Blox Fruits Fruit Tier List 2024 | Best Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits

Types of Devil Fruits

There are three types of Fruits in the game, which are…

  1. Natural Fruits
  2. Elemental Fruits
  3. Mythical Fruits (Beast)

Natural Fruits

As the name suggests, they are the most common fruits in the game with no passive abilities. You shouldn’t expect heavy damage from them. But few of them have good damage and passive abilities, for example, “Love” devil fruit.

Elemental Fruits

All elemental fruits have good passive abilities and heavy damage with different move sets. Users with the Elemental fruit type have the unique passive ability to be immune against enemies with the same level and bosses. However, enemies with Aura-enabled will be able to hit the user but this ability does not apply to game bosses.

Mythical Fruits

The Mythical Fruits also known as “Beast” are the rarest devil fruits in the game and require lots of “Beli” and Robux to unlock. They also have heavy magic powers and passive abilities with strong damage. They are known as mythological because they turn players into mythological beasts.

Blox Fruits Fruit Tier List

Here is the ranked-wise tire list of all 39 Fruits available in the game according to their type and level. The best fruits for beginners are Light, Magma, and Chop-Chop. However, you can also choose Magma for the best damage, light for the best flight, and good damage and flame. If you want to do PVP (Player versus Player) and grinding, use Buddha Fruit.

