What is SCA.B (Scanner Bracelet) Scheme In Grounded

The SCA.B aka Scanner Bracelet is a portable device in the Grounded game. That monitors the vital signs of your body like hunger stats, health, stamina, and other things. This device is a cutting-edge bio-monitoring bracelet system in a wristwatch form factor. It will also scan nearby threats and mark up new location markers that you explore. The SCA.B allows players to gather information about these objects and creatures, such as their health, damage, and resources they can provide.

The device works by emitting a laser beam and then the player will be able to see the information about the scanned object or creature. The player can also analyze and research the data to improve their tools and weapons. Keep in mind that SCA.B is an important tool for players to understand the game’s environment and creatures, and it’s also vital for survival.

Dr. Wendell Tully invented this scanner bracelet to monitor body gestures. It collects all the data by dipping into your bloodstream and is also able to send and receive FM stereo signals. When you go to the science lab then you can also ask BURG.L about the watch.

By default, there are four SCA.B Flavor Schemes you have when you start the game for the first time. But there are 47 other SCA.B Flavor Schemes out there that you can find during the gameplay. The four default SCA.B are…

  1. Classic
  2. High Contrast
  3. SCA.B LCD
  4. SCA.B Night

Where To Find Panfish (SCA.B) Scanner Bracelet?

For the Panfish SCA.B (Scanner Bracelet), go to the Oaktree then look for the U-shaped root that is half dipped into the water. Half part of this root is under the water of the lake. You can find the Scanner bracelet on this root’s top.


If you are facing any problem finding this root then take a look at the picture. When you pick this bracelet, it seems that the bracelet has bitten you. But in actuality, the bracelet gets attached to your body and shows all the ups and downs of your body.

Features of SCA.B Scheme

There are many different features that you will find in this device. We are describing all these features below…


SCA.B Indicators

The following list contains all the indicators mentioned on the scanner bracelet…

  • 🧡 Health: Determines proximity to death.
    • If you do not eat for a long time then your health starts to deplete. It also happens in the case of water. You can increase your health by making fiber bandages.
  • ⚡️ Stamina: Physical actions deplete this.
    • When you sprint for a long time then you will lose your stamina. Working for a long time will also lower your stamina.
  • 🍗 Hunger: Eat things to stay healthy.
    • You need to eat when the hunger stat is low. There are different things that you can eat like mushrooms, meat, and acorn bits.
  • 💧 Thirst: Drink liquids to stay hydrated.
    • Keep your body hydrated to stay alive. You can drink fresh water droplets on the leaves and in the soft drink cans.

All 47 SCA.B Flavor Scheme Locations

In the latest game update, We found only 47 SCA.B Schemes still. But we can hope for more SCA.B in the upcoming game update. Here is the list of all SCA.B scheme locations in the Grounded game, we have found.

SCA.B SchemesLocation
JavaMatic SCA.BLocated on the top of the JavaMatic Machine
Full-Sized SCA.BYou can find it on the top of the shed dec table.
Tully SCA.B (Dr. Tully’s Scab)Located inside Dr. Wendell Tully’s lab below the Undershed.
Moldorc SCA.BYou can find this SCA.B on the top of the Castle Moldorc Playset.
High Destiny SCA.BInside the Second Termite Cave located near the BBQ Spill Black Ox Beetle.
Sawdust SCA.BLocated inside the depths of the Termite Den (Woodpile)
PanfishFound it on an exposed Oak Tree root in the Koi fish Pond
AerobicsLocated on the top of Oak Tree Large Graden Lamp
Billy Hog HorrorLocated inside the Calvo can near the broken flower pot
FrankenlineOn the top of the Frankenline Toy
HyperblasterLocated on the top of the eastern side laster machine
The Sad StabYou can find it under the large old cassette tape
SyndromeInside Spider cave below the Rocke Rake point near the haze area.
Flying-VOn top of Rake Rock Point (The biggest rock near the haze)
LasercropLocated near the Paint can in the haze area
SCA.B v1.02Located underneath the porch of the house near the grassland.
Shine brightLocated underwater caves inside the Oak Lab
SCA.B BuggedInside the Old Anthill cave
NeomauveInside the Red Anthill cave
Punch-OLocated on the top of the Tropico Juice box near the laser Machine.
MiteriderIn the Mites cave near the south laser machine
GreystoneOn the middle top of the north laser machine
FightLocated on a branch above the lower entrance to the Hedge Lab
FrostbiteLocated near the breaker, which unlocks the Pond Lab
GingersieceLocated in the flooded area of the Pond Lab
HolidazzleIn an outpost between the Pond depth and Koi Pond
MuckYou can find it just below the Pond lab Entrance
ShallowLocated inside the main dome room of the Pond lab
TextbookLocated in the flooded area underwater near the Hedge lab
Chubbs SeriesLocated inside the 4 Leaf Clover cave
GunmetalLocated inside the Spade Gulch cave that is full of Larva
GirthscapeInside the Wolf-spider cave under the “Yoked Girth Head”
WitchlyOn a berry tree branch where a red power cable passes
SupremeLocated on the top of the “Flingman Flying Disc”
Bug juiceLocated inside the abended Hedge lab outpost between the Flingman Flying Disc and Apricop Punch-O box.
SCA.B v2.11Located inside the ball-like structure post on the Berry tree
CyberstrikeOn the top of the power outlet near the berry tree
LegendYou can find it inside the “Fizzam can” located on the backside of the Hedge lab.
GhostmintIn one of the rooms inside the Hedge lab
HedgeberryOn the top of the Crow bird bathtub
GarboYou can find it, inside the lunchbox in the Trash heap behind the Sandbox area.
SCA.B v3.09 Stepping Stone Summit area near the picnic table
Dog loafLocated on the picnic table, on the top of a plastic knife under the plate.
The RPG Module SCA.Blocated inside the Minotaur Maze Chest of Picnic table.
Corporate IssueLocated Inside the Black Anthill
SewageInside an exposed pipe that leads to the Heze lab

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