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The Blox Fruits aka Devil Fruits are mythical weapons in the Roblox Blox Fruits game with some magical powers. They can deal heavy damage against your opponent player. There is a total of 38 Blox fruits currently available in-game. You can use them against your enemies and other powerful bosses. In the game, players can become pirates and sail the seas, battling other players and acquiring powerful abilities known as Devil Fruits.

One of the key features of Blox Fruits is its Devil Fruit system, which allows players to acquire unique abilities by eating a Devil Fruit. There are a variety of Devil Fruits available in the game, each devil fruits have its own unique abilities and damaging power. So use these devil fruits to unlock powerful abilities. Some Devil Fruits grant players the power of fire, while others allow players to control the weather or even turn invisible. The Devil Fruit system adds a fun and dynamic element to the game, as players can use their powers to defeat enemies and accomplish their goals.

Types of Devils Fruits

There are three types of devil fruits in the game, which are…

  1. Common
  2. Elemental
  3. Mythological

Common Fruits (Natural)

As the name suggests, they are the most common fruits in the game with no passive abilities. You shouldn’t expect heavy damage from them. But few of them have good damage and passive abilities, for example, “String” devil fruit.

Elemental Fruits

All elemental fruits have good passive abilities and heavy damage with different move sets.

Mythological Fruits (Beast)

The Mythological Fruits are also known as “Beast” are the rarest devil fruits in the game and require lots of “Beli” and Robux to unlock. They also have heavy magic powers and passive abilities with strong damage. They know as mythological because they turn players into mythological beasts.

All The Best Blox Fruits Fruit Tier List

Here is the ranked-wise tire list of all 38 Fruits available in the Roblox Blox Fruits game according to their type and levels. The best fruits for beginners are Light, Magma, and Chop-Chop. And we recommend the Chop fruit if you are a beginner and your level is below 50. Then you can go for Chop-Chop and after you can move on to better fruit like Light, Dark, Flame, and Magma.

However, you can choose Magma for the best damage, light for the best flight, and good damage and flame if you want to do PVP (Player versus Player) and grinding side by side.

Note: Do not exploit or auto farm, because their auto-detection will catch you, and then do not appeal for bans.