FruitPhotoTypeRaritySpecial MovesMastery LevelTier
KitsuneBeastMythicalKitsune Moves:
1. Accursed Enchantment [Z]
2. Tails of Burning Agony [X]
3. Fox Fire Disruption [C]
4. Transformation [V]
1-200 LevelS Tier
Leopard FruitBeastMythicalLeopard Moves:
1. Finger Revolver [Z]
2. Spiraling Kick [X]
3. Afterimage Assault [C]
4. Transformation [V]
5. Body Flicker [F]
1-200 LevelS Tire
Human Buddha (Best Fruit For Grinding)BeastLegendary1. Melowing Heart [Z]
2. Arrow of Imprisonment [X]
3. Irresistible attraction [C]
4. Scented Kicks [V]
1-200 LevelS Tier
Dragon FruitBeastMythicalDragon Moves:
1. Heatwave Beam [Z]
2. Dragon Claw [X]
3. Fire Shower [C]
4. Transform [V]
5. Dragon Flight [F]
1-350 LevelS Tier
T-RexBeastMythicalT-Rex Moves:
1. Key Tail Swipe [Z]
2. Key Predatory Screech [X]
3. Key Hunter’s Rage [C]
4. Key Reptilian Scales [V]
5. Key Gigantic Leap [F]
1-300 LevelS Tier
Dough FruitElementalMythicalDough Moves: 1. Dough Fist [M1]
2. Missile Zab [Z]
3. Pastry River [X]
4. Piercing Clothesline [Z]
5. Dough Fist Fusillade [V]
6. Scorching Donut [F]
1-300 LevelS Tier
Venom FruitNaturalMythicalDeadly Venom Moves:
1. Poison Daggers [Z]
2. Serpent Wrath [F]
3. Toxic Fog [c]
4. Transformation [v]
1-300 LevelS Tier
MammothBeastMythicalMammoth Moves:
1. Ancient Cutter [Z]
2. Key True Prehistoric Punt [X]
3. Key Colossal Crusher [C]
4. Transformation [V]
5. Stampede [F]
1-200A Tier
SoundNaturalLegendary1. Rhapsody Notes [Z]
2. Fortissimo [X]
3. Key Symphonic Radiance [C]
Glorious 4. Harmony [V]
5. Tempo Prestissimo [F]
1-175A Tier
Magma FruitElementalRareMagma Moves:
1. Magma Shower [Z]
2. Volcanic Assault [X]
3. Great Magma Hound [C]
4. Volcanic Storm [V]
5. Beast Ride [F]
1-140 LevelA Tier
Blizzard FruitElementalLegendaryBlizzard Moves:
1. Snowflake Shuriken [Z]
2. Whiteout [X]
3. Howling Wind [C]
4. Blizzard Domain [V]
1-300 LevelA Tire
BombNaturalCommonBomb Moves:
1. Targeted Bomb [Z]
2. Bomb Grab [X]
3. Land Mines [C]
4. Self Destruct [V]
5. Explosive Jump [F]
1-15 LevelB Tier
Barrier FruitNaturalRareFive Barrier moves (wall, surprise, prison, tower, and stairs) 1-130 LevelD Tier
Bird PhoenixBeastLegendary1. Cannon [Z]
2. Regeberation Flames [X]
3. Fast Kick [C]
4. Full Transformation [V]
5. Hybrid Flight [H]
1-250 LevelA Tier
Chop-ChopNaturalCommonChop Moves:
1. Tackle [Z]
2. Dance [X]
3. Party [C]
4. Helicopter [F]
1-50 LevelC Tier
Control FruitNaturalMythicalControl Moves:
1. Control Area [Z]
2. Lavitate [X]
3. Echo Kinfe [C]
4. Gamma Rush [V]
5. Teleport [F]
1-250 levelA Tier
Dark FruitElementalUncommonDarkness Moves:
1. Dimensional Slash [Z]
2. Abyssal Darkness [X]
3. Endless Hole [C]
4. World of Darkness [V]
5. Ghastly Step [F]
1-125 LevelB Tier
Diamond FruitNaturalUncommonDiamond Moves
1. Encrust [z]
2. Beaming Tackle [X]
3. Diamond Hail [C]
4. Solar Flair [V]
1-80 LevelD Tier
Portal FruitNaturalLegendaryPortal Moves:
1. Portal Jump
2. Portal Dash [Z]
3. Parallel Escape [X]
4. World Wrap [C]
5. Dimensional Rift [V]
6. Quantum Leap [F]
1-300 LevelA Tier
Falcon FruitBeastUncommon1. Beast owl Pounce [Z]
2. Thunder Clap [X]
3. Conqueror Gun [C]
1-120 LevelD Tier
Flame FruitElementalUncommonFlame Moves: 1. Blue Fire Bullets [Z]
2. Prominence Burst [X]
3. Flaming Vortex [C]
4. Hell’s Core [V]
5. Rocket Flight [F]
1-100 LevelA Tier
Gravity FruitNaturalMythicalGravity Moves:
1. Gravity Obeisance [X]
2. Meteor Pitch [C]
3. Meteor Rain [V]
1-300 LevelB Tier
Ice FruitElementalUncommonIce Moves:
1. Cold Storm [Z]
2. Glacial Serge [X]
3. Frozen Dragon [C]
4. Absolute Zero[V]
5. Ice Skating [F]
1-100 LevelA Tier
Rocket FruitNaturalCommon Kilo Moves:
1. Missile Fist [Z]
2. Air Strike [X]
3. Rocket Crash [C]
4. Blast off [F]
1-75 LevelC Tier
Light FruitElementalRareLight Moves:
1. Devine Arrow[Z]
2. Hand of the Emperor [X]
3. Light Speed Destroyer [C]
4. Warth of God [V]
5. Shining Flight [F]
1-110 LevelA Tier
Love FruitNaturalLegendaryLove Moves:
1. Heart Shot [Z]
2. Cupid Zone [X]
3. Irresistible Attraction [C]
4. Besto Friendo [V]
5. Flamingo Ride [F]
1-200 LevelA Tier
PainNaturalLegendaryPain Moves:
1. Heavy Pain [Z]
2. Pain Barrage [X]
3. Paw Nuke [C]
4. Torture [V]
5. Self Repel [F]
1-300 Level B Tier
Quake FruitNaturalLegendary1. Fatal Demolisher [Z]
2. Air Crusher [X]
3. Spatial Shockwave C]
4. Seaquake [V]
1-150 LevelB Tier
Ghost FruitNaturalUncommon1. Possession [Z]
2. Soul Ruler [X]
3. Resurrection [C]
4. Wandering Soul [F]
1-250 LevelB Tier
Rubber FruitNaturalRareRubber Moves:
1. Pistol
2. Smash [Z]
2. Cannon [X]
3. Rush [C]
4. Full Transformation [V]
5. Slingshot [F]
1-150 LevelB Tier
Rumble FruitElementalLegendary1. Lightning Beast [Z]
2. Thunderstorm [X]
3. Sky Judgement [C]
4. Thunderball Destruction [V]
4. Electric Flash [F]
1-250 LevelA Tier
Sand FruitElementalUncommon1. Desert Sword [Z]
2. Desert Funeral [X]
3. Sand Tornado [X]
4. Havey Sand [V]
5. Sand Flight [F]
1-120 LevelC Tier
Shadow Fruit NaturalMythical1. Somber Rebellion [Z]
2. Shade Nest [X]
3. Nightmare Leech [c]
4. Corvus Torment [v]
5. Umbrage [F]
1-300 LevelA Tier
Spirit FruitNaturalMythical1. Frostfire Grasp [Z]
2. Warth of Ra [x]
3. Outraged Raijin [C]
4. End of Time [V]
5. Sky Ruler [F]
1-350 LevelS Tier
Spider FruitNaturalLegendarySpider Moves:
1. Spider Wraith [Z]
2. String Attack [X]
3. heated Sniper [C]
4. Ultimate Thread [V]
5. Spider Path [F]
1-225 LevelA Tier
Spin FruitNaturalCommon1. Razor Wind
2. Tornado Assault
3. Spinning Bomber
4. Helicopter Flight
1-90 LevelD Tier
Spike FruitNaturalCommon1. Spike Summon [Z]
2. Whirlwind [X]
3. Spiky Ball [C]
4. Spikey Barrage [V]
1-15 LevelD Tier
Smoke FruitElementalCommon1. Smoke Slam [Z]
2. Smoke Blast [X]
3. Smoke Liberation [C]
4. Smoke Bomber [V]
1-50 LevelD Tier
Spring FruitNaturalCommon1. Knock [Z]
2. Spring Snipe [X]
3. Spring Cannon [C]
4. Spring Emperor [V]
5. Spring Leap [F]
1-60 LevelD Tier

How To Get Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Most of the time fruits spawn randomly beneath the trees of all Seas. Fruit spawns on the game map every hour and de-spawns after 20 minutes. If a player deals the most damage during the “Factory Raid” game quest in the second sea they will receive a random fruit. Moreover, you can buy or get fruit from the Fruit Dealer in the game, also known as Blox Fruit Gatcha NPC. These NPCs restock random fruits every 4 hours.

All NPC sell fruits in exchange for “Beli” or Robux. If you have no “Beli” then you can consider Robux to purchase a devil fruit. Otherwise, you can use our Blox Fruits Codes for free beli. Below is the list of Fruit dealer locations…

Blox Fruit Dealer LocationSea Name
Dressrosa DocksSecond Sea
Cafe BuildingSecond Sea
Marine Starter IslandFirst Sea
Middle TownFirst Sea
Pirate Starter Island First Sea
Mansion (Turtle Island)Third Sea

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