier
Light Petrol BoatC Tier
Heavy Petrol BoatB Tier
Missile BoatA Tier
Light Missile Boat B Tier
Heavy Missile BoatS Tier
Torpedo BoatB Tier
Light DestroyerA Tier
Destroyer S Tier
Heavy DestroyerS+ Tier
Light Aircraft CarrierA Tier
Aircraft CarrierS Tier
Heavy Aircraft CarrierS+ Tier
Light BattleshipB Tier
BattleshipA Tier
Research BattleshipS Tire
Research Heavy DestroyerS+ Tire
Research Heavy Missile BoatA+ Tire
Research Light BattlecarrierA+ Tier

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