Fruit NameTypeSpecial MovesLevelPriceTier (Rank)
Blizzard [New Devil Fruit]Elemental1. Snowflake Shuriken [Z]
2. Whiteout [X]
3. Howling Wind [C]
4. Blizzard Domain [V]
1-3002,40,000 Beli or 22,50 RobuxS+ Tire
BombCommonBomb Snipe and ultimate bomb explosion1-155,000 Beli or 50 RobuxD Tier
BarrierCommonFive Barrier moves (wall, surprise, prison, tower, and stairs) 1-1308,00000 Beli or 1250 RobuxB Tier
Bird PhoenixMythologicalFive Barrier moves (canon, flames, superkick, demon flight, and transformations)1-25018,00000 Beli or 2000 RobuxA Tier
Human Buddha (Best Fruit For Grinding)Mythological Transformation into a giant golden buddha. Buddha Leap, and explosion.1-2001,200,000 Beli or 1650 Robux S Tier
Chop-Chop (Best Fruit For Swordsman Player)CommonPunch, Dance, and party1-5030,000 Beli or 100 RobuxB Tier
ControlCommonEco knife, gamma rush, and teleport1-25032,00000 Beli or 2,5000 RobuxA Tier
DarkElementalFive Darkness Moves1-1255,00,000 Beli or 950 RobuxS Tier
DiamondCommon1. Encrust [z]
2. Beaming Tackle [X]
1-80 5,50,000 Beli or 1000 Robux A Tier
DoorCommon 1. Spinning Door [Z]
2. Dimensionally Door [X]
3. Door Gateway [C]
4. Hallway [F]
1-200950,000 Beli or 1400 Robux B Tier
DoughCommonFive Dough moves (Fried, Roller, Sticky, Carved, and Restless Barrage)1-30028,00,000 Beli or 2,400 RobuxA Tier
DragonMythologicalIt has five Dragon moves1-35035,00,000 Beli or 2,600 RobuxS+ Tier
FalconMythological 1. Beast owl Pounce [Z]
2. Thunder Clap [X]
3. Conqueror Gun [C]
110-330300,000 Beli or 650 Robux S Tier
FlameElementalFive fire moves (Bullets, Flight, Beam, Column, and Bomb)1-1002,50,000 Beli or 550 RobuxS Tier
GravityCommon5 different gravity move sets1-3002,50,000 Beli or 2,300 RobuxB Tier
Gravity V1Common1. Gravity Obeisance [X]
2. Meteor Pitch [C]
3. Meteor Rain [V]
IceElementalIce Moves:
1. Shards
2. Skating
3. Surge
4. Bird
5. Glacial Epoch
1-1003,50,000 Beli or 750 RobuxA Tier
KiloCommon 1. 10,000 Kg
2. 20,000 Kg
3. 50,000 Kg
4. Lighten [F]
1-7580,000 Beli or 220 Robux C Tier
LeopardMythological (Beast)Leopard Moves:
1. Finger Revolver
2. Spiraling Kick
3. Afterimage Assault
4. Transformation
5. Body Flicker
1-20050,000,000 Beli or 3000 Robux S+ Tire
Light (Fastest Fruit)ElementalLight Move sets1-1106,50,000 Beli or 11,00 RobuxA Tier
LoveCommon 1. Melowing Heart [Z]
2. Arrow of Imprisonment [X]
3. irresistible Attraction [C]
4. Scented Kicks [V]
1-1006,50,000 Beli or 11,50 Robux B Tier
MagmaElemental5 Magma Move sets
1. Column
2. Fists
3. Flight
4. Meteors
5. Wolf attack
1-1408,00,000 Beli or 13,00 RobuxA Tier
PawCommon1. Heavy Paw
2. Self Repel
3. Paw Barrage
4. Paw Nuke
5. Torture
1-3002,300,000 Beli or 22,00 RobuxA Tier
Phoenix V1Common1. Cannon [Z]
2. Regeberation Flames [X]
3. Fast Kick [C]
4. Full Transformation [V]
5. Hybrid Flight [H]
QuakeCommon5 different earthquake Move sets1-15010,00,000 Beli or 15,00 RobuxS Tier
Revive FruitCommon1. Possession [Z]
2. Soul Ruler [X]
3. Resurrection [C]
4. Wandering Soul [F]
1-250$550,000 Beli or 975 RobuxC Tier
RubberCommonPistol, Cannon, Rush, and Transformation1-1507,50,000 Beli or 12,00 RobuxC Tier
RumbleElementalDragan dash and Thunder beam1-25021,00,000 Beli or 21,00 RobuxA Tier
SandElementalDesert Sword, Sand Flight, Desert Funeral, Sand Tornado,
and Heavy Sand attack
1-120420,000 Beli or 850 RobuxB Tier
Shadow Fruit Natural1. Somber Rebellion [Z]
2. Shade Nest [X]
3. Nightmare Leech [c]
4. Corvus Torment [v]
5. Umbrage [F]
1-3002,425 RobuxS Tier
SoulNatural1. Soul Snatcher [Z]
2. Warth of Ra [x]
3. Outraged Raijin [C]
4. End of Time [V]
5. Sky Ruler [F]
1-350 2,550 Robux S+ Tier
StringCommonRainbow and string path move sets1-1251,50,000 Beli or 1800 RobuxA Tier
SpinCommon 1. Razor Wind
2. Tornado Assault
3. Spinning Bomber
4. Helicopter Flight
1-90180,000 Beli or 380 Robux B Tier
SpikeCommonSpike rush and ball attack1-1575,00 Beli or 75 RobuxD Tier
SmokeElementalSmoke-type move sets 1-50100,000 Beli or 250 RobuxB Tier
SpringCommonSnipe canon and leap attack1-6060,000 Beli or 180 RobuxD Tier
VenomCommon (Natural)Deadly Venom Moves
1. Poison Daggers [Z]
2. Serpent Wrath [F]
3. Toxic Fog [c]
4. Transformation [v]
1-3003,000,000 Beli or 2,450 RobuxS Tier

How To Get Blox Fruit?

Most of the time Blox fruits spawn randomly beneath the trees of both old and new game worlds of the Roblox Blox fruits. However, all fruit spawn on the game map every hour and de-spawn after 20 hours. If a player deals the most damage during the “Factory Raid” game quest will also receive a random fruit. Moreover, you can buy or get fruit from the fruits dealer in the game, also known as NPC (non-player character). The NPCs restock random fruits every 4 hours.

All NPC sell fruits in exchange for “Beli” which is an in-game virtual currency. If you have no “Beli” then you can consider Robux to purchase a devil fruit. Otherwise, you can use our Roblox Blox Fruits Codes for some free cash. Below is the list of “Blox fruit” dealer locations…

Fruit Dealer ShopLocation
Dressrosa DocksSecond Sea
CafeSecond Sea
Marine Starter IslandOld World
Middle TownFirst Sea
Pirate Starter Island Old World

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