What is SCA.B Scanner Bracelet In Grounded

SCA.B aka Scanner Bracelet is a portable device in Grounded. That monitors the vital signs of your body like hunger stats, health, stamina, and other things. This device is a cutting-edge bio-monitoring bracelet system in a wristwatch form factor. It will also scan nearby threats and mark up new location markers that you explore.

Dr. Wendell Tully has invented this scanner bracelet to monitor body gestures. It collects all the data by dipping into your bloodstream and is also able to send and receive FM stereo signals. When you go to the science lab then you can also ask BURG.L about the watch.

Where To Find (SCA.B) Scanner Bracelet?

For the SCA.B (Scanner Bracelet), go to the Oaktree then look for the U-shaped root that is half dipped into the water. The half part of this root is under the water of the lake. You can find the Scanner bracelet on this root’s top.

Where To Find Scanner Bracelet In Grounded
SCA.B LocationOak-Tree Root

If you are facing any problem finding this root then take a look at the picture. When you pick this bracelet, it seems that the bracelet has bitten you. But in actuality, the bracelet gets attached to your body and shows all the ups and downs of your body.

Different Features of SCA.B In Grounded

There are different features that you will find in this device. We are describing all these features below…

SCA.B Features In Grounded
SCA.b Features

SCA.B Indicators

The following list contains all the indicators mentioned on the scanner bracelet…

  • 🧡 Health: Determines proximity to death.
    • If you do not eat for a long time then your health starts to deplete. It also happens in the case of water. You can increase your health by making fiber bandages.
  • ⚡️ Stamina: Physical actions deplete this.
    • When you sprint for a long time then you will lose your stamina. Working for a long time will also lower your stamina.
  • 🍗 Hunger: Eat things to stay healthy.
    • You need to eat when the hunger stat is low. There are different things that you can eat in grounded like mushrooms, meat, and acorn bits.
  • 💧 Thirst: Drink liquids to stay hydrated.
    • Keep your body hydrated to stay alive. You can drink fresh water droplets on the leaves and in the soft drink cans.

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